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  1. Multicam Effort

    14 January 2009 - 12:37 PM

    So I decided it was time to repaint the old 98C and figured it was time to jazz it up a little.
    I'm in the middle of stripping down receivers at the moment, but figured I'd start experimenting with some multicam patterns.

    Ultimately, I plan moving on to Duracoat to finish my higher end markers as well as a few firearms.

    I'm using Krylon camo (tan) and Krylon pebble in a satin finish.

    So far I've only messed with the browns as I can't find a green color to offset the Krylon Camo Olive Green I already have. I tried Krylons Italian Olive(sounds like a salad dressing) in satin, but it was way too close to the Camo Olive to tell much of a difference. So I'm still shopping for a decent green.

    For templates, I made my own using sharpie and painters tape. Next batch, I will not use a sharpie. The ink runs onto the project when the satin finished paint hits it.

    This is the base color/finish I hope to use when painting the marker. I was pretty pleased with the results for the most part. I just painted some junk I had laying around to get a feel for the patterns and the rattle cans. I'm actually thinking about leaving the finish as is. I'll have to see how it looks once the green layers are added before I make up my mind...


    First Attempt - Ugly Pod I had in the box
    Posted Image

    Second Attempt - Apache Loader
    Posted Image

    Third attempt - Decided to swap out the pebble color with Krylon Camo dark brown for grins on this A5 barrel.
    Posted Image

    This is the template collection I made. I may look for a better medium for the template as some of the colors did run into each other a bit.
    Posted Image

    More to come once I find some better colors to work with...
  2. WGP Orracle Pump F/T/S

    07 October 2008 - 03:03 PM

    A couple years ago I broke my arm during a scenario game which kinda stalled my pump playing career for a while. I picked up this cocker a few months ago to get back into pump play again and found that the pump action aggravates the damaged tendon too much. So Iím placing this cocker on the block with hopes of trading for something a little more milsim.

    The Goods:

    Dust black WGP Orracle Autococker with WGP pump kit for trade or sale.
    Cocker comes with:

    WGP pump kit with return spring

    Gloss black CCM feedneck

    Gloss black CP ASA

    Smoke Dye Sticky 3s

    Gloss black 14Ē Freak barrel with a black .693 insert

    Bolt and regulator are stock

    Matching stock, tall feedneck for the marker (not pictured)

    Itís in great working condition, cared for and cleaned after every trip. Body has been drilled for eyes.

    The Wants:

    Milsimed A5ís - Flatlines, stocks, rails and such are a plus.

    Upped IONs with decent tank and loader. Considering for P90 mod.

    May entertain a Mini in good condition.

    Not particularly looking to sell, but will do so for $275 shipped. Paypal ready. If to be shipped, you eat the paypal fees, Iíll pay for the shipping. Shipping will be done via Federal Express Ė guaranteed second day delivery.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image


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