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  1. Curse of Palmyra Island

    17 April 2009 - 12:58 PM

    Call it a stab in the dark, but I assume no one else here is heading over to Mandeville to get soaked and bruised (Oh, and have fun too!) at Paintball Command's first Scenario game of the year (in Mandeville, LA)?

    $65 for the weekend, $40/$70 for paint. Oh, and you get a patch too.

    If anyone is there, I'd love to do a good Special Ops Meet-n-Greet. Just look for someone clothed from head-to-toe with Special Ops' latest Sick Deals. ;)
  2. SP-1 vs. Ion

    08 March 2009 - 08:48 PM

    So after a six month hiatus I drug out my old JT Tac-5 out of my closet, stripped it down, oiled it up, and went to the local field to get back into the swing of things. It was the first time I had been to this field (I moved to the general area back in August for the new school year) and was mildly surprised by the friendliness of the staff as well as the folks from the local team who were milling about. They were practicing and let me in on the practice because they needed someone else...not to mention no other walk-ons showed up that day.

    Needless to say I was chewed up and spat out with ease by the guys running about with their high-end electronic markers , though I acquitted myself decently in the last match when I was down 4-1, and managed to get three of them with some well-placed shots, only to be bunkered nicely by the fourth guy. Compliments and commiserations were passed about, not to mention some friendly ribbing about me and my "wanna-be army marker" showing up for an airball match. I wonder what gave it away. Perhaps it was the red dot sight and stock. Nah, can't be that. :)

    Before Saturday, I had been pondering picking up an electronic marker as it was, so the 8 welts I received didn't exactly hurt me thinking I needed some more firepower. Over the course of me peeking about I had been looking for a good reliable marker in the ~$200 range and by the end of the day I narrowed my search down to Smart Parts markers*. Now, I know some of you folks who swear on a pile of Recon Magazines that Tippmann is the greatest marker company to stride about on this planet, which is a fine opinion to have I suppose, but at the end of the day I think I'll be getting my money's worth with a Smart Parts marker, despite what some of you folks say. :P

    My choices are essentially down to an SP-1 and an Ion. I've been going around and around as to which would be the better deal for myself, and I keep on coming to a stalemate as I've used both and really enjoy both of them. The way I see it, the SP-1 has the following for it:
    • Easy Field Maintenance
    • Weaver rails galore
    • I can put a stock on it if I feel so inclined
    • In a pinch, I can reset the board and use CO2 without any issues (since I run off of a remote setup)
    On the other hand, with an Ion I get
    • Decent maintenance issues for an electronic marker
    • Great right out of the box
    • 15-18 bps
    • Lightweight, though a dedicated speeball marker (Though with that said, if I'm dying for a red-dot sight on my Ion, I can always put Weaver rails on it...)
    I know with an SP-1 I can put junk on it to my heart's content, but after playing this weekend, I think if I lose the stock I won't miss it because of the awkwardness of aiming with a mask on. However, with the 45-degree rails on the SP-1 I lose that issue. Not sure which way to go, so I put it before you folks. Thanks!

    *I know a Proto SLG beats an Ion right out of the box, and on the field most of the time, and can be bought now brand new for $200 but the area in which I live makes me a bit queasy about getting one. The nearest place that can work on one is in Houston, a 5 hour drive from here. <_< The local field can do Smart Parts work.


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