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  1. Avoid Colorado Indoor Paintball - Greeley, CO

    05 August 2010 - 06:11 PM

    For my birthday, my sister bought a package deal for CO Indoor Paintball in Greeley. The certificate was 85 dollars and included admission and rental equipment for 10 players. The certificate did say that players would have to buy field paint.

    I called this place to find out more info and set the date. I found out that paint would cost 27 dollars per player. I asked how much paint that included, and I was told 300 balls.

    I immediately began to question the paint price (about a 500% mark-up), especially since we wouldn't be using field equipment. The owner of the business got mad and hung up on me twice. The third time I called they didn't answer, but the answering machine had the shop manager's cell number, so I called him.

    He was much more pleasant to talk to, but they were not willing to budge on the paint prices, nor were they willing to refund the certificate money.

    I told them I would be posting a message about the crappy customer service I received from the field owner on some of the local and national paintball forums.

    Avoid this business!!! The owner of the field has no customer service skills what-so-ever, and was very rude to talk to. I was treated like an idiot. I will never go to this field, even if it was my only choice.

    Just to rub it in more, here are a few other fields who are much better. (worthy of your hard-earned money)

    Blitz Paintball - Dacono, CO
    American Paintball Coliseum Outdoor - Brighton, CO
    American Paintball Coliseum Indoor - Denver, CO
    And, the masters of Colorado scenario paintball - Dead Muppet Society Scenario Paintball www.dmsscenariopaintball.com
  2. Return of The Riders - Agate, CO

    04 May 2009 - 08:21 AM

    I wanted to throw a post up about last weekend's Return of the Riders scenario game in Agate, CO. Around 300 players showed up in chilly, 40 degree weather and played out a continuation of the book series Eragon. This is going in my book as one of the neatest scenario's I've ever been to. The use of shield troops, dragon riders, magic users, and invisible "shades" made this a very fun and tactical game.

    Before the final battle, the Varden (blue team) were beating the evil Empire (red team) by only 40 points. In a massive 30 minute final battle over the last living dragon egg, the Empire took the victory, scoring 75 points, and securing the over-all win.

    Thank you Fledgling Scenarios, a great game...

    Teams Involved: (forgive me if I miss anyone)
    Blue Team: Silent Legion (General & C.O.'s), Team Nemisis, Mountain Badgers, Hardcore Relics and various Tunka members.

    Red Team: Dead Muppets (General & C.O's), Black Light Company, Shadow Company, Sit Rep Red, DMC, and the Sun Spiders.

    Thanks everyone for an excellent game...
  3. BT Rip Clip VS. Modified Cyclone Feed

    18 February 2009 - 09:22 AM

    I'm bored this morning, so I thought I'd write this review about my newly purchased BT Rip Clip for my Tippmann 98 Custom.

    Here is how my 98 Custom is set up, as these parts may change the results between yours and my markers.

    '00 1st Gen 98 Custom (Pre-Barrel thread change & Sear change), Dead On Pro Seal Powertube & Front Bolt, Palmer's Stabilizer (Set at around 650 psi), Response Trigger with "Super" R/T Cyclone Adapter Kit, 12" Lapco Accushot Barrel Kit.

    How They Work: What's the difference?
    The BT Rip Clip basically uses spring tension to force feed the paintballs. The sound activated, electric motor simply rewinds the spring. Since the paintballs are always under tension, they are forced into the breach as soon as they have the room, making the Rip Clip a very fast loader. When you first turn on the Rip Clip, the motor does an initial spin to load the paint, and pre-wind the spring. This initial spin only winds the spring about 50%, so for faster loading you can manually wind the spring the rest of the way with the crank on the bottom. The Rip Clip requires 4 AA batteries, so it could be expensive if you play a lot. I bought rechargeable batteries, and have not seen any problems so far. Also, the Rip Clip has 3 adjustable speeds for the motor. Not sure why they needed this, as I'll just leave it set to it's fastest setting.

    The cyclone is an air powered system. During each shot, air escapes the valve through a port. This air pushes a piston that then turns the cyclone paddles. Because the Cyclone is not under constant tension, it does not move until a split second after the marker is fired, making it slower than the Rip Clip. Also, if using CO2, the differences in pressure due to temperature changes can make the cyclone's speed change. This system can be very hard on thinner, brittle paintballs.

    Install: Winner: None (Rip Clip is easier with an older 98C and/or R/T kit. Otherwise Cyclone)
    When I got my BT Rip Clip, I removed the Cyclone Feed, and capped the Cyclone side of the R/T Cyclone T-Adapter coming out of the valve. The BT Rip Clip requires the first 2 inches of the top sight rail for mounting, so my M16 style handle/raised sight rail had to be removed because it was too long. I'm going to modify something eventually, because I like that handle. The install was very easy, loosen the clamping screws, pull on the spring loaded sight rail clamp while you line up the pins with the stock elbow holes. Then slide the whole unit forward, and tighten the clamping screws.

    The Cyclone is a little easier to install on a newer 98 Custom. Simply attach in the feeder the same way as the stock neck, and attach the air line to the port on the side of the marker. Installing on an older 98C was a bit trickier, as you had to remove the valve & swap powertubes.

    Size / Weight: Winner: Cyclone Feed
    The BT rip clip can take any of the Cyclone hoppers, which is nice. I personally like the X-7 hopper the best. The Rip Clip is quite a bit heavier than the cyclone because of the batteries. You'll notice the weight difference while holding the marker. I tend to tilt my marker to the left a lot while playing. The weight difference isn't quite as noticeable that way. The Rip Clip is also bulkier in size, (anyone who has played with a cyclone knows it can get shot easily), so the slightly larger Rip Clip will probably get hit a little more often. The Cyclone feed wins hands down for Size & Weight.

    Price (Including All My Mods & Batteries): Winner: BT Rip Clip
    BT Rip Clip MSRP = $79.99 (I found it for $49.50)
    4 AA Rechargeable Batteries with Charger = $14.99
    Tippmann X-7 Low Profile Hopper = $6.95
    Total (MSRP = $101.93) I spent = $71.40

    Tippmann Cyclone Feed 98C Kit = $59.00
    Tippmann "Super" R/T Cyclone Adapter Kit = $19.00
    TechT Squishy Cyclone Paddles = $19.95
    TechT Vortex Ratchet Kit = $34.99
    TechT Lightning Rod = $24.99
    Tippmann X-7 Vented Piston Housing = $18.00
    Tippmann X-7 Low Profile Hopper = $6.95
    Total Spent = $182.88

    Performance: Winner (So Far): BT Rip Clip
    I have only shot 1000 paintballs through the Rip Clip, so I cannot give it a 100% accurate review, but so far, I am very impressed. My first hopper, I had the Rip Clip motor speed set at default, and I did have a ball chop with my R/T set really fast. I then set the Rip Clip speed to the fastest setting, and wound the spring to it's maximum tension, and I was able to shot as fast as my R/T would go without a problem. Shooting semi-auto was also not a problem at all. I spent the rest of the 1000 balls without any kind of problem.

    I have used the Cyclone Feed heavily throughout this last summer. I added each of the mods throughout the year trying to improve the performance. With the stock Cyclone Feed, I quickly broke the stock, plastic ratchets. Also, I had problems with balls breaking in the cyclone, prior to being loaded. I bought the squishy paddles for the ball breaks, and the Vortex ratchet kit, both of which are highly needed mods in my opinion. While they made a big difference, I still would chop regularly when my R/T was set really fast. I bought the Lightning Rod and the X-7 vented piston housing, and again, they did make the cyclone faster. However, even with all the mods, the Rip Clip is still faster than my Cyclone.

    Aside from ball chops, there is another difference worth noting. I like the Response Trigger as opposed to the E-Grip. But it requires air to function. So does the Cyclone. They both function okay together, but I noticed about 50 less shots per 20 oz tank while using the Cyclone & R/T together vs. using the Rip Clip & R/T together. Finally, because the R/T and the Cyclone both need air, the R/T will stop kicking out sooner while using it with the Cyclone.

    Overall Recommendation: BT Rip Clip
    The performance I've seen from the Rip Clip so far over powers the size and weight disadvantages. The price differences seal the deal in my opinion. I feel all the mods in my Cyclone has made it the best it can be, but it still cannot keep up with the Rip Clip. My Cyclone will be a nice addition to my old Model 98, which is still only semi-auto. But for my R/T 98 Custom, The rip clip was an excellent buy.
  4. 12" Lapco Accushot Kit Review

    13 November 2008 - 06:25 AM

    I bought a used Lapco Accushot kit off Ebay. I got about a 1/3 discount off the new retail price plus a 13" Armson Stealth barrel was added in. When I got them, I was pleased that the previous owner took really good care of them. These barrels are Pro/Carbine, A-5, X-7, or BT4 threads. I also have a Lapco barrel adapter that allows me to use them on either my M98 or my 98C.

    Anyways, I am now a firm believer in the match the barrel to the paint idea. I've been using X-Ball Scenario paintballs. 2 of the cases of paint fit perfectly in the .687 Auto Spirit barrel. The most recent batch of X-ball paint was slightly smaller, and was a perfect fit in the .684 Micro Shot barrel. Since I've had these barrels, I cannot believe how much of an accuracy difference they make. I haven't done any official spread tests, but just from playing, I can tell. I had so many more perfectly placed shots. Things like someone's foot, elbow, or pods sticking out slightly from a bunker. They became much easier targets to hit.

    I have not even had to use the Big Shot yet, as I have not found any paint that big. I only wish I could still get the Pico Shot. Then I would have the complete Lapco kit. But, Lapco doesn't make the Pico Shot any more. I bet it's rare to find paint that small.

    I'll put it this way... Remember shooting spit wads out of a pen when you were a kid. If the wad was too small, you didn't get much velocity. If the wad was too big, you couldn't get to to move inside the pen (in paintball, that means a broken ball in the barrel). But, if the wad was just the right size, a good puff of air would shot the wad out like a rocket. That is the exact effect I've noticed using the barrel kit. Since a specific brand of paint may not always be available, and the same brand can also vary in size, a good barrel kit is an excellent investment.
  5. Setting up A CO2 Tippmann for winter play...

    04 November 2008 - 06:08 AM

    I've been playing with CO2 for over 10 years now. I have not made the HPA switch because there really isn't anywhere close to fill the tanks. Eventually, I'll get an HPA setup with my own scuba tank.

    Anyways, winter is quickly approaching. Anyone who has played paintball in the cold, knows that CO2 can have some problems. The problem commonly is, the CO2 gets too cold, and cannot maintain enough pressure for a blow-back gun like a Tippmann to work well. Either the velocity of the ball is too low, or the gun may not even re-cock.

    I've been taking a look at the CO2 pressure/temp chart. What if I rig a Low Pressure Kit together for my Tippmann? I was thinking of calling Tippmann and seeing if I can get a LPK valve spring from them. It's a softer spring, allowing the valve to open more when hit with the hammer. Then, with my Palmer's Stabilizer, I could lower the pressure down.

    I was thinking of making myself a "winter" valve that could be installed/removed easily. Anyways, my idea is, if I can get the Tippmann to work well off of 300-400 psi as the LPK says, the CO2 should have no problems holding that kind of pressure on really cold days.

    The only other concern is, the actual Tippmann LPK comes with a lighter rear hammer. I am hoping the stock hammer would work with some experimenting with a spring kit. There are lighter, after market hammers available, so if needs be I could buy one of those.

    What do you guys think? Would this be effective to help winter CO2 woes?


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