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  1. AceTrinity's Sneaky, Sly and somewhat Doggish Techniques

    13 July 2009 - 10:59 PM

    Hey guys, AceTrinity here, and these are of a couple tricks and tips that i personally pride myself on doing everytime i go onto the field

    The First one i will be sharing is one of my personal Favourites.

    1. The Get-The-Wanna-Be-Walk-On-Sniper Technique

    So first take a look around, search for somebody that is eyeing up your ghillie and looks like they would crack under the pressure of not shooting

    Second, Talk to them, say "heyy wanna set up an ambush with me? I know this great spot to hide" Well who would say no?

    So Game on, get the kid to follow you to you super awesome hiding spot.

    The whole magic of this plan is for you to set up in your ghillie about 10-25 ft forward of where you hide the kid. I like to put a couple bunkers between us

    Tell the kid this sentance "Kay, don't shoot until they are passed where im hiding or they will find me and ill tell them where you are >>>====DDD, but as soon as there passed me, open fire!"

    So you lay there and wait... eventually, hopefully, enemy players will come along your path, pass you hidindg, and this is my favourite part, The Walk-on and alll his glory starts shooting

    So in the extreme unlikly hood of your partner hitting anyone, maybe one or two people, the other 4 (saying theres 6 people but he shot out 2) DIVE into the bunkers or into the side lines,

    Here is where you clean up, nothing easier then picking of the baddies in the back

    Sure this technique is kinda, meh, rather poor looking on your part, it is the fact it worked, and hopefully your Walk-On friend is still alive so he can tell all his friends off the field his daring adventures of whiping out a 6 man squad with the Ghillie Guy :)

    2. The Tell-The-Other-Team-Where-Your-Going Technique

    This one is a bit tricky to get used to

    You have to have a general idea what the mind set of the opposing team is before picking an option

    So to set this plan in motion, simply tell the other team "Hey guys, ill be over up there in those bushes jsut so you know"

    So you sneaky snipers on the forums might be saying "Wth???? why are you breaking atleast 4 sniper codes"

    Well my friends, this is where is gets messy, and you gotta get inside there heads to make a smart desision

    Option A) you have scared the living you know what outa the other team and there staying farrrr away from that area, so you now say hey, ive got that side covered and start heading to you other sniper hideout on the other side of the field and see the masses of people walk by over there, and do what snipers do best

    orrr this might happen

    Option B) they spot this trick or have the go-nads to take on a sniper as yourself, and you do head up to where you said you were going, thats right, they no the general area you are, but there still thinking as they head up there "would he really tell us where he's hiding??" and again wait for them to pass and WAH MOHH

    Although this one is rather hard to achieve and may end up in disaster on you end of the rope, when you get it right, you have a good story to tell after

    3. The Although-It-May-Kill-Just-Let-It-Go technique

    This one is probly the easiest to pull off of them all

    In games like capture the flag, there will always be attacking forces and defending forces, gotta win right?

    So games one, start heading up the side and try to get as far forward as possible, hopefully farther then allll the other people following you.

    When you get that fealing your getting close to the charlies, Hide.

    Wait for ALLL of them to pass you, maybe even wait until you start hearing a firefight in the backround to let you know there engaged with your teammates and are pre-occupied to notice you leaving your hiding spot if it is REALLY close

    Start moving, you dont wanna be spotted now do you? get as far over as you can and move as far up. As soon as you on the tape line, and lateral with the enemy base, take a turn and start moving towards it. You see the base? time to get sneaky, it would be great if your team pushed up the flank and where in a firefight with the base, but not always so lucky.

    I either do 2 things. Crawl my way as close as i can and if i dont see any threat on the side im on, go for the flag (if its on the outside of the base) if not, go REALLL slow into the base, ready to fire (i know, not sooo sniper, but your still a sneaky s.o.B) get the flag and high tale out, going the way you came from, either you going to run into your own guys, and they hopefully dont team kill you, or you will meet the backs of the enemy, then its open season =P

    If the Base has a back entrance, get back there, and hopefully not on the path, because there is usually somebody there to stop you from coming up on the main path, once your back there, walk into the base casually like you own the place (this works for me 9/10 times of more) I either go for the flag, orrrr tag everyone out in the base :) nothing like saying "Yeah i tagged out 12 people in the base last round =P"

    These are my 3 sneakiest ploys i usually deploy in my average game at my local field, i hope you guys can mash and mold these techniques to create something useful for yourselves, and until next time

    Happy Sniper-ing? :ghillie:
  2. My idea for a 98 Custom with Longbow

    21 February 2009 - 09:28 PM

    okay, so i have always wanted longbow for my 98 custom and i jsut thought of an idea today that could work.

    My first idea was using an offest rail like this one


    and the longbow loader


    and simply create a small feed tube into the breach ? i think this would work, but the mag would be pointing towards you sooo i thought about this instead

    get a barrel mounted rail


    and then use the offset rail and same thing? is it possible?


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