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  1. Thunder Grenade CO2 Flashbang

    26 January 2011 - 05:55 PM

    I found these on Opsgear's paintball website Link Here, they are a CO2 powered simulation grenade good for training, distraction, and scenario play. I can think of several uses for these but the video isn't great on sound. They claim the grenade will make a 110 db bang and are 100% safe. No pyrotechnics or flame, just air. The case is a one time use the splits to create the bang, but no shrapnel.

    I found another video on YouTube Link Here where the guys reviewing it said they've used both a paint mix and talcum powder to add to the effect. The video shows the use of the talcum powder with the grenade going off while held in a persons hands (to demonstrate their safety) and it looked like it could be a cool mil-sim paint grenade.

    Has anyone had any experience with these, specifically using a paint mix? The case only splits down one side, so I'm not sure how well the paint mix would spray out. If anyones had any experience I'd love to know how well they work (especially noise, the audio in both videos doesn't really give me a good idea of how loud they are) and if you've tried putting anything in them like powder or paint mix.

    The YouTube video mentioned that there are several different brands of these grenades, I used "Thunder Grenade" as it is the brand Opsgear is selling. Does one brand work better than another? The Opsgear brand and the one used in the YouTube video looked identical, just a different name.

  2. Can't get A-5's velocity up

    23 June 2010 - 08:09 PM

    I have an A-5 with Cyclone, Response trigger and Red Hot Power Tube. I'm using a Crossfire 88/45 air tank with remote straight to tombstone. I can't get my velocity to go above 240-250ish. I've heard some people say the Cyclone and Response take some of the air, but others say it only uses blow-back air. Maybe the power tube is affecting it? Or maybe my air tank isnt outputting enough pressure? (it's a high pressure tank, but non-adjustable and I don't have a gauge to check incoming pressure.) My local airsmith suggested trying to get an adjustable regulator for my tank and see if I can boost the incoming pressure.
    Anyone have any other ideas?

  3. My newest additon, Mk 48-A5

    13 January 2010 - 09:07 PM

    My newest project as it stands, a Tippmann A5 with Response trigger, 16" Opposing Force barrel, full Opsgear SAW package, low profile hopper, Red Hot Powertube, bipod, and a 3 point sling.

    Additions to follow as I find time/money/items include dummy ammo belt from drum mag to marker, losing the bottom line and going with a remote adapter, SAW carry handle, and some custom lettering stamped in (to simulate text found on real weapon, model, serial #, caliber, etc.). Will add some more info as far as performance when I get more time playing with it. Let me know what you think. :dry:

    Attached File  saw2.jpg (130.32K)
    Number of downloads: 61This thing is huge! 3'1" from butt to muzzle, 11 lbs. empty!

    Attached File  saw3.jpg (139.87K)
    Number of downloads: 40Opsgear did a good job with a full body shroud that fits even with the Cyclone and Response trigger air lines.

    Attached File  saw1.jpg (130.69K)
    Number of downloads: 58And as a size comparison, here is the A5 above my Ion.

  4. Trying out my new lense.

    28 October 2009 - 07:59 PM

    Here are a few random photos from an open play day back in August. I was trying out a few ideas for paintball photography in preparation for a tournament coming up and also to try out my new lens. Here are a few fruits of my labor.

    A few things I learned:

    A paintball bag (the actual plastic bag the paintballs come in) turned inside out (so the paint oils don't get on your camera) makes a good anti-splatter cover for your camera.

    Laying prone downfield from a break move gets cool pics if the teams will let you (not ok for tourneys, cool for open play/practice).

    Don't stand in a lane! (Learned that the hard way)

    Find a camera that you can take lots of photos fast with, I took hundreds, only kept a few dozen. I used a continuous shoot or "burst mode" for running/shooting, and was able to get some good ones of posting and camping players with single shots.

    I'm going to provide just a text hyperlink to the photos because there's a few of them and they're large. Let me know what you think.

    Paintball Photo 1
    Paintball Photo 2
    Paintball Photo 3
    Paintball Photo 4
    Paintball Photo 5
    Paintball Photo 6
    Paintball Photo 7

    And some photoshop fun:
    Fun 1
    Fun 2
    Fun 3
    Fun 4
    Fun 5
    Fun 6
    Fun 7

  5. Problems with Noxx55 Customs

    02 June 2009 - 05:25 PM

    I've had an order with Noxx55 Customs and not only have I not gotten it, I can't get anyone to contact me as to why.

    I ordered a custom part for my marker and he told me it would ship in 4-6 weeks. I ordered on February 2nd. It is now June 2, so it's been 17 weeks. I've emailed them several times and have received a couple of replies, each telling me it would be "any day now" and "I'll have them back from the anodizers early next week" and such. I understand if there are delays, such as anodizing, since that is not under their control, but it's usually a month or more between emails, and this time I haven't gotten a reply at all. I can't find any other contact info on their website, so I only have the email address that isn't getting me to far. If it was a part I could get somewhere else, I would have by now, but as it's custom I can't and they require payment in advance on custom work. So they have my money and I have nothing.

    Has anyone here done business with this company, and if so what type of experience did you have? Is this normal for them/custom work and does anyone have any other contact info for them I might be able to try?



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  1. Photo


    04 Apr 2008 - 20:42
    I saw the DM5 you photoshopped. very nice job!!!!
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