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  1. In Topic: Which pump?

    24 June 2010 - 02:08 PM

    I don't own/havent shot the KP, but I do own and shoot a Checkit V2 Classic Sniper.
    I was on the fence between the two, and in the end it is all preference.
    -The KP is a simple, ready to roll Kaos made pump, with a clamping feedneck(I hear lots of people replace the stock one), a basic ASA, a Nice little pump kit with a "hitman mod rod" and a Barrel with a cool oring system to keep balls in. For the price, is a pretty good deal for a basic beginner pump gun, even a back up pump gun. BUT, here's some drawbacks: It has the farting problem on almost every one that's been owned, some people like it others like myself find it obnoxious, either way. Seeing as you've had spyders and such, farting is the sound that a spyder or tippy makes when it is getting low on air, but with the KP it sounds like that nearly every time.
    The stock barrel also doesn't work too well. The .691 bore(IIRC) combined with the oring still isn't enough to stop small bore paint from rolling out. That means a new barrel is gonna need to be bought. The ASA is like a simple direct mount ASA, I'm an On/Off kinda guy, but some people like them, but whatever. It also has NO reg, not saying it really needs one, but there is no reg on there to adjust and such. The frame and grips, to me, look a little cheap, and being a 2-fingered trigger is just kinda....bleh.
    Overall, you will get what you paid for, and it will be a nice little shooter. Not like CCM T2 or higher, but a little budget pump gun.
    BUT, I saw so much more in the V2 Sniper, that's why I purchased it.
    -Checkit V2: This gun comes as a Prostock body bought from WGP when they were done, by PBGateway. The Body has all the WGP Serial number and logo in the breach, all that jazz. The Stock barrel is like...9.5" IIRC, so that needs to be replaced immediately. The WGP Cage ASA is also basic, direct mount and all, just a standard ASA. The Feedneck is press-fit, meaning no clamp, screw, etc. You must fit the hopper in there snug. It comes with the all the Check-It goodies, the spring kit, detents, etc. PRobly the BEST part of the Check-it parts is the pump kit. The Oring-ed pump arm is amazing, I'd say even better than the CCM to me, and it is dual rod, little to no play, just amazing. The gun also comes milled for eyes, meaning if you bought pnuematics and an e-blade or other frame, you could make it an electro on down the road.
    The Frame is a 2-finger Hinge frame, not the best for pump, but very smooth and nice to shoot if you like that style. The Regulator is the WGP Ergo Reg. While not "smexy as _____" like a CP reg or Dye Hyper 3, it does the job, is actually really consistant, and feels great, at least to me.
    This gun I think looks a 100000x better than the KP also, I dunno, I've always been partial to cockers looks. It feels like a true pump, metal, a little on the weighted side, but not like Tippmann A5, and it is fully upgradeable.
    Overall, this is a pump which can shoot like your CCM S6, T2, your SM-1s. It is a starter pump, it's also an intermediate pump, AND it's a pump which can be built up to a true Pumper's Paradise gun.
    I just began pump with this thing, but here's what I did to it to make it absolutely perfect. I really don't need another upgrade EVER:
    -Started with a Black Empire Reg. I'm goin for the ninja look, so I figured I'd keep it all black.
    -The Previous owner got a Delrin Oringless bolt, this too makes the pump stroke EXTREMELY smooth and easy.
    -Benchmark .45 Frame, this was all preference, but the single Trigger makes the pump so much more comfortable and great for games short and long.
    -I put a CP Rail and a NDZ On/off ASA on it, again, preference, but just made it look amazing.
    -Freak JR. Barrel, I love the look, availability of tips and inserts, and simple design. I have a .682 and .684 insert, and may pick up a .679 if I feel the need.
    So overall, some more cash put in to make it perfect, but with stock parts, still is an amazing gun.
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  2. In Topic: Flex Sale! Bring Cash or Proto Axis PRos!

    15 April 2010 - 02:24 PM

  3. In Topic: Star Wars action figures

    02 February 2010 - 02:20 PM

    View PostZamamee, on Dec 8 2008, 02:08 AM, said:

    View PostKowalczyk, on Mar 31 2008, 02:47 PM, said:

    View PostCHICO5445, on Mar 27 2008, 07:06 PM, said:

    anyone know what thing...oh whats it called...when luke is in the snow and is freezin so han cuts the things stomach open so they can keep warm...what that kangaroo camel things name? well i got 1 of those from back in the day..box too it think..

    omfg u are a n00b in the ways of the force!!! its a friggin bantha JK its ok i grew up with star wars i lived nd breathed it
    and watched it all day long
    untill i got into video games and paintball
    and chicks lol

    I realize this was posted a while ago, but it's so wrong I have to correct it.

    The thing that Han cut open to keep Luke warm on Hoth was a Ton Ton. Bantha's are on Tatooine, the Tuskan Raiders use them. Storm Troopers actually use them too. Heck everyone uses them, they're like a desert planet form of oxen.

    I have a Y-wing fighter with a tiny little pilot and R2 unit. If the OP comes back to check on this.

    This man knows his Star Wars. Ton Ton, not Bantha. Too bad the wampa didn't come in to clean up that mistake....
  4. In Topic: tot's GIGANTIC GEARBAG sale! Ion, 98C, Packs, Vest, etc.

    20 January 2010 - 09:48 AM

  5. In Topic: tot's GIGANTIC GEARBAG sale! Ion, 98C, Packs, Vest, etc.

    17 January 2010 - 08:59 PM

    pmed back


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