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  1. WTT/WTS: Battle Field Bad Company 2 - Xbox 360

    31 May 2010 - 02:11 PM

    Rules, v. 1.0

    -Post AND PM.
    -Firm on the Price. Don't ask to go lower. You can offer higher though. I'm cool with that.
    -Post up games your willing to trade. I'll consider.
    -If you pay me, I'll accept paypal and money order. Money order preferably because I almost never use paypal and don't know how.
    -Regarding shipping: If you have decent feedback, I'll do same-day shipping with you (if trading). If your paying, I'll ship first chance I get AFTER I RECEIVE PAYMENT.
    -The game is for the 360. But I'm not picky on consoles. I'll accept trades on either the PS3, or Xbox 360.
    -If you buy, you pay shipping. If you trade, I'll pay to ship mine, you pay to ship yours.


    So, I just got Battlefeild Bad Company 2 Sunday night. I just finished the campaign around noon. But... Since I don't have online play and I'm too dumb to rent video games, I'm lookin' to trade it out to one of you guys for something else.

    In regards to the game condition.. You should have figured out that its basically store new: took it out -> put it in -> played -> took it out of console -> put it in case. Everything is with it, and only one of the security tapes is off. Will take pics upon request.

    Price: $50 You might be thinking "that's alot for a used game." Right? WRONG! This game is totally new. Basically store new! And your getting it shipped TO YOU! Directly! From ME! And I'm the kinda guy to throw in something cool for extra.


    Now.. Games I'm looking for you may ask? I dunno. Make an offer. If I hear about a game I'm interested in, I'll post and add it up here. Of course, I'll always accept more than one game for this one. Remember: PS3 OR XBOX 360!
    Mainly First Person Shooters. But I'll take some awesome racing or RPG's.. or something else... Just offer. Lol.

    Possible games...
    -Persona 4.. something or other. It's a JRPG.
    -The Orange Box (Prefer xbox 360 on this one)

    Other possible trades.. Dunno. Offer. Has to be of equal or greater value of course. Or a gas mask. You get me a decent gas mask, the game is yours.


    Edit: Added Games.
  2. Apple Can Die

    21 May 2010 - 04:41 PM

    This is not an APPLE VERSE PC LOLOL thread. That is all, no elaborating. Bring that crap in and I'll ask a mod/admin to remove you from the thread.

    Mac/ipod/apple owner here.

    Apple hardware FRAGing sucks. Today, after buying a magic mouse and getting all excited, my macbook pro decides to lose my bluetooth module. Can't fix it myself, thanks to the unibody design.

    When I put my laptop into sleep, it will wake up on it's own randomly, especially if it's moved. Even if a table close to it has a glass of water set down on it. The "shockwave" of setting a glass on a table wake up my laptop, apparently. Cause and fix? Unknown.

    A while ago, my macbook decided to lose my webcam connection. I can't fix it myself, thanks to the unibody design.

    Worst part? Apple hates you unless your giving them money at that exact moment. And even then, their kindness is dependent on the amount. FRAG you, Apple. This is my update thread, when problems are fixed, I'll post.

    Consider this day 0. And the beginning of my retaliation.
  3. Interesting Disorders/Diseases/Syndroms

    28 April 2010 - 06:53 PM

    I have to do a big huge report on something even vaguely related to anything to do with medicine for a class. My huge question, and I'll be quick and easy about this, is: what do?

    Now, before you read any further OR POST, check out this nice little disclaimer! If you rare one of those people who get all pissy about disorders/diseases/syndromes, or otherwise have an opinion even minutely close to "blah blah blah that's not interesting it's srs blah blah blah" - Don't post. Leave this thread. Don't jack my thread and start some huge idiotic arguement about it just to have it closed in two days.

    Now that they are out of here, I'm holding contest. What do get if you win? A paper/presentation written about your topic! So cool!


    What do you do?
    You give me a name of a disorder, a little about it, and why it's interesting. I don't care how lengthy your submission is, as long as it covers the big two (Name/Why it's interesting), you're good.

    You can give me as many entries as you want, I welcome large amounts. I'll share the paper with you if you want.

    Without further a due.. Begin!
  4. Grizzly Bears

    12 January 2010 - 08:42 PM


    Anyway, I want to hear your thoughts on this, maybe start a small debate. Not a formal one, state a point, and then reject someone else's with complete ownage. Lets go.

    Random starting point: What separates you from the bears? What makes them worth more? The fact they have fewer numbers, and you are more replaceable than them.
  5. In the midst of an election...

    03 November 2009 - 07:23 PM

    Viherkogen, have a good one my friend.


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