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  1. Help a fellow baller out!

    14 September 2010 - 06:08 PM

    Ever wish you saw paintball more, outside the paintball world? Ever wish you saw it on delicious beverages?

    Even if you don't, check out these pics and vote for them if you like them!


    Thanks for checking them out, and if you really liked the pics, feel free to repost the links on any other paintball forums you want, it'd help out a lot.
  2. Lube the 3-way

    22 March 2010 - 11:16 PM

    Quick question here, what should I lube the 3-way with and how do I get to the o-rings on the 3-way?

    I have an ANS GX-3 if that makes any difference, and its a belsales hollowpoint 3-way.
  3. Macdev Droid

    10 January 2010 - 05:46 PM

    I will not ship first as I cannot be gunless because of my practice schedule. I do not deal often on spec ops so I do not have much feedback there, but you're welcome to check out my feedback on a local forum http://www.tdotballe....howtopic=70083 .

    Gloss black/blue Droid with a violent trigger, also comes with stock trigger. Has newer militia soft programming on the board (goes down to I believe 8 bps).

    It has a couple small problems that should be able to be fixed with about 4 o-rings at most. I just don't have the o-rings to fix it right now. It still cycles fine, though sometimes it takes a second, or until the next shot to seal properly, also there is sometimes (just an o-ring), a leak coming from the top of the frame, which is just the valve o-rings. The battery harness broke, but I soldered it back together (I'm not that great of a solderer). I'm working on replacing the o-rings/getting a new battery harness, but those really aren't big issues. It still shoots fine, and I used it all sunday night for a practice.

    Posted Image
    *Doesn't come with deadlywind, only the stock barrel.

    $500 (CAD) + Shipping

    Cool mech cockers + cash (dye or eclipse bodies, undrilled preferred).
    VSC phantom + cash
    Nova + cash
    Offer anything as long as you're adding cash.
  4. Dangerous Power F8

    06 October 2009 - 09:33 AM

  5. D4rk's Most Super Duper Totally Awesome Photo Thread

    08 September 2009 - 09:45 PM

    First time I've gone out to take pictures (I played half the day, took the pictures the rest of the day when the guys I was playing with started leaving). Any criticism is always greatly appreciated, I was using the best camera I could find in my house, but no where near the best. I'm looking into getting a DSLR soon, anyone have any suggestions on lense/camera? Also, detailed explanations of the camera/lense/what makes them good are very much appreciated. I don't know much about cameras, but I greatly enjoyed photography, and would love to get much more into it.

    Posted Image

    I really like this picture, but if I were a bit more to the right, I'd get the person he was shooting at too. On higher resolutions you can see a couple paintballs in the air ;)

    Posted Image

    Would look a lot better if it were cropped

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    I love the way renters play, its always a lot of fun to watch, especially when they do super unexpected things.

    Posted Image

    This guy had his bachelor party at the field, its hard to see the white paint on his goggles, but he just ran the length of the field twice with everyone else in his party shooting at him.

    Posted Image

    Kind of pissed that I didn't get the rest of this guy/the rest of his gun.

    Posted Image

    Same guy from the last picture, Just before that game (he was playing a lot of one on ones, by that time most of the paintballers left the field and the airsofters were coming in), he told me he would only use one ball the whole game. I loved the way the guy played, and I loved his VM-68.

    The rest of the pictures (and higher res versions of them) can be found here. Enjoy!



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