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  1. In Topic: Wild Wild West, Love's Revenge

    27 January 2011 - 10:51 AM

    I really liked the idea of a neutral train, but fight over train stops! Only a team that controls a train stop can board it?

    I like the track idea, maybe to build new lines?

    Start off with a a basic oval or round circuit and then maybe branch out.

    I know this soundes crude but it is part of our history, instead of Engineer cards issue Chinese Immigrant cards and THEY are the only ones that can lay or destroy track, or maybe they can lay longer sections of track?

    Fight over coal for the train, fight over the watering hole to fill the bolier, buy off-bribe the train engineer (role play), buy, make, or find mods for the train to enable it to fight< transform into armored train, or go faster?

    How bout dynamite with a plunger only way to blow track (prop)

    This is post civil war..west? Then what about marauders, Indians, run away slaves, mexican bandito...role players?

    Off the top of my head so far.

  2. In Topic: Wild Wild West, Love's Revenge

    25 January 2011 - 07:12 AM

    I love the train, however the rules need to change. Last game we had a great mission. Get on the train and just circumnavigate the field. Easy right. SO we grabbed a ref, a medic, and a team and off we go, welllll major fire fights break out; we were looking through the board slats on the side of the train and shooting over the top. Problem is it looked like we were blind fireing. Second because we had the medic we kept on in the fight. Third because the firefight was so intense the refs on the train hit the deck.

    SO, there was all this yelling and screaming on side A accusing "you guys cheat!" On the other side "No we had a medic and could see through the slats". In the end we worked it all out and shook hands, and now we have a great story.

    The mission itself is great, but maybe no medics on a train, or the medic option doesn't work on a train.

    Bottom line the train rocks and looking forward to the second round.

  3. In Topic: Duncans Fund Raiser April 16th & 17th

    20 January 2011 - 09:03 AM

    Hi tech is a great field! Putting this one in the books...not sure if the wife is going to be happy. The field's website does not do it justice! The field owners are just like the folks at First Strike, great people that want to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

    The last event I was at I lost my son for about 20 minutes on the field. He's a young gunner so I was sick to my stomach. I approached the head ref and field owner and with in seconds the entire staff and reffing team could be heard calling for my boy...with in seconds. Folks hopped in golf carts and ran through camping sites until he was found.

    He was on the far side of the field on a special young guns mission with about 5 little guys led by another dad. He was in good hands the whole time. Don't tell mom!

    Just a ton of fun, very clean.

    Sorry, I forgot names..

  4. In Topic: HALO REACH, Noble Team Last Stand

    20 January 2011 - 06:07 AM

    View PostAcara, on 20 January 2011 - 06:07 AM, said:


    The other props I zip tie a copy to the prop like the jet packs, rope on a stick, etc....


    The props we were given/used last weekend had instructions/rules attached to them. Made it nice and easy & eliminated any confusion concerning what you could/couldn't do with them.

    Where to start...no lie..I always go to the rules meetings with only half an ear. Not going to lie..
    I never intended to use any props or role play...normaly I show up and sling paint and thats about that. Well, one time <out of the many> that I was shot out and heading back to insertion I saw a jet pack laying on the ground at the command shack. I went and tagged in and picked up the jet pack. Low-and-behold the instructions were right on the thing! (THIS IDEA IS AWESOME) I picked it up, read the rules, tried it on, asked some folks if they had any other information on the rules of a jet pack, and they all mentioned the card. So, off I went. During play I had the blue team read the card to me two times just to make sure on some of the usage rules..and the blue did a great job of reading it to me!
    What ever you do...keep this in effect. Great idea...spot on!


    Blue team gets 2 gold starts 1 for reading, and 2 for teamwork!
  5. In Topic: HALO REACH, Noble Team Last Stand

    19 January 2011 - 07:21 AM

    My thoughts...

    I thought the field played great. Asthetics aside the fence was a great idea and made both sides have to FIGURE it out. I loved the way the red side played the game. True to the game the when does the Covenant ever do anything other than show up and run into combat with little respect for strategy and tactics. If you play the game you know this.
    Jet packs..i was a jetpacker for the second half of Saturday and Sunday. I loved it...I loved being the pain in the ARSE..I can't tell you how many times I had the ODST looking overtheir shoulders at me, pulling LAWS people away from the front because I was harrasing them.
    It was a huge pain in the butt to get that thing off, so it was a deterant to try to drop it, shoot, and get it back on. That in itself made the harrasment roll more desireable.
    I'm not nick picking..we were the invaders...we had a small beach head...the humans should of had the advantage..they should of had the knowledge of the terrain..it just played out great!!!! Blue side brought the heat and I thank god you guys were willing to keep making the walk!
    I can say being a jetpacker.. I saw some of the best tank vs tank and tank vs LAWS battles....ever!

    About the night play...to all the crazy SOB's that choose to walk in the dark, fight the blindness of a fogged up lens, and then take the chance of being zeroed in by NV..God Bless you! I couldn't tell you who SMITE was running with, Monkeys, Doomtroopers, who ever...we all locked in and rocked on..and just like the Covenant kept running in and running in. NEver took the base... but we NEVER stopped trying?

    All we needed was the HALO soundtrack!



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