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  1. In Topic: HUGE Paintball Field in Alberta, Canada

    29 April 2010 - 10:49 AM

    You must be talking about Skyline, and yes it is a HUGE place to play ball. The skyline game in June is pretty much the premiere game of the year in alberta if you are into woodsball, camping, and generally having a blast. GPS systems are needed to get around the place. I've been out there a half dozen times and I would still get lost if I strayed too far from known spots. Plus they have beer! Budwieser is one of the sponsors and you need to be at least 18 to do the big game.

    You will not find a better crowd of paintball players anywhere.
  2. In Topic: sniper/or sharp shooter

    03 March 2010 - 02:49 PM

    Okay, so the only difference I'm hearing from you about what you do and what everyone should be doing is, A ) you use an apex and B ) you don't hide in bunkers.

    Other than that you are describing how everyone should be playing.

    Now I'm not wanting to argue basic physics with you, but for the most part using an apex at a distance gives diminishing returns. The amount of energy lost by friction with the air on long shots will usually result in a bounce on anything but a marker, pod, or mask. It's not that an apex is useless, but the claims I frequently hear are greatly overblown. It is nice under tree cover to be able to shoot at slightly longer distances without having to arc your shots.

    As for the apex making your shots straighter, I've never seen it. You are providing a point of impact after the ball stabilizes in the barrel, that induces backspin and provides an aerodynamic effect. It's something that will slightly reduce the accuracy you would get with a high quality barrel, although the barrel itself makes the most difference. For long shots, I'm pretty good at dropping balls on people at long range, with my normal proto two piece aluminum pipe, provided there is enough of a ceiling to allow for it. I've used an apex, but it's not something that has upped my game.

    I just think the whole idea of roles is somewhat mismatched with paintball. Some people shoot more, some less, some full auto, some semi, some pump, but we all should be playing the same general way.
  3. In Topic: sniper/or sharp shooter

    02 March 2010 - 01:57 PM

    The 'sniper' position is useless in paintball, not because of range, or recon information being useless, but because good players do all the things the 'sniper' role is supposed to specialize in.

    As an example, in my game last week I managed to push deep into the oppositions territory (a town) and ended up less than 20m from their command post. With my friend behind me, we eliminated 90% of the opposition teams reinsertion right off the bat. We created a distraction and made a nice big hole in the oppositions lines so that our main force could march right in and take the base. So, to sum it up, we flanked, infiltrated, surprised, eliminated, and distracted the opposing team. We didn't need gillie suits, long guns, scopes, or any special gear because none of it is useful. All we needed was our markers, and pod belts/vests.

    Another example comes from us being on the defensive. During a big gunfight right off the bat I worked my right up to the front of the lines and then I laid low for a minute. As the opposition force pushed up and our guys fell back, I was free to shoot the other team in the back. After I took out 4 of them (including one who tried and failed to bunker me) the only guys left close were right in the bunker 2m in front of mine. So I snapped out and shot both of them.

    The point of these examples is that on the paintball field you should be able to play every 'role' in the course of a game easily. Having a specific position and gearing for it is unnecessary and pretty dumb. Always call out information, even if no one is around, always try to flank people, always try to take them by surprise. That is what everyone should do. Having a good team means you can pull off these manuevers easily, with some people attacking head on while others move around the side, but no one needs to be dedicated to it.
  4. In Topic: Smart Parts SP-1

    14 July 2009 - 02:11 PM

    It's not mil-sim since it doesn't replicate a real firearm, nor is it limited ammo. Some have looser definitions of milsim, but I think the general idea is to have a limited ammo, replica style marker. I don't think it matters though, most of those perform poorly compared to a standard electro marker in the bush (looking at you A-5).

    *Not trying to resurrect threads, but thought I should clarify.
  5. In Topic: SP-8 review

    08 May 2009 - 09:35 AM

    The looks of the SP8 are good, but I much prefer the SP1 over the SP8 and I've managed to convince a lot of people to pick one up. First off, it's far less expensive. It's capped at 11bps, but that's fine for every situation. You can change firing modes on the fly. You can run CO2 or HPA with similar results and no worries about freezing. It's compact and made for tight situations yet can be upgraded with carbine stocks to make it feel more like an assualt rifle. It's better balanced and the ergonomics of the marker remind me of an improved 98. The low-force bolt hasn't chopped a ball in 6 cases yet and that's under less than ideal circumstances since I have been using it outside throughout an Alberta winter. It's still quiet though, add a ported barrel and you are set to go.


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