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  1. Phantom, Sniper II

    10 November 2008 - 02:46 PM

    Price Reduced: SOLD!

    Rules: I am looking for cash only. Do not offer a trade.
    I accept paypal and Money orders.
    Once payment is received I will ship asap.
    Feel free to ask any questions.
    Prices are set.

    WWA Phantom with .45 Frame, Frantom 2 Barrel, 1 Piece Feed, & Ghost Ring -Gauged Valve
    -CCI T-Stock
    -RF Body
    -CF Body
    -.689 Freak Insert
    -3.5 oz Tank

    Now onto pics!

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Asking price for the phantom is $275 shipped

    I shipped USPS priority with insurance.
    Questions, let me know.

  2. Fitness and Health

    21 August 2008 - 02:33 PM

    Alright peeps,

    I need some help in this department. The only tme I was ever in excellent physical condition was when I was on the swim team during my high school years. But I was never "ripped" so to speak then.

    Alright, so a bit of information I'm 5'11, 207lbs. When I was on the swim team, I just ate whatever, like fast food n such, and didnt really thinka bout it, since I just kept the weight off. Hence why I never was ripped then, as I probably would have been if I had proper nutrition. Now i've searched the internet, read some articles.. and well.. lets be honest, there are literally thousands of "Guranteed" to work advice articles.

    I own a bow flex. Haven't used it much in a while.. due to being extremely busy. Single now, so all i have to worry about is just work and school in a few weeks.

    So, I'm good on weight training. I need help with nutrition, and cardio. And well, how to tie in cardio and weight training, to compliment each other.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Phantom, Sniper II, Macroline, PB Mafia Harness

    25 June 2008 - 11:56 AM

    Alright, I have 2 markers up for sale today, macroline and a PB Mafia Leg Harness Goods first, then rules.

    First up is a Sniper II. Included with it, is 2x Barrels. 1x 12" CP Barrel, 1x 14" J&J Cermanic. Also included is a autococker Valve Tool. The Pneumatics are also included (not pictured). The gun is in excellent condition and is working as of 6/24/08 when I last shot it.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Next up is a Phantom. I've haven't used it in a game. Only mere practice shooting. Works flawlessly, does have some fading on the barrel (from the pump arm), and some anno wear on the ghost ring and 12g adapter. Minor blemishes.

    Break-down of it (of what i've been told, so bear with me)

    WWA Phantom with .45 Frame, Frantom 2 Barrel, 1 Piece Feed, & Ghost Ring -Gauged Valve
    -CCI T-Stock
    -RF Body
    -.689 Freak Insert
    -3.5 oz Tank

    Now onto pics!

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    (Wear in front of the pump handle is covered when the barrel is fully inserted)
    Posted Image

    Next up Macroline.

    There is Aproximately 9 ft, 6 inches left. (Black) (Give or take an inch or two)

    Finally! Last item up for sale is a PB - Mafia LG - 10 Leg Harness. Holds 10x Ten Round Tubes and 4x 12 grams. Brand new, never used.
    Also includes 19-20 (Ten Round Tubes). (Can only find 19 may be able to find the 20th.. all of them unused)

    Posted Image


    Sniper II w/ 2x Barrels, Pneumatics, Autocker Valve Tool : $190.
    Phantom with RF Body, .689 Insert, 3.5oz tank, CCI T-Stock, Ghost Ring: $340
    PB Mafia 10 Leg Harness with 19-20 (guranteed 19) 10 Round Tubes: $25
    9.5ft of Macroline $13

    Rules and General Information!

    All guns are in perfect working order. Shot each of them 6/24/08
    Prices do not Include Shipping. Shipping will be sent Priority with Insurance.

    I accept Money Order, Paypal (you don't even have to pay the fees!). If all you have is cash.. go to the post office or bank and get a money order please! I highly highly recommend you don't attempt to send cash.

    Trades: None. (So please not offer).
    First come, first serve. The prices are set.

    I ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.
    Questions, feel free to pm me.

    I'm looking forward to your business. Thank you
  4. Thinking of getting a bike...

    25 June 2008 - 11:09 AM

    So, after thinking about it for quite some time, I've found myself more and more lately highly considering purchasing a sports bike.

    I don't want to go over 10k, because well, I have class again in the fall and don't want to over-tax myself by having to worry about my hours too much while I'm back in class.

    I was thinking of a Kawasaki ZX - R6. Its like 9k new. Its really the only bike I like of theirs besides the Ninja 650R..

    I'm also open to suggestions, again the decision for either isn't set in stone and want opinions.

    So if anyone has a bike and has a review of it, let me know. I'm open for all suggestions and really, need some advice in this department.

    Thanks in adv.

  5. Its been X Numbers of days...and still here for more

    07 June 2008 - 10:35 PM

    its been X numbers of days since you've joined the forum. For some its been years, for others months, weeks, possibly days. What keeps you coming back to the forums for more after all this time?

    For me, its been over 3 years since I've first joined the S.O forums, and I'm still back for more. At first, I browsed the forum for a while, then eventually joined. For the first year or two, it was all about learning as much as I could about paintball. Now, after been here for over 3 years, everything seems to kind of mesh together. Occassionally I see a thread worth viewing in the paintball sections and learn something..

    Not to mention, it's just become a place to just hop on for a few minutes during the day, and see if there anything interesting going on. Whether that be from a posted news article, someone asking for tech help, discussion about paintball itself, or basically anything in life.

    To answer my own question: The entertainment the forum presents, as well as the information it holds just waiting to be read.



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