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  1. Does the Alpha Black still need banja fittings with Cyclone Feed?

    04 November 2009 - 08:28 PM

    Hello again
    I want to put a x7 type cyclone feed on my project salvo/alpha black. And a response trigger, do i still need to get those banjo fittings because the feed rates are different?
    If i do, will someone link me to it and anything else i need for the setup, thanks...
  2. I just want a great remote line...

    29 October 2009 - 11:00 PM

    So, ok , after spending about an hour sifting through reviews of remote line i figured i would just ask the experts for the current opinion.

    I just want a remote line that works, from what i understand, a slide check saves air, but they often leak, i remember reading about a ball valve (i think thats what its called), but i dont know what it does.

    And also, quick disconnect sounds like alot of pointless work, seems like "quick disconnect" just makes you blow o-rings.

    So, i want to know if there is a remote line out there that is better than the rest. If the only air im wasting is going to be in the line, i dont want a slide check. I dont want quick disconnect.

    I want something that works.

    So, what works?

    I would probably run both HPA C02, depending on the day or what i had avaliable. I dont want to go through O-rings every other game.

    Is there any way to have just a braided line that connects to my ASA and screws into the tank like it would on a marker/tank without the line?

    Any help here would be awsome, i just want something that works, i need to know what works, consistently.

  3. I have questions about the new X7 Phenom

    22 October 2009 - 01:32 PM

    So, i just saw the video about the phenom, and me, always wanted to be on the top of what is new and tacticool, i have some questions about it.

    Sadly, im still new to paintball.
    Electro/pnematic (sp?) so...it goes from being an e-grip to a semi auto (basically)?
    Is it water proof, am i worried about screwing it up internally if i go prone in a puddle?
    What type of battery, what type of battery life?
    Is the recoil still reduced in pnematic mode?
    What if i dont like electronic, i prefer a response trigger, but i still like all of these new things that the phenom is bringing to the X7, can i put a response trigger on it?
    Is there a way to just upgrade existing X7s to this without making it electro?
    It has a built in regulator, would i still want to put a stabilizer on it?

    This thing is awsome by the way, just from the video i saw.

    Any help here would be awsome.
  4. Alpha black parts on Project Salvo

    16 July 2009 - 09:25 PM

    Hello again
    Without actually buying an ABT ACU, where can i get the tan grip, trigger, magazine, gas line and bottlenozzle ( the part attached to the handle that attaches to the tank.
    I want to put these on the Project: Salvo imabout to get, oh, i guess the ABT ACU trigger should also be for a response trigger, since im finally deciding i want to get one.
    Any help with this?
    Thanks guys
  5. What im looking for ina mask

    12 March 2009 - 12:21 PM

    I found the thread on what to look for in a mask very helpful.
    But the main things i want in a mask is saftey/fit, the highest field of vision possible, and the ability for me to wear a pro-tec helmet with it. The helmet is just to look cool.
    So id like to know if the Proto axis will work with a helmet of any sort. Or if the Vforce will.

    Does anyone know if either Proto or Vfoce make a mask fan?


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