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  1. Looking at what next

    04 December 2008 - 05:48 PM


    Sometime hopefully within 1st quarter of 2k9 I'll have my equipment back.

    I had a Spyder VS1 but decided I didn't like it---charging the battery before each game was tedious, and I found that the burstfire mode just wound up making me waste paint. That and I decided I didn't like speedball (which is why I bought it) that much. I have now given it to a good friend.

    This leaves me with my plain jane Tippmann 98 Custom, non-Platinum.

    This is what I am considering buying in the near future:

    A) J&J Edge Starter Kit. Oddly enough buying two backs and one front separately seems to cost more than buying the Starter kit. The kit only comes with a 12" front (I want a 14" as I seem to have gathered that's the optimum length), but oh well.
    :dodgy: Compressed air tank, maybe a 68ci 4500 high pressure, as that seems to be a choice favorite. I should probably inquire in the air tank subforum to make sure I know what I'm doing first, though...My calculations using the calculator in one of the air tank threads tell me I should get approx. 1000 shots off of a tank of that size and make on a 98C, but this sounds a little high. Can anyone confirm?
    C) New mask, probably a JT model, and maybe a spare lense.
    D) A new pod belt, maybe six-pods capacity, depending on how many rounds I get off the N2 tank.
    E) Maybe MAYBE some somewhat better camo from the surplus army army surplus store in town (it's HUGE).

    I've only gotten to play paintball a few times, due a lack of funds, lack of transportation, lack of nearby fields...But now I live in Portland, where public transit can get me to an indoor field and where I now have a job. Now I just need my marker, spare time, increased working hours, and for my pops and I to get freaking settled in (we moved here only 2.5 or so months ago, Gawd I hate having to take care of medical paperwork via phone all on my ownsome).

    As the Tippy has ironsights I don't plan on getting any fancypants stuff like red dot sites or anything like that. No milsim mods, no response triggers (full-auto + me = wasted ammo), nada. When I want something more, I'll probably buy a whole new marker, maybe an Automag if all that I have heard here is true.

    With that much said, what do you think about all this?
  2. Can I get a holla from my new Portland homies?

    08 August 2008 - 05:30 PM

    EDIT: I just realized that this is precisely what Game Locator is for. Someone please delete this?



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