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  1. WTB old / used A5 for project // HE egrip A5

    19 February 2010 - 04:29 AM

    Hey everybody, whats up

    Two things id need:

    First, an old, used A5. What i need is really just a plain A5, basically just the gun body. I wouldnt even need a barrel or a grip with it. Also, it really can be hard used, battered and scratched and stuff (its gonna get a new paintjob anyways); as long as it isnt damaged beyond repair (like busted threads, .. ) its fine. Really, what i need is just a base from which i can start working and modding..
    Just post what you have and how much youd like for it.

    Secondly, a HE hall effect egrip for an A5. The newer egrip with the selector switch. Does anyone have one, and does no longer need / use it? Any offers are greatly appreciated.

    So yeah, thank you very much for any posts / offers


  2. WTT: PPS Blazer for a5

    06 February 2010 - 06:53 AM

    Hello everybody

    So heres the thing; last year I was an exchange student in the us. I started to play paintball and love the game, so i bought a palmers blazer off ebay, with a custom machined dye ultralight 14 in barrel. It wasnt working properly, so i sent it in for a factory rebuild and bought the Halo B for it. After these modifications and upgrades, it was working like charm, really awesome gun. Since then, ive only used it for a couple games and shot maybe 2000 rounds through it. Because, as awesome as it is, it still just isnt my type of gun.
    So i decided to trade it for an a5; i ve always wanted to build a custom a5 with tons of upgrades and modifications. I am gonna use the a5 from this trade as a base and start customizing from there.

    Heres what id like to get for my blazer:
    A tippmann A5, in good, solid working condition. I dont care about scratches, because its gonna get a paintjob anyways, but it just should be free of any damages beyond repair, like busted threads or anything like that. Additionally, it must have an egrip and a low pressure kit on it; but i dont need any regulator on the lpk, i have a stabilizer already.
    To sum it up, pps blazer with dye barrel and halo b for a good a5 with lpk and egrip.

    Edit: the blazers serial number is BZ 853

    So yeah, if anybody has an a5 as described and would like to trade it for my blazer, id be more than happy to do the deal. However, one more thing: Me and my blazer are currently located in switzerland, so it will take some time until you get your gun. Of course not months, but i think it will take 2 - 3 weeks. If you prefer, I could sent it out to my host parents in the US first; as soon as i have your address id tell them where to ship it; that way, the gun would be already in the us and at your house quicker.
    If youre concerned about anything, just pm me and ill send you my number, ive been living in the us for one year and speak fluent english. Also, swiss postal service is very reliable, so there is really no worry about lost packages or anything.

    I will post a pic of my blazer later, im on a friends computer and dont have the pic with me right now.


    Link to the picture of the gun:


    Please note: the stabilizer and remote are NOT included.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post or pm

    Thank you very much for all interest and answers / pms


  3. Blazer left feed plus Empire B

    27 May 2008 - 10:39 PM

    Hello everybody

    Just one question: do I need anything special to attach an Empire B reloader to my left feed Blazer, like an elbow or so; or will it work just fine?

  4. WTB Tippmann a5/98

    22 May 2008 - 09:15 PM

    Alright guys

    I know, it may sound crazy, but I would like to buy a tippmann a5 for around 100 dollars. If possible with a nice barrel... if nobody has a a5, a 98 would work, too, but I prefer the a5. The price can be discussed, a little bit... so just write what you have.

  5. heheh my blazer again

    17 May 2008 - 09:15 PM

    Alright remember the blazer i bought on ebay lately ? (http://cgi.ebay.com/...m=290223269964) I shot it today for the first time.... huuum... I dunno... to be honest it wasnt as great as i expected it to be. But first things first: I aired it up with CO2, I looked at the stab with gauge, the first thing I noticed oh crap way to high (it looked like 200 psi over the 600 (highest)) so I started turing it down, I got it to a little under 600, but didnt wanna turn it down more cause I didnt no how far you can go. So I shot a couple times, but it was quite bad, I had lots of emty shots and chops. Then I cleaned the barrel and everything, and tried again. When I fired really slow, the shots were good, but as soon as I started shooting faster, empty shots and chops. I was using a vl200 gravity fed hopper. I assume the chops and empty shots are because the hopper isnt feeding fast enough? Now... the problem is, I am not really experienced with blazers, so its also possible that its like that cause the gun isnt properly tuned or so, but if thats the case, I dont think I will be able to tune it and where I live (Fairbanks AK) most of the people use tippys, so I dont know anybody who could do it for me...
    Now, there are 2 possibilities: First, I could just send it to Palmers and get it all cleaned, tested and tuned... but I dont know how expensive its gonna be and especially how long its gonna take, I have only 5,5 weeks left here and I wanna play as much as possible.
    Second, I could just go and buy like and empire realoader b or so, if its true that all the trouble is because of the crappy hopper. But then I dont know, will the empire reloader fit my gun (its left feed) or do I need some kinda part to fit it together?
    Yeah, thats pretty much it... What do you guys think? Whats the best solution?
    Uh... I just noticed: even after I took the tank off, it still shows 200 PSI?!? I hope I dint break the gauge?

    Well sry if the questions are kinda noob... i just dont really know what to do and wanna play with that nice gun as soon as possible...


    P.S.: Even though I didnt really play with it today, Is there something especially important I should clean/oil (except the barrel of course).


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