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  1. In Topic: Assault pack

    07 April 2010 - 07:31 PM

    I have seen a few people use backpacks. One of my buddies that I go to scenarios with uses a smallish version of what appears to be an ALICE pack. He really likes it, plus he's our pointman sonhe has to move fast and nimbly and he seems to be able to outflank everyone on the field in a stealthy matter. The pack is something like this: ALICE. He picked it up at our local surplus store.
    My cousin gave me a military backpack that he recieved when he was sent to some sort of military training where they practiced with paintball. It has a firm plastic plate on the back of it. I can't find any pictures of it on the internet and my camera is MIA.
    One last note, OPSGEAR offers some pretty cool packs and most of them are covered in MOLLE.
    As far as Multicam goes, you will be able to find a fair amount of gear im Multicam, but because it isn't Standard Issue for the Army until around June or July, it will be hard to fnd something of reasonable quality below $90.
    Also, check out OPSGEAR's paintball section. I think they have a type of MOLLE buttpack that hold like 6 pods.
    Good Luck on your backpack. It's a great idea.
  2. In Topic: Sniper Gear System

    02 April 2010 - 03:52 PM

    Thanks ger. I wanted to make sure I spend my money wisely so I'm doing alot of research. And, I actually own a Recon V or VI I think. But, I think I am going to sell it because it's getting worn out and torn and i have an Operative vest by Blackcell. But I am trying to have two vests at a time so I can change out between sniper and squad leader quickly. That is why I will probably sell my Recon on Ebay cheap and get a smaller, lighter rig. So, I do like that D ring attacher and that vest. So I will look into those for sure.

    I appreciate all help from everyone who has contributed to this post. Thanks everyone
  3. In Topic: Sniper Gear System

    01 April 2010 - 11:00 PM

    Thanks xrugger. That's what phobeus was talking about. I do kind of like that idea, so I'll see how it goes. And, I am no ghillieng the front but reinforcing it ith canvas and painting it instaed so i woukdnt really have to put ghillie on the chest pack. You guys are helpin alot. And just FYI this is my first post but I have been playin and a member for awhile.

    Oh, BTW I agree with the camera-mirror picture. Haha can't have the woman angry.
    If anyone else out there has more info or an opinion, please feel free to add.
  4. In Topic: Sniper Gear System

    31 March 2010 - 01:44 PM

    Thanks guys, I did see some of those vests and I like how they look, but I'm just not quite sure on them anyway. And thanks especially xrugger. I have thought about that, but I am pretty set on going under ghillie because I already have some drawings of desert digital night camo pattern parka (1st gulf war) and I have a vent system planned out. But, maybe you can change my mind. Please post pics when you can. I am goin with burlap/jute. I have used that before and just prefer it, even though its heavier and hotter. I guess I just like to keep it traditional, even if it does cost me. LOL :panzer:
    Thanks All,
    Please keep up the suggestions
    night camo
  5. In Topic: Sniper Gear System

    30 March 2010 - 06:54 PM

    anyone have any ideas, words of advice, feedback, etc.?