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Watcher is my call-handle
25 years old
June 12, 1989
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Illinois, USA
Paintball, CS, Cars, Percussion, Rifling, Bow-shooting, Off-roading, Gaming, <br />sometimes: skateboarding/snowboarding, baseball, soon to come: pistol shooting.

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  1. Store robbery

    12 October 2009 - 06:47 PM

    So today my store was robbed...

    First of all, the name of the place is Arrowhead Trading Post and it is in Burbank, Illinois, and if anyone has or finds any info pertaining to this I'd be grateful if you post here or PM me.
    It is a southern suburb of Chicago, so anything in the Chicagoland area has potential.

    What happened was, today (Monday October 12th) at approximately 4:30pm a small group of about 5-6 African American individuals in late-teens to early 20s entered interested in paintball gear.

    One of them asked to see one of our Invert Minis, and talking to him about it he wanted to try to shoot it. We put an airtank on it and dry fired it, then handed it over to let him try it. Asking what else it needed to play, we put a hopper in the feedneck.

    At around this time, I was up on a step-stool putting a gun back on the wall, when I hear a commotion and look over to see several people and an employee of ours running out the door.

    I jumped down to run out, but the store owner beat me out. Being the only employee left I blocked the entrance and phoned the police.
    A chase ensued, and a customer who was just pulling in spun their car around to follow the thieves.

    After the commotion settled down, the customer who chased them came back and handed us the Mini explaining that it was thrown at their vehicle and landed in a yard.
    Amazingly, the Mini, and Crossfire tank were not even scratched! The hopper was just a gravity feed, and only suffered some scrapes. Unfortunately, since the gun was handled so much it could not be used for prints.
    However, we did get a liscense plate and filed a police report.

    But here is where you guys come in. What the thieves DID get away with, was a Tippmann X-7 with a full M-16/M-4 kit on it that was on display atop a counter.

    It has a DEMO badge on the side of it, and is a serial number 0050609.
    It had a Tippmann 14" Pathfinder barrel, and the carry handle was cracked on the back from it being dropped. It also had a cheap, spring-hinge bi-pod on it, but that is the least of our concerns.

    If anyone sees this for sale or in a store, don't hesitate to link me to the ad or tell me the whereabouts.

    They probably won't get far, the group of people most commonly play in the streets and stuff gets confiscated all the time. They also have the plate number and vehicle description so if they are local we can find them. And I don't think they would be smart enough to part it out, so it should be an easy target if it goes up for sale.

    Again, thanks for any help in advance. I hope these guys can be brought to justice...
  2. VSC 45 Phantom

    06 October 2009 - 01:20 PM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    And this is literally the only mark you don't need to hunt for. It is on the 12 gram bucket.

    Posted Image

    Wiill include the original box it is being displayed in, the Phantom barrel sock, and it will have a detent ring set with 2 very small (silver), 1 medium (blue), and 2 large (green) bore rings. I do not have the velocity tool as I never recieved one, however it is adjusted with a flathead screwdriver.

    Before it ships out, it will recieve the full "Watcher-Tech" internal treatment. I'll clean it all, lube it up, and make it smooth so all you have to do is add air, chono, and shoot people!

    I'm looking for $250, but feel free to make an offer. Just no lowballs, please.
    If you are worried about the anno (I was when I got it), it looks a thousand times better in the flesh! Very cloudy (in a good way), almost looks like a tornado sky.

    Go ahead and PM me. I am not looking for trades at the moment, but I will consider Lapco stuff.
  3. RT Classic

    27 April 2009 - 10:07 PM

    Gone Gone Gone!
    But thanks for the interest.


    I hate to be putting this one up here, but times are a bit rough and with a Micro on the way 3 mags, all RTs, is a bit much. It'll always have a place in my memories as my first mag, and as my gateway to AGD glory.

    Pic is kind of big so you can link to it here.

    She has been almost completely salvaged. The owner I bought it off of had it in the closet with old paint still on it for about 2 years before I got her.
    She got a bath, the stripped screws removed and replaced, and the valve completely rebuilt. Every o-ring, spring, screw, and seal has been replaced. She also has a new Banjo bolt.

    Benchmark grip frame is in excellent condition, no major signs of use other than minor scratches you need to search for and some wear around the banjo bolt.

    Hardline has been cleaned out and re-sealed, as have all the rail plugs.

    Twist lock pin has been opened, cleaned, and reassembled.

    Barrel has been cleaned out and has new wire-detents and o-rings. The sticker on it in the picture has been removed.

    Powerfeed has been cut down for a lower profile. Elbows fit flush to the body.

    Operates flawlessly, no leaks, chuffs, short strokes, or bolt stick can be found.

    Has an ANS Phase II Venturi bolt, RT Pro sight/grip rails, and an extra banjo bolt.

    Serials on the valve and reg half match: RT01798

    Her name is Phoenix, should you choose to keep it. Named since it had to be nearly completely rebuilt from it's own ruins.
    Now it is in perfect working order.

    Asking $300.
    Make me an offer.

    Trades I am interested in are:

    Xvalve with lvl10 and XValve parts kit.
    Emag lowers, preferably with a working battery and charger.
    Minimag or 68Automag in good condition.
    VSC .45 Phantoms.
    Lapco Grey Ghosts in stock class (2006-2008). - Would be amazing!
    Ricochet hoppers in good condition.
    WarpFeeds in good condition with necessary parts.
    Flurry Industries Emmisary vest in good condition.
    Lapco barrels, preferably 12" Bigshots in .689 bore either in Twist Lock or Autococker threads. Must be black if TL.
    Stainless WarpLeft body or powerfeed hopper right body I can cut down. Preferably in black.
    ULE Warp Left body in black.
    Old guns such as Piranha LBs and PGPs.

    Offers. Send me a PM of what you've got to trade, worst I can say is no.

    Cash is King,
    You ship first,
    Paypal preferred,
    Post, then PM,
    I ship only in the contiguous 48 states. If you are local I can arrange for pickup.
    Money can be negotiated with trades.

    Thanks for looking.
  4. Flurry Vest

    08 October 2008 - 08:51 PM

    Looking for a Flurry Emissary vest with a 4+2 pod and tank configuration on the back.

    Preferably black or olive but I will check out camo's or digi's as well.
    Preferably not destroyed and filthy. I don't care if it is used but if there is still fresh mud and paint on it and tears and such I'd rather get one new. Dried in paint is fine, but I'd expect it to at least see a hose before it is sent, lol.

    I have a few items I'd be willing to trade, nothing special though. Let me know what you are looking to trade for and I'll see what I have.
    I'll pay through paypal if no trades can be arranged.

    If it isn't a Flurry vest but one very similar, such as the GenX and Trinity nockoffs, I'll consider.
    Will also consider a SpecOps Scout vest if the price is right.

    Thanks for looking.



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    i HEARD it was going to be changed back to Special Ops.. but time will tell.
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    08 Aug 2010 - 14:34
    I don't seem to be, but I haven't been on here in such a long time... Didn't even know the domain name changed.
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    let me know when if you are still having that certain problem..
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