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the sniper who really likes running
21 years old
November 9, 1992
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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
I like to make things, even if I don't need them. I have an affinity for camouflage and ambushes. I am interested in starting a team with my friends, and I have a feeling that I will end up as the commander (I think that they both trust me and that I am good at being a commander) If I am not in my sniper mode I usually end up losing my patience and charging in under suppressive (no stuff too crazy) I am slowly moving up in my knowledge of gun functions, operating pressures, etc. all of which have come in handy at my local field. The speedballer in me is starting to out, while at the same time I am nearing completion of my first ghillie suit.

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  1. In Topic: Let's hear those stalker stories

    12 December 2008 - 05:56 PM

    That sounded really fun, wish I had been there. I'm just curious, how much paint did you go through compared to some of your buddies?
  2. In Topic: How To- Vest with Ghillie

    10 December 2008 - 06:48 PM

    Where did get that BDU, if I'm not mistaken it looked like there was venting on the back between the netting and the inside of the BDU.

    I haven't seen too many others' pictures of their ghillies close up, out of those few this is the best looking one out of the few I've seen. ;)

    What did you use to tie the netting to the BDU? I used doublethreaded monofilament and have been looking for a strong thread that I can put through a sewing machine.
  3. In Topic: I Need Help!!

    10 December 2008 - 06:25 PM

    View PostBON3CRUSH3R, on Dec 4 2008, 10:34 PM, said:

    Hey guys, I'm really stuck here. I want to convert my SP ION into a sniper. :P I want it to look good, yet have the accuracy, and I just don't have the kind of money to buy a Q-bow kit or Longbow.

    You and I are in the same boat on that one...

    If you don't fire many shots then you might as well just go with one of those tiny butt hoppers that pump markers use. They ony carry like 25 rounds, but if you get a cigar pod belt you can go from kill to kill.

    I went with the ghetto PVC pipe setup. There's a size of PVC that paintballs fit really well in. You could get a 20" long pipe, a cap for one end and a 90* reducer. The reducers for this size of pipe fit adjustable feednecks really well. Bring you feedneck just in case though.

    I found this really cool thing you can do with some drop forwards. The drop forward has to be as basic as possible, and mostly flat on both sides of the end that normally goes into the bottom of the triggerframe. Take the dropforward and bolt it on so that the ASA is out in behind the trigger. (between your face and the trigger when you aim the gun) The drop forward should now be upside down and making the air tank act as a stock. From there you can grab some macroline and put a length between the ASA and the HPR
  4. In Topic: Let's hear those stalker stories

    10 December 2008 - 06:07 PM

    I was out on my first test run of my new, home made ghillie suit. Two of my friends had gone over to the other team, and since they were toting a RAIL and a Vice, some of the newer players listened to some of their strategy (bad idea) I was over on the other side of the forest thinkibg of the best place to set up.

    While the other players discussed their method of attack I kind of split off from the group and looked out into the autmn forest around me. I had the lay of the land down real well in my mind and chose a spot in the middle of the field that was up on a hill. When the game started I jogged over to that postiton and watched the movement of the players. From the spot I had chosen I could see the other team moving out through the trees and my team attempting to outmaneauvre them.

    One of my friends, Cameron, tends to be a little loud when he is describing the situation to others, so when I heard his voice coming from down the hill and to the right I hunkered down even more. I peeked over the top of one of the logs I was hiding behind and saw Cameron plus my other friend and five other players with rental guns all walking up the hill towards me.

    At first I thoguht this was too good to be true, but when I looked into my hopper I saw that the were only about 50 rounds left. (it was the last game of the day and I hadn't been exactly conservative that day) Cameron was trying to be all smart about his movements beacuse he could see my team members moving in the woods to his right, trying to flank him and his squad. I could clearly hear him talking about how they needed to move up the hill to try and counter them. I was hoping that they would just come right into my trap. Unfortunately for me, they were headed just to my right, and would probably be able to see me from there.

    I waited until they were a solid 25 yards away and in the open before I sprang up and got the first few shots out. With my crappy Dicks Sporting goods barrel the first three or so shots went wide and then the gravity feeder stopped loading, so I had to go back into cover. As the first few shots rang out and whizzed past the squad Devin, my second friend, let aout a cry of "GHILLIE!!!" and found the nearest tree to hide behind. I shook the loader and popped back out to find that only Devin and Cameron were left in the firefight. The other five had freaked out and ran for the bottom of the hill.

    Devin had been the only one to find out where I was, so Cameron was sitting duck behind a tree with his pod belt sticking out. I took a few tries at that and suceeded with the sixth shot. I took cover again as devin opened up with some PSP ramping. When he stopped I popped back out again to find him running to the bottom of the hill.

    Having sprung a successful trap, I uprooted from my postion and stalked down the hill. Two rental players were waiting for my flanking team to fall into their trap. They were easy prey.

    After that I met up with my team as they came out of the woods to my left, and we went to the right, along a riverbed. I took point and let my dagger senses take over.

    It had turned out that three or four of the rest of my team had gone to the right at the beginning of the game and had taken out a couple guys and subsequently turned back towards the end they cam from.

    The tow groups, theirs and mine got into a limited firefight before one of them exclaimed that they ahd come from the opposite end. I stood up and they said that I was on their team, And so we finished that game out with a few laughs.
  5. In Topic: skeleton stock mods

    04 September 2008 - 04:48 PM

    View Postjosef_k, on Sep 2 2008, 12:41 PM, said:

    Nearly all have been made from various gun stocks; Mosin-Nagent and Winchester ones work well. I've used an M1 carbine stock for one which required creating some parts from scratch to make use of the original attachment locations. Most of the attachment is with the use of 10-32 socket-head and button-head capscrews in conjunction with sheet metal and machined delrin brackets. If you wanted, you could make a stock from scratch, carved specifically to fit onto the marker of your choice. A Dremel, sandpaper, a couple of rasps, a set of basic wood chisels, and a good vise to prevent the stock from moving work very well for making/modding wooden stocks.

    do you reccomend any type of wood for the job of scratch making a stock or is scratch making a stock from wood a bad idea? what does you normal budget for an air through stock average out to be? I started this thread because I am trying to save money on making a sniper stock for my US5 that I won at a recent big game. The rear cover is a copy of the a5's so I can put anything A5 on it. I am currently planning on getting a tapco stock that looks commando-ish and running a macroline through it. The only part that has me stumped is how to make the male quick disconnect fitting stay in place when I put it all together.


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