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  1. In Topic: I have questions about the new X7 Phenom

    17 November 2009 - 05:31 PM

    My apologies for being a newb....wow...
  2. In Topic: I have questions about the new X7 Phenom

    12 November 2009 - 02:18 PM

    Dhallak! O M G! I didnt know you were here as well. I havent been on x7og in ages.
    Im going to have to get a g36C rail from you someday. And a SCAR stock for when i get a phenom as well.
    Well, thanks for the input! Glad to have you with us!
  3. In Topic: Does the Alpha Black still need banja fittings with Cyclone Feed?

    05 November 2009 - 06:34 PM

    Ok, im pretty sure i need it then. Thanks

    The other question i had was, if i get the 98 cyclone feed for my Salvo, but i also want the x7 EP cyclone housing, would this be a problem?

    Thanks again and in advance.
  4. In Topic: TPX?

    05 November 2009 - 06:31 PM

    I just like how it seems like the tippmann's mags are a bit more rough and tumble. I try to only use high quality paint. Marbs...i would ASSume wouldnt get chewed up as much in the TPX.
  5. In Topic: I have questions about the new X7 Phenom

    05 November 2009 - 06:29 PM

    View Postc boogy, on Nov 5 2009, 07:04 PM, said:

    well i got mine in the mail 2 days ago and it seems very solid, but unfortunately i wont be able to use it for a while cuz i got no air and wont be getting any for a while.

    only complaint i have from looking over it is that the mag is not able to be used for tool storage, its just a closed plastic detachable mag that looks pretty nice and i don't see it breaking easily but i recall hearing it would be functional for storage purposes.

    anyway i think its well constructed and ill gladly post again about its performance when i get an opportunity to fire it.

    I definatly thought that too. It seems like all of Tippmann's recent products that have mags do something. Like hold tools...or paint (TPX...lol). Maybe it will come later? Maybe you should call them.

    I just wish it was more like a 5.56 mag, im not a fan of subguns....
    But that...is probably my only complaint......just asthetics......wow. I love that gun.


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