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  1. Arkansans Unite!

    18 August 2009 - 10:06 AM

    Okay, allow me to start by stating that I enjoy playing at both T-square (located in jacksonville) and Paintball Arkansas (located in Mayflower) but I'm really looking for some good milsim games. Neither of these places really cater (especially t-square) to the milsim player. I'd really like to get a list together so that we can put some good games together. I personally like to just get out in the woods with two teams and play elimination but I'm up for just about anything at this point. I've let my summer slip by with only a few visits to the local fields and I'm looking for some good fall/winter milsim.
  2. WTB a few items for the new year.

    20 February 2009 - 09:26 AM

    List of items from Top to lowest priority.

    1. Invert Mini Black (or G3-black)
    2. Good Used Hopper. (Halo B, Empire B, Vlocity Jr) *****Bought*****
    3. HPA Tank (Looking for a carbon fiber wrapped. Stubby tank preferred.) 3000 psi is fine *****Bought*****
    4. Invert Pants, LARGE. (Woodland Camo preferred. Will take Army Digital though)
    4. Used E Vents mask (Black or Black/Green)
    4. Dye Headwrap (Camo)

    Just post here or send me a pm with your price. Thanks in advance.
  3. Opening a new paintball field..

    13 July 2008 - 03:59 PM

    Okay, here's the deal. I have an friend (quite wealthy due to auto accident involving the state) who is seriously looking into opening a paintball field. When I say paintball field, I mean the works. The land he just purchased is 100 acres including a 6 acre lake on the property. He's wanting to make a paintball/skatepark and kinda open a market to the "extreme sports" type kids. I'm sure you've heard many people talk about opening a field but the wheels are already in motion and this is the real deal. I'm just curious about what you guys look for in a field. IE: Do you like large pro shops with lots of markers/apparel or do most of you shop online? How about a large metal building set up for indoor airball? What kind of bunkers do you like for woodsball? Do you like lots of land set aside for woodsball/scenarios and if so, how many acres give or take? How often would you personally like to see your fields hold scenarios?

    In other words, if you guys were to design your own paintball "park", what would you do?
  4. No Paintball Advertisements on TV?

    24 June 2008 - 04:52 PM

    Okay, I'm just curious why paintball companies never advertise on television. Theres no FCC law against it like there is on tobacco companies are there? It just seems to me that we're fighting a losing battle when it comes to really bringing in new players to the sport. Dont get me wrong, if we all bring 4-5 its and they bring in 4-5 and so on, its good for the sport but imagine what ONE PRIMETIME COMMERCIAL would do. It just seems that in this day and age where most successful marketing takes place on the tv, thats where you would want your product showcased. Surely companies such as Kee Action Sports could put enough money together to put commercials on channels that guys (sorry ladies but I mean from a marketing standpoint) frequently watch. Also, it wouldnt hurt to go ahead and do a few advertisements (if its to be allowed) on the Cartoon Network to get the younger generation interested in the sport.

    It just seems to me that all the responsibility is being placed on the shoulders of field owners and players to spread the word about paintball while the paintball marker and apparel manufacturers seem to have their heads up their arses. They frequent all the large scenarios and events with their sales lines ready to go on a moments notice but I think we'd all be happier to see them spend their money on things that help the sport long into the future such as getting word out to the general public. Surely if the UFC can find their way into mainstream television, paintball can to.

    I'm just curious what you guys would suggest to the paintball companies if you have a real voice.
  5. WDP Angel 1

    20 June 2008 - 11:25 AM

    Okay, I've been looking for a mid-high end marker for some time. I came really close to purchasing a WGP SR autococker but after getting a chance to use one the other weekend, I've changed my mind about owning an autococker. I've been looking at three different markers for the last two weeks.

    1. The Angel 1. That thing is super sexy. I havent had a chance to hold one or even see one up close but from the pictures I've seen..I'm in love.
    2. Dangerous Power G-3. I've gotten to hold this marker and I have to admit, I could really see myself enjoying it. Its amazing how light it is and it fits well.
    3. Etek Ego. I really love the looks of this marker. Also, I've found a nice place to get a package including HPA and hopper for around $600.00.

    Well I know the G-3 would save me alot of money but I also dont want to look back in the coming months and think "Wow, why didnt I go ahead and buy marker X when I had the chance"? I guess I'm pretty much sold on the Angel 1 but I was wondering if its really worth the money. I dont want to regret my next marker purchase like I did with my paintball blender a.k.a. Invert Mini. I want a gun that I'll be able to use in the coming years without having to upgrade constantly. I simply dont know enough about WDP as a company and I hate visiting other paintball forums out there due to the lack of maturity so if anyone out there uses an Angel 1 or another WDP product I'd be appreciative to get your opinion on the company and their products. Thanks in advance.


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