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  1. Huge marker sale, VIBE SP1 G3 ZENITH TPX 98

    31 August 2010 - 11:04 PM

    My rules are very simple. Be courteous. Post then PM. Fair offers. add 3% for paypal. Trades are wanted!
    With no further ado, the markers!
    First up, we have my Azodin Zenith. This is black with grey tribal anodizing on the main marker body. Comes with a palmer's fatty stabilizer, a bullet on/off drop forward, an upgraded feedneck, and a bob long assassin barrel. Asking 180.
    Next up is my ninja g3. This black g3 comes with the black accent kit, black with white contract killer grips, a techt l7 bolt engine, an APE board, and a CP rake trigger with magnetic kit. Not looking to sell, if anything it could be part of a trade. lets say 250
    IN ADDITION, I can include a 16" one piece AC threaded all american barrel in black with either above marker for 35. Pictured in between zenith and g3.
    Next is green Spyder Victor with black stripes, all stock but comes with straight elbow. 35
    Posted Image

    BH vibe, silver breech. No other ups, missing power button and ASA screws. Small leak under trigger. Comes with stock barrel. Asking 120.

    SP1 with contract killer grenade grips. Select fire board. Comes with stock and a barrel of choice out of those listed in next paragraph. Price will depend on barrel. Not looking to sell as much, if anything will trade for upgrade. lets say 130.

    IN ADDITION, I have many barrels threaded for SP1/ vibe, including:
    Redz barrel kit w/ 3 backs (.687 .689 .693) and one 14" front.
    Dye stainless steel back, black front, 14".
    16" SP tactical barrel
    Stock SP1 barrel.

    Silver 98 custom w/ blue contract killer grips, PMI razzor barrel. 65

    Model 98, black. All stock, feed neck ducttaped slightly. 50.

    Tippmann TPX pistol, BNIB. I have two of these pistols and 8 mags. All new, never used. Will sell one pistol and 4 mags for 220 shipped, or both and all mags for 420 shipped. This is basically 2 free mags for what you get in stores, these are NEW! Not out of box! VERY interested in trading pistols for high end.

    Posted Image

    I am looking for a high end marker or cash. Some markers I'm interested in are a Vice, DM5-7, other nice markers worth 275-400. Also loosely interested in pumps, offer up. I CAN ADD A LITTLE FOR NICE MARKERS. Take a look at my gearbag sale too!
    Not interested in:
    Low ends
    Super high ends (Luxe, Ego's after 2008, DM after 2008, just too expensive)

    Offer up!
  2. Iron Range Ballers

    25 August 2010 - 11:45 PM

    Hey guys, I'm from up on the iron range and I'm looking for some people to play with. I have about ten- twenty in hibbing that play on a semi-regular basis and we are looking to expand, hopefull getting HPA soon and start going to some tourneys, we hope to get a real field open eventually! We currently play on private property with a building and air bunkers, drop me a PM if your interested!
  3. T9 upgrades, lots of gear, lots of markers, take a peek!

    25 August 2010 - 01:23 PM

    I need to clean out the basement, so here goes a big list of stuff, yours for the taking! My rules are simple.
    1) You pay, I ship. I take paypal.
    2) If there is a trade involved, you ship first. I'll ship upon recieving.
    3) I would love to sell in packages, so clump items together and offer a deal.

    First off, the markers!
    Tippmann Model 98
    All stock, the feedneck has a little trouble but easily was resolved with duct tape. Works beautiful! 50 OBO
    All stock Spyder Victor, green with black stripes. Works great as well! Comes with straight elbow. 35 OBO
    SP Vibe, comes with the blackheart board in silver. Other than that, stock. Missing both ASA screws (easy replacement), power button (now that SP's coming back, will be easy to find), and has a leak in grip. 120 OBO
    Also, my teammate bought two TPX pistols and 8 mags. They are still in box and in perfect shape, no pictures available yet but will be once he is back in town. He wants 215 for each pistol w/ 4 mags + shipping, or 420 shipped for everything, remember BNIB! Interested in a trade, Vice for both TPX's and 8 mags, he could add if it's upped.
    Posted Image
    First off, SLY Infamous kit in autococker threads. Comes with front with yellow on black, word infamous. 12 inch front along with 4 backs, .683 .686 .689 .692 and a soft cover. Works great, in very nice condition, shoots beautiful and quiet! 110 OBO
    CP one piece gloss blue barrel .689 bore 14" , comes with ion/ imp threads. Very nice shape. Lets say 25 OBO
    16" All American Barrel, Dust black one piece in autococker threads. Only used in one game, bought brand new only a month ago! Tiny wear at barrel tip, .689 bore. 40 OBO
    Posted Image
    Milsim/ T9 Ups!
    All items are in good shape unless otherwise indicated. All prices are OBO. I would prefer to sell all at once, so grouped items have discounts.
    T9 Shroud- 20
    Five Position Forward Grip- 20
    Quick Change Forward Grip (decent chip off top, may be fixable)- 5 or free w/ shroud and other grip
    Black Bipod(attaches to any rail set, toolless)- 15
    Flashlight w/ pressure activation or button, can railmount- 25
    T9 mock silencer+ second half of stock barrel- 25
    Remote line (leaks)- 10
    T9 Stock- 25
    T9 Under barrel rail- 12
    ADCO Red Dot(Not working, may just be batteries were never checked)- 10
    Red Laser Sight, mounts directkly to rail, pressure switch or button- 25
    T9 Hopper Adaptor, no screws- 12
    Sight Raiser- 20
    Old crosshair sight missing screws- 10
    Very Nice toolless crosshair w/ red and green light up, some zoom(3-5x?)- 30
    Red dot, center point, will not illuminate for some reason probably battery- 15
    Add it up its 275, but if you buy everything in this mini section the price is 150 OBO
    Posted Image
    Masks And Co2 Tanks
    Generic Mask, Fairly comfortable and appears to have thermal lenses?- 20
    Dye Invision, used but in good shape. -25
    Top part for profiler-8
    Flame 20 oz co2 tank- 20
    PE 20 oz co2 tank- 20
    20 oz co2 tank w/ on off valve- 24
    Long 9 oz, paint wear but still works fine- 10
    Short 9 oz, valve burst but will include replacement if requested- 10
    12 oz- 14
    50-70 reballs- 15
    Posted Image
    Clothes & Pod Packs
    Special Ops Paintball Ultralite top in a dark green/ tan digi camo large size- 25
    Special Ops ultralite bottom in lighter digi camo large- 35
    Posted Image
    Dark green digi camo pod pack, 4 pods+ 1 tank on back velcro straps- 20
    Tigerstripe pod pack 4 pods + 1 tank with buckle- 10
    GXG pod pack, 2+1 pods with buckle- 10
    Digi Camo head wrap- 8
    Digi Camo winter hat- 8
    Digi camo knee & elbow pads, 10 per pair or 15 for both sets
    4 black pods & 1 clear- 3 each or 10 all
    Wells lamont gloves, good for winterball, all finger intact- 12
    Woodland BDU top w/ both sleeves cut off and lots of wear(ghetto vest!)- 5
    Blue Camelback Pack- 15
    Posted Image
    Empire Reloader B- Very nice shape, black diamond shell, backplate has the communist contract killer installed, stickers include decepticon and i bunker little kids. Comes with 6 & 4 battery kits, 6 batteries, and original backplate- 55
    Mini (100 rd.) winchester hopper- 5
    Ricochet apache hopper, feedneck is cracked but fixed with tape, originally camo painted matte black. comes with batteries- 20
    VL force hopper, works perfect & in good shape- 20
    Posted Image
    Remote line, works perfect- 20
    16-20 oz stock butt plate- 5
    45 degree elbow black- 5
    98 custom rear velocity adjuster- 10
    Ronin Gear Wrist 12 gram/ 10 rd tube holder- 5
    Hybrid grenade contract killer grips, 45/standard- 15
    Smart Parts barrel bag- 7
    Stainless steel remote ASA adaptor- 5 each
    4 oz co2 ASA adaptor- 5
    98 custom regulator/ expansion chamber adaptor- 12
    Azodin zenith stock feedneck-8
    spyder thread silver drop forward- 5
    WGP stock reg sold as is- 15
    Gladiator reg, something wrong not sure- 20
    Posted Image

    Thats it! Offer up!
    As far as trades, just about the only things I'll look at are scuba tanks, HPA tanks (45-50/4500, 68/4500), and Vices! Pics of TPX's and mags will be up soon!
  4. Sp-1 basic, you can add bipod/reddot/ flashlight

    18 February 2010 - 10:06 PM

    Today we have my SP-1 for sale. I am not really looking for trades, other than MAYBE
    - SLG, Azodin markers, and classic valve automags.
    - T8s, and a 2000 powerlyte scepter barrel kit, or a titanium longbow barrel w/ ion threads.

    Missing two screws in grip and one in feedneck, can easily pick up at hardware store.
    Lets say the bare stock SP1 is 110 plus shipping. Then let me know what other things you might be interested in!


    Those are some items that very well compliment this marker.
    Pictures are also in that link.
  5. SP-1 + zeus+ masks hoppers bipods scopes

    18 February 2010 - 10:03 PM


    I am not really looking for trades, other than MAYBE
    - SLG, Azodin markers, and classic valve automags.
    - T9/ Vibe upgrades and a 2000 powerlyte scepter barrel kit, or a titanium longbow barrel w/ ion threads.

    We have a basic SP-1(110), with the option of adding

    - Ricochet Apache Hopper (taped feedneck) (30
    -or a VL force hopper!(25)
    -a digital camouflage soft marker case,
    -up to one thousands rounds of reaction paintballs.
    -In addition, an optional red dot sight (never tested),
    -an illuminated scope (works great, missing one small part),
    -100 tank o-rings (free with SP-1!)
    -about 50 reballs
    -a tactical flashlight with pressure switch and coil line
    -a tactical laser with pressure switch,
    -a solid black t-stock
    - a free o-ring rebuild kit (with purchase of SP-1)
    - one solid bipod!
    - a powerline 3-9x32 scope (never could figure out the damn thing, ill throw in for cheap)
    - mock silencer
    - a camel bag for hydration
    -cheap pod pack
    -dye invision mask and some decent one i picked up somewhere, grey mask area and says java on the side, purchased new for about 35?
    - a zeus g2 pistol missing one small part.

    SP1 is missing two screws in grip and feedneck, easily found at a hardware store.


    Pics are here in the first reply=http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=3324009


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