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53 years old
September 20, 1960
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Pasadena Maryland USA
History, reenacting, astronomy, sailing, paintball, making things, wargaming

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  1. In Topic: Fulda Gap 2008

    28 July 2008 - 02:14 PM

    Is the event's location a secret or was having to dig through several layers of hype intentional?
  2. In Topic: Operation Task Force Ranger

    24 June 2008 - 02:06 PM

    There's one of me that's mostly tree, then this fine image of my backside. (on the left, tiger stripe, h-harness)
    Attached File  DSC01472.jpg (219.31K)
    Number of downloads: 5

    My mask fogged and condensated so badly I hardly saw any of the game and was usually shot to pieces because of it. I've got to put a fan in my mask.
  3. In Topic: Mars Phoenix mission

    26 May 2008 - 08:28 AM

    Looks like Arizona, but in that Arizona pic you could scoop up some dirt and you'd find something alive. Just sit for 5 minutes and something will bite your butt.

    There isn't anything alive on Mars - they're looking for fossils and evidence that there once might have been life on Mars, all on the scale of bread mold.

    It would be interesting if they sent a rover to the Viking sites to see if anything carried over from Earth is living.
  4. In Topic: Rate the avatar above you!

    19 May 2008 - 08:09 AM

    Looks like an artsy photo of a cave painting.

  5. In Topic: First Time General

    14 May 2008 - 12:50 PM

    Mark your map with a grid and ref points. Make copies so all your captains can have the same map and have a couple of spares. This way everyone is taking about the same thing. "Bugs in G5 Mister Rico - millions of them!" or "We are moving from C6 to D6 - negative contact." will tell you more than "I'm in a bunker near the yellow shed, send help!"

    Get some sleeves or sheet protectors and cover/laminate your map. Take grease pencils/china markers. As your captains report their positions, enemy positions, object locations, mission objectives, etc - mark them on the map. The marks can be wiped off as things change.



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    02 Apr 2008 - 09:30
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