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  1. Night Draws Near

    25 August 2010 - 10:05 PM

    Here is a pic of the game poster we also have camping but please let me know a head of time so we can take care of you
    Posted Image
  2. Game at the Swamp Lebanon OR

    25 November 2009 - 07:14 PM

    We will be plaiyng at the Swamp From 10am to 3pm on 29th on November. BYOP and we have rental set up for $20 We will have paint for sale also from 40 to 50 a case it is Draxxus Paint
  3. T.A.W. St.Val Massacre Feb 6th 2010 $25 all day

    07 November 2009 - 09:22 AM

    Created By Damian and SPIKE...

    Big Game fomat T.A.W. style...
    Saturday, 6 February 2010
    Lebanon Ore,Hoskings Field

    6:30am Check In Office Opens
    7:00am Chrono Opens
    8:00am MANDATORY Safety Briefing
    9:00am Game One!!
    4:30pm Final Battle (The Blender)
    5:00pm Award Ceremony

    For those that registered for the Night Ops:

    8pm to 11pm Night Ops
    Pricing for this BIG GAME (Non Scenario) is as follows:

    $25 Pre-Registration Per Player and Includes UNLIMITED HPA! (Day Only)
    Yes only $25 bucks for all day sweet deal to me....
    $35 Walk-On and Includes UNLIMITED HPA! (Day Only)

    $10 Night Operations and Includes UNLIMITED HPA!

    This event is a BRING YOUR OWN PAINT (BYOP) event! (Check out our General forum for information about BANNED paint & colors such as MONSTER BALL!)
    For those that wish to camp overnight, there is a $5 camping fee.

    We are starting off the new season with a new addition to our TAW format by offering one-day big games in addition to our normal scenarios in which you can earn awards, trophies, points, commissions and standings within TAW!

    Here is what you can earn at this event....


    Best Defense Team

    Best Offense Team

    Best Over-All Team

    Most Valuable Player

    Best Sportsmanship

    Medal of Valor

    Medal of Honor


    Best Tank

    Best Launcher Specialist

    ...... just to name a few.....


    TAW has begun to introduce a ranking structure.... this structure is based on the player's involvement during the events. The more they do and participate, the higher promotions so to speak they earn! You seen this in almost all modern video games such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and the Battlefield series..... it is now brought to YOU by TAW!

    You will also earn virtual Badges, Ribbons and Medals which you can display proudly on your TAW Forum profile to show the world, just where you stand!!


    As you earn points throughout this Big Game, you will also create a points standing in which you can see just where your efforts have ranked you within TAW..... but that is not all.... your Standing will also carry over to our scenario events! That's right! You are worth a lot to your future army in the way of experience, skills but also points! So when you play a future TAW scenario and if you have earned points for your Standings, then those points will automatically be awarded to your future army's overall points which can help secure a victory for you and for them resulting in additional points, awards/trophies, and standings!

    More details about this game being added though out the today...

    More Details about the game and Pricing please cheak out the T.A.W. Forum at ...http://tawscenarios.com/forum/index.php#14...

    Brought to you By...
    T.A.W. Scenario's
    Hosking's Field
    Team Walkons Mil-Sim
    S&F Paintball
  4. Game at the Swamp Aug8th

    04 August 2009 - 06:33 PM

    August 8th, S&F paintball of Lebanon OR will be having mini scenarios all day.We have rental packages starting at $20 and that includes fields fees. We are a BYOP field but we have paint on hand ranging from $35 to $50 per case. If you have your own gear it would cost $10 for all day air and that includes field fees. Max chrono speed is 285. We will have our new 14 piece speedball set up plus our 5 acre scenario field with multiple buildings, bunkers, the death twinkie, pond and creek. We will open at 9am and go until about 5pm. Please bring your own food and drink as we don't have facilities for those items. Cold smoke is not allowed at this time on our field.
  5. July Game At S&F Paintball July 11th

    05 July 2009 - 05:01 PM

    Field Opens at 10am and closes at dusk
    S&F paintball will be hosting games all day most games will be about 30min
    $10 all day air
    Bring. Your. Own. Paint. or we will have paint from $35-50 a case and we sell paint by the bag
    We have 12 rentals $20 gets you gun,mask,all dayCO2,


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