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  1. ACI Maverick Milsim

    13 April 2013 - 07:28 PM

    I was positive that I had put it up for sale here some months ago but I can't find the thread anywhere.

    Posted Image

    Anyhow, it's been put up for sale over on eBay. I'd have given the folks here first chance at it but since I've apparently forgotten to do so, you can go to eBay if you really want it. The link is below.

    Milsim ACI Maverick Paintball Gun
  2. Feedback for Woodbender

    26 June 2012 - 06:18 PM

    Anyone that wishes to leave feedback for me can do so here. Thanks.
  3. Tippmann 98 C ACT With Palmers Stabilizer

    25 May 2012 - 01:50 PM

    Up for sale is one Tippmann 98 Custom ACT.

    See the link below for pictures:

    This gun has a few upgrades, most notably the Palmers Stabilizer kit.

    Addons and Upgrades:

    Palmers Model 98 Female Stabilizer kit
    Lapco Sight Rail
    Lapco Feedneck
    Tippmann 12" Sniper barrel

    Additional information:

    Included are two stocks, the one currently mounted (made of metal) has been modified somewhat. The second stock is plastic and unmodified. Both are folding.

    There is a rocket cock on the gun but that has been modded as well. It is primarily there because I used a cloth shroud over the gun on several occasions and didn't want it getting caught in the moving bolt.

    The front bolt and the valve may or may not be original, I don't remember. What I do know is that I got an upgrade kit along with an Apex I'd ordered on eBay and it came with a model 98 bolt/valve upgrade kit. I don't remember if I used it or not but if so, the original parts are included if they are needed.

    The Lapco feedneck comes out of the gun at an angle and requires an elbow to hold a hopper straight up. I actually liked having a 50 round hopper mounted at an angle so I didn't use an elbow. The original Tippmann elbow is included.

    I don't have the original ASA anymore. I doubt anyone would prefer that over a Palmers Stabilizer anyhow.

    The Lapco Sight Riser required two longer valve screws for mounting. The original two valve screws are included in case someone wants to remove the riser.

    With the stocks mounted a small tank (like a 9oz. CO2) or a remote line will be needed. Large tanks (such as my 20oz. CO2) bump into the stock.

    The internals are polished and the trigger spring is removed. The spring is included with the gun in case it's wanted.

    This marker was purchased new by me and has probably seen about 2 dozen days of play (about 6 cases of paint). It was cleaned and oiled after each outing.

    $190 shipped to the 48 states for everything in the pictures. I can remove the stocks and Lapco parts from the package and lower the price if desired (-$10 for each part taken out).

    The Palmers Stabilizer is the real value here and I'm basically pricing it at $90.00 since I'm on the fence about selling it (kit is $110 new from Palmers). I probably won't need it for my next marker purchase though and it really is a critical part of the model 98 setup so I'm including it. If someone doesn't want it for some odd reason I can deduct $90 from the price.

    This will be going onto Craigslist soon.
  4. Halfblock Sniper Stock Class

    19 May 2012 - 04:13 PM

    This is a half blocked autococker that is setup as a stock class gun. I picked it up from another member of these forums some years ago. I don't remember the seller's name but he was the one that modified it to the current configuration. The wire stock - my own creation - isn't fancy or particularly good-looking but it served the purpose for me.


    I haven't used it in awhile but it worked nicely for me and was cleaned and oiled after every outing.

    I'm selling because I have less time to play and am getting rid of half my collection (two more guns will follow soon). Stock class is something I still want to do but I prefer to get a higher end gun with a regulator built into it once I sell this one. This gun doesn't have a regulator so it's possible to get liquid CO2 into the system if it's fired sideways. Since I do tend to use my guns at weird angles I'd rather not deal with the velocity issues this can cause.

    Asking price is $245 shipped to the 48 states.

    This gun will soon be posted to Craigslist as well.
  5. Misc Low Value Parts

    19 May 2012 - 03:38 PM

    These are parts that don't have enough market value to effectively resell but are too good to just throw in the garbage without checking to see if someone needs them. All of them are in like new condition since I either didn't use them or stopped using them after a game or two. I'll sell any or all of the items for the cost of shipping (rounded up to the nearest dollar) if anyone wants them. I need to clean up unneeded gear so if no one wants it I'll probably throw some of it away or give it to the local secondhand store.

    The 12gram changer is not a quick changer otherwise I'd keep it. It takes about 7 full turns to remove the bucket.

    The tank buttplate is for a tank with a 3 1/8" inch diameter.

    The apex barrel is the basic one that comes with a new Apex. I used the Apex elsewhere and have no use for the barrel. It's posted here just in case some modder needs one. I'll probably end up tossing it.

    Pictures below:


    PM me with a zip code if you want the stuff so I can calculate shipping costs. If no one responds within the next month or so I'll just get rid of the items.



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