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  1. In Topic: SP's newest patent filing

    18 April 2008 - 10:41 AM

    I clicked on the "Description" tab and found this statement which describes Smart Parts reasoning behind selling a dis-assembled marker in kit form. I think the two main ideas are the player, by assembling the gun himself, becomes more familiar with it's operation and there is a cost reduction since the end user assembles the marker and not SP.

    What I don't get is since SP thinks this is such a great idea, why haven't they already brought it to market. You don't have to wait for the patent to be approved before doing so. Many companies bring their products to market "Patent Pending".

    "According to yet another aspect of the present invention, the paintball gun may be arranged and sold to an end user in component, or "kit" form. All of the necessary operating components could be arranged in a single package or multiple packages to allow a user to buy the paintball gun kit and construct the paintball gun themselves, hi (sic) this manner, a user will gain an increased familiarity with the paintball gun and its manner of construction and operation. The paintball gun will thereby be easier for them to troubleshoot and maintain. Providing a "kit" form of a paintball gun also allows for greater user customization, multiple packaging configurations, and a greater variety in price points to consumers. Reduction in labor costs by removing assembly from the manufacturing process allows the gun kit to be sold to consumers for a lower price than the fully-constructed marker. The paintball gun kits could be sold in partially assembled or completely disassembled forms. The paintball gun kits could further be sold in many different configurations, with different upgrade options, body styles, material components, etc., in order to meet the desires and price ranges of a wider variety of consumers."
  2. In Topic: new to paintball

    18 April 2008 - 10:21 AM

    The Alpha Black should be a reliable marker. As others have pointed out it has Tippmann designed 98C internals. It's cheaper because it's made for the US Army as a recruiting tool which has them made in China istead of the US as with Tippmann markers. The design is a proven design and Tippmann inspects them upon arrival in the US so they ought to be fine.
  3. In Topic: My ion is leaking what is the problem??

    10 April 2008 - 06:11 PM

    "Have to Spend"?

    What kind of board are you looking at? Even the APE Rampage which is arguably the best and most feature laiden board on the market only runs $100. Other aftermarket boards are less. I bought a used stock board off ebay for only $15 plus shipping.


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