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  1. Ever seen a 9" Twister?

    20 September 2008 - 07:07 PM

    Im getting hell for this one lol

    I took a brand spankin new 16" Empire Twister barrel that had never had any paint through it and cut it down to 9", because i can =D

    In reality, i hate long barrels with a passion. I love a tight compact gun, and i think you guys would be really suprised if you tried a short barrel. They really arent that bad. This isnt the first barrel ive ever "fixed" either, so i know what im doing. It has been smoothed and cleaned and is looking great. There are no burrs or anything in the barrel that would cause breaks. This barrel is looking pretty flawless...from my point of view anyways....

    Its easy to do too. Just put the barrel in a vise, and take a hacksaw or a dremel to it.Cut to desired length, and grind/sand/steel wool the crap out of it to get it looking good and deburred and all that jazz... just make sure there arent any little pieces of metal, sandpaper, or steel wool left over, and wash it and clean it thoroughly.

    Ive yet to test her out, but i know she will do great =]

    on to the pics :dodgy:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
    thats not scratches, its dust.
  2. WTT for/WTB Spyder Threaded Whisper

    10 September 2008 - 07:12 PM

    as the title says, im looking for a nice Spyder threaded barrel, preferably a whisper. Ill buy at a cheap price, but i mostly would like to treade. heres my F/S/T/ thread:

  3. The Little Black Ninja Gun

    10 September 2008 - 06:52 PM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    my new PMI Pirahna field, tippmann x-chamber, smart parts tactical grips, CP On/Off ASA, dye guage, macro, and custom straight rifled 5" barrel cut from a 21" thunder pig =]...she shoots great, and is my secondary backup/loaner

    Posted Image

    my Tippmann 98c, GTA R/T, DOP RVA, Rufus Dawg CF, Psychoballistics Rocket Cock, Dark Horizons titanium hammer, BT Springs, oversize velocity screw, and 32 degrees whisper barrel <3...i think thats it lol

    Posted Image
    C-3 baby...Destroykas and Redz tank cover
  4. branham700's SUPER SALE!!!

    10 September 2008 - 06:34 PM

    Welcome to branham700's SUPER SALE!!!
    Just cleanin out the gearbag!

    heres a few simple rules:
    -PM ME!!!
    -Cash is King
    -MO or PP accepted
    -I'll look at ANY trades, PB Stuff only.
    -$20 minimum purchase
    -All prices are firm, but O.B.O.
    -I may be adding more stuff
    -More pics available upon request
    -Im sure i forgot some more, but if i remember ill add them in later

    Here are TWO PMI Pirahna Field guns. These gun and parts were given to me by my local shop owner because they are selling out of paintball stuff =[...they were rental guns, and have served many people well...has numbers and store name engraved on reciever, and has been fixed up and cleaned by yours truly. i have one left feed body, and one center feed body. Each gun comes with a hopper elbow. great starter package! ASKING $50

    Posted Image

    Finally, is an older Spyder Xtra. She comes with a cut down stock barrel, a pirahna stock barrel, and a CP shorty gas through grip. she also has a macroline kit, and a new bottomline coming in the mail. very good backup/starter gun. ASKING $60

    Posted Image

    i may add more in later
  5. Custom 98c, Spyder FS

    01 September 2008 - 09:56 AM

    Posted Image
    Tippmann 98 Custom
    Response Trigger
    Double Trigger
    Rufus Dawg Center Feed
    DOP Rear Velocity Adjuster
    Smart Parts Tactical Grips
    BT Hammer Spring
    Macroline Kit
    BT APex Barrel
    Quick Strip Mod
    Polished Internals
    Custom Paint
    and lot of spare parts and pieces, barrel plug, and condom

    Shoots like a Dream...

    Asking $160 Shipped, Firm

    Posted Image
    Spyder Extra
    Custom Straight Rifled Barrel
    Stock Barrel
    Straight Elbow
    CP Shorty Gas Through Grip
    12OZ Tank w/ Buttplate

    $60 Shipped, Trades accepted

    MO Only
    You Ship First

    PM Me

    EDIT: no more rocket cock =[



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  1. Photo


    07 Aug 2007 - 09:24
    how do u post a topic on ur page? and how do u add pics beside of ur name like the one where ur playin paintball and how do u add pics like the one with master chief and killing cats?!?!?! need help please!!!!!!!!!! well ttyl bud!
  2. Photo


    07 Aug 2007 - 09:10
    jamie help me with spec ops profile thingy i figured out how to add replys and stuff i had to click a link on an email specops sent me to activate it well ttyl
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