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  1. Sniper Gear System

    30 March 2010 - 04:46 PM

    So, I have spent about 2 months looking for a certain article of gear: a tactical/MOLLE compatible harness system (chest rig or webbing) that can carry everything a sniper would need without adding excess bulk and weight to his already rather bulky/heavy ghillie suit. The main catch is that I need all this to fit under a ghillie suit I am going to build this summer. My friends and I have all decided we need at least a 2 man sniper team equipped with ghillie suits and enough gear to support themselves for most of a scenario. After countless hours spent on the web, especially in forums like this, I have not been able to find what I need. Rumor has it that SpecialOps had a sniper made vest, but I have yet to see it. I need to talk to MOATI about that or a custom vest. But I was starting this post, which I hope is not a duplicate of another, to see if there were other people out there with this problem, and if anyone has a legitimate answer. I have also contemplated a drag-bag, but most quality bags are too big, and too expensive for what I need. From reading previous posts, I wonít be surprised if I get stuff like ĎItíll be too hotí, ĎThere isnít such thing as a paintball sniperí, and ĎDonít worry about it, sniperís donít need lots of ammo.í Trust me, I have seen these everywhere and I donít need them. Negative comments that are related to this are fine, but no off topic things please. I really do need some help. Here are some specs Iím looking for: it needs to be very adjustable. I am a really skinny 6í3Ē 160 lbs football player. I donít mind the weight too much because all I have been doing for the past 12 weeks is work out and Iíll continue to do that. Als0, it needs to be fairly cool, but thatís also not a major concern. Iím from Alabama and it gets to 110 degrees with roughly 90% humidity. I'm all good on the heat and my ghillie I'm making has a custom vent system built in. The rig needs to be able to be tightened very tight and drawn up towards my upper body a lot. I also have a SpecialOps Battle Belt, but it doesnít have freaking D ring attachments so a harness for that canít happen. I need to be able to carry a map pouch, a radio pouch that will allow me to fit a throat mic into my radio, 2-4 pods, an air tank, and a 6Ēx8Ē pouch for food and such. I have a camelback backpack, and a drop leg system, but I donít know about that. Iím also contemplating sewing my own MOLLE points onto the suit for things. Anyways, I have some pics for guidance, but I need help getting the right thing:
    High Speed Gear small MOLLE
    scroll down and see the first 2 pics
    Look for 'SOTECH" and the vest below it
    eagle sniper vest

    If you have any loadouts or vests kinda like this or my description, please post a pic or link.
    Thanks All