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  1. What do you need, but cant get?

    15 December 2008 - 09:24 PM

    Well, for a marketing class I need to create a product idea and do a bunch of papers on it, my hardest part is actually choosing a product.

    I need to find something that has a large amount of potential buyers, but not too much other competition for their dollars. Ever thought of that one thing that you could really use in paintball, but no company makes for you? That's exactly what I need to find out, I need to pick the forum's brains for this one. I've only had about 2 good ideas recently, only 1 of which was original. I saw M_P's thread about creating a milsim pump marker, but he came up with that first, so I wont steal his thunder.

    My current idea is a pneumatic-assisted marker, doesn't need to be any certain brand, but the key thing is that it comes pneu'ed right out of the box, no extra modding or "upgrading" to do. It could be a good alternative for those who want a mech with a high BPS, or just dont want to have to do the pneu-modding themselves. What do you guys think would you buy something like this? Is there already a product like this that I dont know about? Obviously there's still 'mags and cockers, and RT'ed Tippy's and such, but if there isnt an overwhelming number of alternatives for a high ROF mech or stock-pneu'ed markers I can still make this work.

    Any comments, and especially new suggestions are appreciated. It doesn't need to be a marker, it could be anything at all as long as it's somewhat viable. I don't need to create an actual working model, I just need ideas.
  2. Florida man accused of assault with sandwhich

    19 November 2008 - 02:09 PM


    msnbc said:

    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A man faces a domestic battery charge after allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a sandwich as she was driving on Interstate 95 on Friday. Police said the 19-year-old man became angry and hit the woman in the arm and face with a sandwich, knocking her glasses off.

    The victim nearly lost control of the car because she couldn't see the road and the man then allegedly ripped off the rear-view mirror and used it to shatter the windshield.

    The man was freed on $7,500 bail.

    Police haven't said what type of sandwich was involved.

    "Was it a club sandwich?"

    Discuss. ;) Couldn't resist posting this...
  3. EXTRA! EXTRA! Corruption in the 2008 Lounge Presidential Elect

    11 November 2008 - 08:03 PM

    MDK said:

    So, clearly I'm out of the race now. Even if I manage a big swing to make it past primaries, I'm done, right? So, me and the guys were talking and we decided to use the power we have. We've got nine votes -- nine votes is enough to put any of ya way out in front, possibly for good. The question becomes, how can I take care of my people best? Whichever of you is willing to give theBostinian the best spot on your campaign will receive an official endorsement from me and mine, AND you'll get campaign help in whatever form you wish for the road ahead. If you see fit to add me to your list of cronies, fine, I'm honestly pretty apathetic about the whole thing. But I'll support you in whatever ways you want me to.

    Let the vote-mongering commence! BTW since I know Ashrak is thinking it, no, this isn't some back-door scheme, I'm really folding.

    You may be wondering what I'm talking about here tonight. Everyone knows that MDK/thebostinian joined Ashrak's campaign in the last few days leading up to the final SOL elections.... but little do you know the dirty secret behind their story!

    I have recieved the above quote in a PM from a source (to remain anonymous), showing their true intentions!

    After quickly giving up on his own team and loyal supporters during the primaries, MDK sent out this message trying to buy himself a comfortable cabinet position at the expense of those who followed him! He has betrayed his voters, those who follow him because of their trust in him and their shared beliefs! He didn't want to truly represent them and their concerns - he only wanted power, at the expense of everyone else! He sold himself out the highest bidder early in the race, seeking to secure his own future! By selling out to the Ashrak campaign, his supporters have been twisted into thinking that this change in power has been made by a leader thinking of their own benefit - all lies! MDK has tricked his supporters into joining the Ashrak campaign for his own personal political gains!

    MDK's loyal voters have been left in the dark about the true nature of their change in allegiance, betrated by the very man they once had the inclination to vote for President! Can they trust him again after this terrible truth has been revealed? No! Or can they trust Ashrak, the man who cunningly tried to buy himself more votes at the cost of their own free will? No, they cannot! This act of cruel injustice that has been done here today is an insult to their independence as men, and is an appalling affront to Lounge democracy!

    We at the Seizureman campaign are aware that any of MDK's supporters may not have been aware of these grevious crimes being committed behind their backs. To you, I offer a safe haven! Join my campaign, where you can find true leadership! I am not the kind of man who sells out his ideals, I promise you, I shall fight! Together, we can bring a new age of transparency and honour to this Lounge, with your opinions and concerns being studiously welcomed instead of being brushed carelessly aside! Rise! Rise against your oppressive and manipulative leader, and join us!
  4. Seizureman

    31 October 2008 - 02:53 PM

    Vote Seizureman/SamSquanch '08 - The Canadian Invasion!!

    Our policies:
    - Ketchup chips will be available everywhere in the USA
    - Poutine must be served in every restaurant that has french fries
    - You can no longer call flat, fried pieces of dough "Elephant Ears" or any variation, they are properly known as "Beaver Tails"
    - The igloo will be the new style of housing (artificial snow may be used in the south)
    - The dogself will be the new official mode of ground transportation

    - We respect the 2nd Amendment and your right to bear arms
    because we don't want you to shoot us...

    Vote Seizureman/SamSquanch '08 for Lounge Presidency!
  5. Mafia: Jerusalem 1148

    11 October 2008 - 04:17 PM

    Posted Image
    The city of Jerusalem is widely held to be one of the holiest places on Earth. It is the spiritual center of Judaism, the third holiest city in Islam, and contains a large amount of significant Christian sites. People flock here from all over the world to try and find some sort of commune with their god, find a sign of what course to take, or to repent for their sins. Then of course, there are those who hunger for power...

    It is 1148, the midst of the Second Crusade. The Christian knights have held Jerusalem since 1099, when they stormed the city and put an end to the First Crusade. Now the Crusaders have come to revenge the fall of the County of Edessa. The French and German armies rode out to battle, only to be separated and slaughtered by the Saracens. The battered remains try to fall back to Jerusalem, but little do they know there's going to be a surprise waiting for them when they get back.

    The Saracens have secretly devised a plot to take control before the Crusaders return, and then entrap them between the city and their advancing troops. A secret team of assassins and spies have infiltrated Jerusalem to take over power. The resident Crusaders will do everything they can to keep the city safe. The average citizens have no interest in fighting the wars of European Kings and Arabic Lords, and merely want to live in harmony. But whether they like it or not, everyone in Jerusalem is going to be caught in the crossfire...

    Rules gratuitously stolenborrowed from mafiascum.net and previous game rules from this forum

    1.) The game will start once everybody has confirmed, in the game thread, they have received my PM.

    2.) All votes must be in the following format: Vote: [insert player name] Any votes not made in this format will not be counted. Exception will be made if you cannot bold your votes. If you want to change your vote, first Unvote: [insert player name] then vote again in the above format.

    3.) When a player receives a majority of votes to be lynched, they are dead--even if I haven't been on to announce his death and reveal that player's role. I'm trusting you, the players, to help me keep track of votes. I will check, of course, but it will help make my job easier.

    4.) If discussion is lagging or the day is dragging, I may set a deadline. If I do not receive the necessary PM's within that time period, the game will move on into night with the night-actions I have already received enacted the following game day.

    5.) Night posting is allowed, but please try to keep chatter game-related.

    6.) Once dead, no posting, "Bah" posts included. You will be PM'd upon death, as soon as I get to the thread after a lynching.

    7.) Try to post as often as possible. If something arises which prevents you from posting for a prolonged period of time, please inform me and I will find a replacement. Notify me in-thread if you want me to prod an inactive player.

    8.) DO NOT quote anything I PM you. Role claiming (claiming to be a certain role) is fine, but you are not allowed to quote my PM's.

    9.) Do not verbally abuse participants of this game at any point. Doing so will result in punishments up-to and including modkills.


    2.) Do not edit your posts. Just make any corrections in another post.

    13.) Breaking any of these rules subjects you to any action I deem necessary.

    14.) No Print+Screens to be shown in public.

    15.) This is a game. Have fun!

    When you have received my Confirmation PM, please verify you have received it by posting: "/confirm". THESE ARE NOT ROLE PM’s. Role PM’s will be sent out once most people have confirmed being active.

    NOTES:-There may or may not be other 3rd Party roles active in the game.

    -If you do not inform me of your absence, either through PM or in-thread, and you are absent from the game for more than 24 hours I will prod you via PM. If you do not post within 12 hours after my prod, you will be replaced.

    -If any participants PM you during the game, please let me know immediately. Roles which are permitted to send and accept PM's are exempt from this, of course.


    Player Roster:

    1. Seanw30 - Mayor
    2. Volker - Friar
    3. ghost93
    5.LoD - Crusader
    6.WFactor - Crusader Leader
    7.Steel Tiger - City Guard Spy
    8. Dante - Crusader
    9. Mitch
    10. SpudCrushr - Bumbling Townie
    11.Mighty Mike - Werewolf Hunter
    12. the eggman (replacing Infamous) - Vigilante
    13. MDK - Blood-Feud Townie
    14.outlaw-master - Werewolf
    15. Lo - Saracen Leader
    16. Tryon - Saracen
    17. AFTT - City Guardsman
    18. Snipeshow Bob - City Guard Captain
    19. Ace-014 (replacing BHD)
    20. Shepard - Saracen
    21. Newbhunter - Double-Crossing Spy
    22. Mech CB - Friar
    23. thebostinian - Blood-Feud Crusader

    Lynchings and Night Actions will be added to the main post every night.

    GAME START said:

    The streets of Jerusalem were illuminated under the pale glow of the moon in the midnight sky. No one was left outside, the townspeople were asleep. Everything was deathly quiet…
    Total Panic(NPC) pounded down the street, his footsteps echoing off the barren stone walls. Gasping for breath, he glanced back over his shoulder for the terrifying spectre that had been chasing him. Seeing an alley out of the corner of his eye, he dived down it and pressed himself flat against the wall, partially hidden by the discarded baskets from the nearby merchant’s stall. He stood stock-still, trying to muffle his laboured breathing.
    Minutes passed, and eventually he felt his heart rate return to normal. He closed his eyes, and sighed in relief. Suddenly, a loud thump right in front of him caused him to re-open his eyes, which then widened in horror. His loud scream of terror was cut short by the black figure that engulfed him.

    The next morning, the townspeople awoke to find Total Panic's mangled corpse in several... unpleasant... places across Jerusalem. The mayor seanw30 called a town meeting to calm the population. Life goes on, and no one really missed Total Panic, he always acted like such a puppet...

    Weapon Strength: Dagger < Sword
    *Note: If two players in combat have equal weapon strength, the attacker will always win unless the defender has a special defend ability*

    The first round of night actions are due on Wednesday by 10AM, EST.

    23 Players Alive, 12 to Lynch

    Be warned... both the Crusaders and the Saracens have learned many tricks from the First Crusade. Be extremely careful on who you trust, and what you tell them...

    Gents, you may begin. *bows*

    NIGHT ONE said:

    The night was calmer than before in Jerusalem, the air didn't feel quite as menacing as it had on the night that Total Panic died. MDK was walking home after spending a long day planning thebostinian's death by his hand. As he fumbled with the latch on his front door, he heard the steely rasp of a sword being drawn. He didn't have time to fully turn around before his head was struck from his shoulders.

    The Sheperd had been entertaining himself at the tavern all night, and was extremely drunk. When last call finally came around, he guzzled his last drink and stumbled out into the street. Staggering his way home, Sheperd felt the need to relieve himself on a nearby wall. He was so drunk in fact, that he didn't even notice the blade that impaled him for a moment. Staring down in horror at the bloody sword, he fell forward as it was withdrawn and lay dying in the street. His agonizing death lasted the entire night, as his stomach acids ate away at the inside of his body.

    MDK - Blood-Feud Townie
    The Sheperd - Saracen

    21 Alive, 11 to Lynch

    Spud meandered and gazed around with a slightly confused expression as he was dragged to the gallows. "Hey, why is this rope around my ne-"

    Spud - Bumbling Townie

    20 Alive, 11 to Lynch

    NIGHT TWO said:

    Steel Tiger and Tryon stood on the roof of the Saracen safehouse, looking out over Jerusalem. "I wish we could figure out how these damned Crusaders know so much of our plans," muttered Steel "I just want to kill them and get it over with." Tyron watched Steel from where he stood behind him. "I heard that we had been infilitrated by a spy" he said, "Have you heard anything of this?" Steel was starting to become uneasy. "No, he replied, I've heard nothing of the sort. What do you think this means for us?" Tryon drew his sword. "It means you're going to die you double-crossing fatherless man!" he yelled, and charged.

    Steel tried to pull out his own blade, but wasn't fast enough to stop Tryon from quickly driving him against the edge of the roof. Tryon kept hacking as hard as he could, seeking to drive him over the ledge. Steel countered Tryon's blows as much as he could, desperately looking for an opening in his defences. In the midst of Tryon's reckless fury, he found one. Steel swung his sword overhand, coming down on Tryon's unprotected shoulder and severing his arm. Tyron screamed as he saw the blood spurting from his severed arteries. Realizing he had not long to live, Tryon dropped his sword and tackled Steel in one last desperate attempt to kill him. There was a very long drop from the rooftop to the streets below...

    Seanw30 was lying awake in his bed, vainly trying to sleep but unable to because of all the thoughts racing through his head. He sighed, and resigned himself to go get a drink to help calm his nerves. Passing the window, he whipped around, fancying he saw something from the corner of his eye. He leaped aside as a gigantic beast smashed through the window.

    Sean scrambled to his feet, sword already in hand as the snarling werewolf turned to face him. He charged, only to be sent flying across the room by a swipe of the huge paws. The sword, knocked from his grasp, slid into a corner of the room. Sean lay unconcious in the corner as the werewolf advanced on his prey, growling. At that moment, epic fail crashed through the door behind them. Grabbing the sword, he leaped onto the creature's back, stabbing for all his worth. The beast howled in pain, and leaped back out the window, escaping into the night. Epic ran over to Sean, and began to rescusitate him. After bringing him back to conciousness, he bound the hideous wounds that the werewolf's claws had inflicted.

    Steel Tiger - City Guard Spy
    Tryon - Saracen

    18 Alive, 10 to Lynch

    AFTT kicked and struggled as he was dragged towards the screaming crowd, knowing the horrible death that awaited them at their hands. "I'm innocent!" he screamed "My information was right, I swear! I didn't do it! NOOOOOO!!!"

    AFTT - City Guardsman

    17 Alive, 9 to Lynch. Night Actions due 10AM EST tommorow.

    NIGHT THREE said:

    Lomarandil hurried towards the city gate, passing through come construction in the warehouse district. "How did things go so wrong?" he muttered, "my entire team was taken out, the city guard infiltrated us... I need to get out of here and report to my superiors." He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn't notice the audible snap from the rope holding a large platform above the street. The next morning, the townspeople found the broken rope, cut by a sword, beside Lo's mangled corpse.

    Lomarandil - Saracen Leader

    16 Alive, 9 to Lynch.

    I still neither confirm nor deny anything about Sean's status. And if you are or are not infected, I wouldn't put that in the main post, it takes out all the fun. The reason I'm saying this is it feels pretty close to quoting the narrator.

    Outlaw pleaded for his life, but there was no mercy from the townspeople. He quivered in fear as they stared down ominously at him, rocks in hand. After the deed was done, it was noticed that Outlaw was extremely hairy, and had rather pointy teeth...

    Outlaw master - Werewolf

    15 Alive, 8 to Lynch

    NIGHT FOUR said:

    Mech CB was heading back to the church just after night had fallen. Shivering, he pulled his hood further over his head to protect against the cold wind blowing through the city. As he passed an alleyway, a mysterious figure stepped out behind him, and clove him in half with a sword.

    Mech CB - Friar

    14 Alive, 8 to Lynch

    NIGHT FIVE said:

    WFactor was resting in his house a night, when the eggman burst through the door sword in hand. "You're going to die tonight" he yelled, "I know you're one of them!" As he raised his blade to strike Newbhunter came flying in behind him, smashing him head over heels. Newbhunter then drew his own sword, preparing to finish off the downed eggman. Before he could swing, epic fail rushed into the room, throwing himself between the two combatants. "Wait!" he cried, "Don't do it!" The standoff ended as the rest of town came rushing over, awoken by the disturbance.

    Mighty Mike had heard the disturbance coming from WFactor's house, and was amidst the large crowd running to see what was happening. As he ran, someone stabbed him from behind, leaving him to die in the dust as the people moved on.

    Mighty Mike - Werewolf Hunter

    13 Alive, 7 to Lynch

    Sean watched triumphantly as the bloodthirsty crowd ravaged WFactor, not quite masking his screams of agony.

    WFactor - Crusader Leader

    12 Alive, 7 to Lynch

    NIGHT SIX said:

    Volker was heading back to the church after a long day of trying to create peace between his fellow man. Without warning, a mysterious figure grabbed him and pulled him into a dark corner. Falling to the ground dazed, it took Volker a second to recognize his attacks. He barely had time to cry "You-" before he was hacked to death.

    Volker - Friar

    11 Alive, 6 to Lynch

    As the angry crowd swarmed LoD, Mitch Force could be heard yelling in the background "Just let the stupid fridge do it! God, you guys never let me have any fun..."

    LoD - Crusader

    10 Alive, 6 to Lynch

    NIGHT SEVEN said:

    Dante was walking home late at night when without warning, his legs were cloven from behind. Falling to the ground on his bleeding stumps, he could only watch as his attacker prepared to finish him, blood dripping from the tip of his sword.

    The Eggman was also out late that night, on an "urgent errand." As he was about to open the door to his house, he was impaled through the chest, pinned to his door by the blade. In the morning the townspeople found his corpse, still pinned by the sword, hanging off the ground as a message to the people.

    Dante - Crusader
    Eggman - Vigilante

    8 Left, 5 to Lynch

    I'm royally PERTURBED, no story.

    Newbhunter - Double-Crossing Spy

    7 Alive, 4 to Lynch

    NIGHT EIGHT said:

    Snipeshow Bob was watching epic fail through a window from the other side of the street. As morning aprroached, he decided that he had been watchful enough and began to head home. As he turned around a corner, he was struck from behind. The sword entered through his left shoulderblade, and exited from his right hip. The townspeople found SSB and his entrails spread across the city street.

    Snipeshow Bob - City Guard Captain

    6 Alive, 4 to Lynch

    As the town encircled thebostinian, he began to tremble in fear at what was to come. After all, what could he expect from the most dangerous city in the world? However, thankfully (or not?) for him, some members of the town remember that they had ghost93 among them... and he claimed to be this religious guy. Not wanting to upset him, and fearing what he might think, they began to pray; asking God to punish the infidel before them. God, bemused by the sudden belief in his power after all of the violence caused in his name, decided to comply. In a fraction of a nanosecond he landed on the best possible way for the heretical Crusader to burn.

    Even the most stalwart men in the town trembled as the napalm rained down, over and over. As thebostinian writhed in agony the flames continued to rain down from the heavens. He looked to his side, and through the fire and the flames, he saw Ashrak standing off to one side of the crowd, cackling maniacally.

    Thebostinian turned and pointed at Ashrak. “We could’ve lived in peace and harmony, but you twisted and manipulated us! My friends, my brothers, do you not see? This puppeteer is the man responsible for all of this!” His voice rang out clearly over the roar of the fireballs “Lord, Yahweh Almighty, remove this abomination, this evil creature from Your beautiful land! My damnation is just, but do not allow this man to infect this city with more evil!”

    The heat of the inferno doubled in mere seconds, and the intensity of the firestorm went from “Wow, sucks to be him” to “We should probably get behind something” in the same amount of time. Ashrak looked up to see a fireball descending directly on top of his head, and was engulfed in the flames as it touched down. While everyone was watching where Ash had been, and listening to his screams of agony, only Seizure noticed thebostinian walking away from the fire, not a hair on his head burnt, his clothes intact. He made his way to the Western Gate, where he was lost in the shadows. Seizure saw the gate swing open, and a silhouette make it’s way through the gap, then the gates shut again. Thebostinian was never seen again.

    As the carnage from the previous week was being cleaned from Jerusalem's streets, the surving townspeople lamented on the freinds that they had lost. Although they had not always agreed with each other, they had banded together to fight a bigger threat. In the end, the mayor Sean was praised for his leadership and forgiven for his actions, even though he had caused the death of several innocents. A funeral pyre was constructed for all of the dead; townsperson, Crusader, and Saracen alike. As they watched the flames burn into the night sky, the survivors could only hope that someday, there would be peace in the Middle East.


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