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  1. Purple/Black Pneumag FS/T (repost)

    01 December 2010 - 01:33 PM

    I'm dumb, so sorry about the million and a half iterations of this thread.

    Not looking to part.
    PayPal only.
    Prices now include shipping
    Accepted trades - Etek 3s, '06 and up (without too much price difference) Egos and SLs. Also VSC Phantoms +$$
    Not crucial, but I'm a fan of flashy/colorful electros. Camo and all-black annos will be considered, but not my favorite.

    Posted Image
    Gloss Purple ULE CF
    Gloss Black Y Frame
    ULT and Level10 Installed
    Invert On/Off
    X Valve
    Proto 1-Piece Barrel, 12"
    Pneumatics by Christian at Venomous Designs


    In addition, I have a few extras that you may purchase with the marker, or ONCE THE MARKER IS SOLD, separately.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Evlution III Loader
    Crossfire 68/3000 CF HPA
    NXE Tank Cover
    Palmer's Custom Cocker Barrel, 12" and dual ported
    BRAND NEW CP Clamping Feedneck

    Everything together - $800
  2. $500 Purple Pnuemag

    25 November 2010 - 09:08 PM

    I've decided I'm going to give an electro a try, and figured I'd get myself an Etek 3 for Christmas. This will be funding that cause.

    As a Black Friday/Weekend type thing, I'm going to drop the price on the gun to $500. Was going to wait until midnight to post this, then thought about time zones and whatnot.

    Likewise, all the extras in the second picture will be included at a package deal of $700. You can decline specific parts if you want, we'll discuss prices if you're interested.

    I will be making new threads for this on AO, SO, and MCB, and whoever has the earliest post time has first dibs. Prices do not include shipping, you PayPal first, and then I'll send it out as soon as the money is received.

    Sale ends whatever time I happen to check in on Monday.

    Posted Image

    Gloss Purple ULE CF
    Gloss Black Y Grip
    ULT and Level10 Installed
    Invert On/Off
    X Valve
    Proto 1-Piece Barrel, 12"
    Pneumatics and magmod installed and tuned by Christian at Venomous Designs, who assures me it rips (The one day I got to take it out, I spent most of my time on the sideline with an injury).

    Less than 10 cases of paint through it from me, plus tuning for Pneu.
    Minor scratch on rail from valve removal (only visible with valve removed), and a couple minor scratches on the feedneck from not having a strapwrench handy.
    Can take picture requests.

    Posted Image

    Evlution III Loader
    Crossfire 68/3000 CF HPA
    NXE Tank Cover
    Palmer's Custom Cocker Barrel, 12" and dual ported
    BRAND NEW CP Clamping Feedneck

    Member on AO, SO, and now MCB, but no feedback as this is my first sale over a forum. However, I do have some Ebay feedback from when I sold my 98 to help buy this.
  3. Dear Invert,

    12 November 2010 - 03:25 PM

    Thank you for discontinuing the color of Mini I wanted.
    Sincerely, MC
    PS - your dust options are hideous. Even the new fades.
  4. Purple Y Gripped Pneumag + extras

    07 November 2010 - 05:54 PM

    Think rent is fine now, but I'm gonna get hungry soon. Plus I think I'm gonna give something else a go when I recoup the money. So, in the interest of getting this sold, I'm gonna drop the prices once more.
    Recently got it back from Mongoose installing pneumatics and a magnet mod.
    Not looking to part or trade at this time, price is firm. PayPal only.

    Posted Image

    Level 10
    ULT Installed
    Y Grip
    Purple CF ULE Body
    Pneumatics and MagMod by Mongoose at Venomous Designs
    Proto 1-Piece Barrel (barrel bag included if you want it)
    Invert On/Off

    I've personally put less than 10 cases through her, plus whatever 'Goose did tuning it. A little scratching on the ULE feedneck from attempts to remove it without a strapwrench, and some minor scratches on the rail from the valve are the only signs of my previous ownership. A solid ripper. Obviously, anything I have that came with the marker is yours - lube, extra springs, shims, etc...

    $600 +shipping
    WAS $650 +shipping

    Posted Image

    Crossfire CF Tank, 68/3000 + cover - Add $60
    Palmer's Brass Custom Barrel, Gloss Black, Dual Ported, 12" - Add $100
    ViewLoader Evlution III Loader (lost the little locking piece, sorry!) - Add $40
    CP Gloss Purple Clamping Feedneck - Add $20

    Everything in the last picture - $800 +shipping
    was $850
  5. Gear Shopping

    14 April 2010 - 06:20 AM

    Where do you guys buy your stuff anymore? AV doesn't have half their crap in stock, Kee's website sucks, and none of the companies are willing to sell their own products.

    As an example, these have been out of stock for over a year. V-Force's website, which is actually Draxxus's website, won't sell you a thing. What happened?


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  1. Photo


    24 Mar 2008 - 02:15
    Dude, welcome to the site.
    This place has helped me with a lot of problems, both with paintball and with other things.
    Regardless if you've done something "bad" already, I'm pretty sure you'll find a great community here.
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