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  1. Nov 16, RED SNO III, Giant San Diego, Lakeside, CA

    26 September 2014 - 10:33 PM

    Posted Image

    College students on a ski trip to Norway discover that Hitler's horrors live on when they come face to face with a battalion of undead Nazi soldiers intent on devouring anyone unfortunate enough to wander into the remote mountains where they were once sent to die.

    It's Easter vacation, and what better way to spend the break than skiing down the isolated hills just outside of Øksfjord, Norway? After packing their cars with enough beer and ski equipment to ensure that a good time will be had by all, the students set out for their destination and prepare for a relaxing snowbound getaway. Shortly after arriving at their remote cabin, however, the students receive an unexpected visit from a rather suspicious hiker.

    According to their shady visitor, the Nazis occupied this territory during World War II. In the aftermath of their brutal raping and pillaging, the locals revolted, driving the few surviving Nazi soldiers -- including their iron-fisted leader, Colonel Herzog -- deep into the hills. Neither the soldiers nor their leader were ever seen again. Everyone in town assumed that they simply froze to death. But there's something stirring out there in the trees, and it won't be long until the unsuspecting students discover how the story really ends.

    What side will you fight for? The coed college students or the legion of undead Nazi zombie horde?

    $30 entry, includes all day air

    More information: https://www.facebook...24441747696879/
  2. Nov 8 and 9, 2014 Peace Fund Games, SC Village, Chino, CA

    29 July 2014 - 08:59 PM

    Posted Image

    First Annual Peace Fund Games
    SC Village, Chino, CA
    November 8 and 9

    General Admission: $70 (Includes viewing of the Nov. 8th tournament and admission to participate in the Nov. 9th game)
    VIP Package: $110 (Includes the General Admission package PLUS a jersey made especially for the event (an $80 value)!)

    The Peace Fund Games | Tickets

    The Peace Fund Games | Index

    About the Game
    The first Annual Peace Fund Games is the brain-child of actor Adrian Paul (star of the hit TV Series Highlander), during a conversation with actor Luke Goss, on the weekly radio show, Peace Fund Radio. Several months later, when actor Cas Anvar came on the same show, the games began to take shape. It has been the intent of the Peace Fund(Protect, Educate, Aid, Children. Everywhere), to collaborate with various charities to support them logistically and financially, while partnering on initiatives to help children around the world. Now the Peace Fund Games has furthered that idea, with celebrities raising awareness and funds for the causes they support.

    Event Schedule

    Registration Opens 3pm-8pm
    Player Party 7pm-12am (this includes charity information, food and music)

    Registration Opens 9am-8pm
    Trade Show 10am-Sundown
    Celebrity Tournament 10am-Winner
    Celebrity Battle Royale 1pm-Winner

    Registration Opens 7am-5pm
    Player Orientation 8am-8:30am
    Game On 9am
    Stand Down 4:30pm
    Final Battle 5pm-6pm
    Award Cremony 6:15pm-7pm

    How Peace Fund Games Work
    Each participating celebrity will chose his/her perspective charity to support.

    Friday – At check in and at the players party there will be information about these selected charities, so those participating can see the causes chosen to be represented.

    Saturday - We begin with the five-man tournament. Twelve teams, each with three collegiate players and two celebrities, battle for a chance to win the top three places, to raise funds for each of the charities they support, by eliminating the competing teams. At the end of the five-man tournament there will be a Battle Royale. Twelve celebrities shooting it out, one on one, til the last one remains. The champion, will gain an extra donation for the charity of their choice.

    For those not playing in the five-man tournament there will be other paintball challenges, a practice area, as well as a Trade show to spend the day.

    Sunday - Two generals, Adrian Paul (Blue Team) and Carrie Keagan (Red Team), will rally their troops to win the Title, Champion of the first Annual Peace Fund Games. During this part of the event the teams will be completing missions, collecting props and territories.

    This will all lead up to a large scale, one hour final battle in which Generals Keagan and Paul will lead their troops for the ultimate prize, Champion of the first ever annual Peace Fund Games. Cash prizes will go to the charities of the Celebrities on the winning team. Celebrities can also gain monetary prizes for their cause, by completing secret missions during this exciting one-day extravaganza.

    The First Interactive Paintball Event
    Can't make the tournament? Want to help your favorite team? Want to make a difference? Then join us live (feeds to be announced closer to game date) and view the tournament from the comfort of your home, or on any of your mobile devices. Sponsor your favorite team and help raise more money for that team's charity of choice.

    During the event live feeds will show thirteen different locations on the field in real time and the viewership can choose to help their team by donating on the website and affect the outcome of the games. Donations will be made for "Specials", items such as, virtual grenades, rocket launchers, aerial attacks, radio blackout etc, (details to be added closer to event date), that a celebrity and/or a team can use to complete a mission. Each Special will be attained by a donation based on its effectiveness.

    World Record Attempt
    We will be attempting to have the most players at a paintball game, most celebrities on a paintball field, as well as 6 other attempts. So, make sure you sign up soon for this amazing opportunity and pass the word along to everyone you know. Together lets raise awareness and make this the best event ever!

    Also note that in addition to Hollywood Celebrities, paintball celebrities have been slated to appear, such as Glenn Palmer and Wayne Dollack.
    The Peace Fund Games | Nov 8 & 9

    Event Contact Info

    The PEACE Fund
    15233 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    Email: contact@thepeacefund.org

    Event Location

    SC Village Paintball & Airsoft Park
    8900 McCarty Road
    Corona, CA 92880
    Park Contact: 562.867.9600
  3. June 28-29, Tet Offensive, SC Village, Chino, CA

    18 April 2014 - 07:18 AM

    Sorry took so long to post this, but been trying to get information from them before posting it.

    Posted Image

    The World Famous SC Village Presents:
    Tet Offensive

    When: June 28-29
    Where: SC Village, Chino, CA

    The North Vietnamese Army has been quiet; TOO quiet. There have been rumors floating around the troops and people of Vietnam, that the North Vietnamese are planning a large offensive to defeat and force out the US forces and her allies. Join us in re-creating this exciting event in history. Will Tet Offensive 2014 end with a US victory or will end like the actual events in history?

    Operation: Tet Offensive: a 24 Hour Paintball Scenario The creators of the Decay of Nations Paintball Scenario series returns and kicks off the 2014 season with the return of Operation: Tet Offensive, a 24 Hour Paintball Scenario on June 28 and 29 at the World Famous SC Village. The saga continues with an intense recreation of factual events mixed with a little paintball fantasy flare of the Vietnam War. A definitive favorite of Southern California paintballers, the 24 hour paintball scenario will feature overnight camping for guests, incredible prize packages, a Vendor Village to satisfy your shopping needs, and offer a scenario experience that paintballers from all walks of life is sure to enjoy.

    Your Generals:

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    The Pre-Reg Pricing: (Don't know day of pricing)
    Single Day Entry: $45.00
    Weekend Entry: $55.00

    1-Day Air: $10.00
    2-Day Air: $15.00

    [U]Paint Pricing:[/U]
    Rec. : $35.00
    Mid. : $45.00
    Evil : $55.00
    GI4 : $59.00
    GI5 : $65.00

    [U]Weekend Parking[/U]
    Campsite: $10.00
    RV: $20.00

    *Tet Offensive is a FIELD PAINT ONLY event!*

    Preregistration website: Vietnam Tet Offensive - Giant Sportz

    Facebook: https://www.facebook...siveGiantSportz

    Venue Information:
    SC Village
    8900 McCarty Rd
    Chino, CA 91710
    SC Village
  4. Sept 19-21, Decay of Nations 8, SC VIllage, Chino, CA

    19 February 2014 - 08:27 AM

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    What: Decay of Nations 8
    When: September 19-21, 2014
    Where: SC Village, Chino, CA

    West Coast's Biggest Scenario Paintball Game!

    Two Days with over 1000 PLAYERS!

    September 20th-21st, 2014

    The largest paintball mega event is back, bigger, and better than ever before with DECAY of NATIONS 8. “The Reckoning” at the World Famous SC Village in Chino, CA on September 20 and 21. The event will span over the entire facility of 100 acres of paintball excitement all weekend long. The event boasts a multitude of special side events, a Vendor Village with all your favorite vendors and manufacturers, incredible prize packages, overnight parking and camping and our spectacular 24 hour scenario game! So join us at SC Village and celebrating 30 years of paintball by playing in Decay of Nations 8, “The Reckoning”


    “Latest tests show the Humans of Earth to be less than two generations away from quantum travel and their technology is well below standard. However, due to events that will possibly lead to the destruction of this planet, Captain Xur has initiated contact with one of the warring factions, calling themselves the ‘UNA.’ We are on our way to rendez … wait … sensors are picking up projectiles on a collision course with us and evasive maneuvers are ineffective! SOUND ALARM!!! BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!”

    Watcher Xan’s control panel exploded in a brilliant shower of violet energy, throwing him against the iridescent wall of his spaceship and knocking him unconscious. Watcher Captain Xur stared at the viewscreen in front of him: Obscured by the bodies of his fallen crewmen and the smoke billowing from sparking consoles, he could barely make out the outlines of Earth mountains rushing towards them as they spiraled downward toward oblivion.


    From time immemorial, the Watchers have been on Earth, observing the ways of the Humans and waiting for the day when Humanity finally advanced enough to join the Galactic Council of Planets…

    Unfortunately, for almost as long, the forces of the Ekron Corporation (EKRON) and the United Nations of the Americas (UNA) have waged bloody war. Initially, Ekron ran the world using fossil fuels and UNA fought to preserve the natural resources of Earth. Over time, the pendulum of battle has swung evenly between the two titans, with epic wins and fails on both sides. In order to save itself and its profit margin, the EKRON corporation reorganized into the One World Bank, only to have their coffers cut by the non-profit Environmental Defense Militia (EDM).

    A long time has passed, wars have raged and the health of the earth is in a delicate balance. Due to hostile takeovers and constant infighting, the One World Bank/Force reorganized into the Executive for Kounter-Intelligence, Racketeering and Oppression Network (EKRON) with the continuing purpose of world domination by control over the earth’s networks and dwindling resources. Although the EDM has been successful in their battles against the OWF, the EDM still struggles against the might of EKRON.

    Dedicated to stopping EKRON, and preserving the Earth’s natural resources by further developing renewable energy technologies, the United National Alliance (UNA) was formed from the remnants of scatter EDM forces and their allies. With the recent defection of one of EKRON’s top Generals to the UNA, the UNA has decided to make an aggressive push against EKRON.

    With EKRON’S extensive global spy satellite network, their intelligence division uncovered a clandestine meeting between UNA leadership and the Watchers and have decided to intervene. Wanting the alien technology for themselves and to destroy the UNA, EKRON launched an attack on the unsuspecting alien transport that was on it’s way to meet the UNA leadership..

    As the ship broke up upon reentry, the surrounding countryside is peppered with craters full of advanced alien technology, light-years ahead of anything currently on Earth. The future of the Earth lies in the hands of the side that controls that technology and the Alien force that created it.

    Will UNA rescue the Watcher’s and use the Watcher Tech to return the Earth once again to its natural state, or will it give EKRON the advantage it needs to gain control of the Earth once more?

    Join SC Village’s 30th Anniversary on September 19-21, 2014 at their BIGGEST Scenario game yet and find out for yourself!

    Single Day Entry:
    Before Aug 28th - $55
    Before Sep 15th - $60
    Sep 15th to Day Of - $60

    Weekend Entry:
    Before Aug 28th - $70
    Before Sep 15th - $75
    Sep 15th to Day Of - $85

    Membership Entry:
    Before Aug 28th - $48
    Before Sep 15th - $48
    Sep 15th to Day Of - $48

    Single Day Air - $10
    Weekend Air - $15

    Campsite Parking - $10
    RV Parking - $20

    Case of Paint -REC- $35
    Case of Paint -MID- $45
    Case of Paint -EVIL- $55
    Case of Paint -GI4-* $59
    Case of Paint -GI5-* $65

    All Paint Prices Subject to Tax.
    *Draxxus 4 & 5 Star Paint or Equivalent

    *Decay of Nations 8 is a FIELD PAINT ONLY event!*

    Teams of 7 or more players, call 562.867.9600 to receive special discounts and offers. (Special Admission price available for all Annual Membership Holders)

    Preregistration website: Decay of Nations

    Venue Information
    SC Village
    8900 McCarty Rd
    Chino, CA 91710
    SC Village - paintball park

    *NOTE: Prices and information are subject to change without notice*
  5. Apr 19, Armored Assault, Giant Lakeside, Lakeside, CA

    22 January 2014 - 07:57 AM

    Posted Image

    The SoCal Ghosts in partnership with Giant Paintball Lakeside are hosting the Armored Assault event at the field in Barona. We will be taking up several of the fields this day to make our own mini game that will have paintball tanks, PUG's, mechs & lots of players to shoot at!

    You will recognize a few of these vehicles & mechs from the Decay of Nations events. Some of the teams planning to bring their paintball machines include the SoCal Ghosts, Grey Knights Paintball of Riverside and the "Southwest Regulators" Scenario Paintball Team.

    It will be like a small big game with lots of armor! It's a great opportunity for the mech, PUG & tank guys to try out their new equipment, maybe encourage some others to make stuff for DON and other SoCal games.

    Oh yeah, in case you haven't played there recently - Barona is BYOP, very reasonable pricing & normally a strong turn out for walk ons & special events. There's no mark up for this event, all regular walk on pricing.

    It's not just about the vehicles, we need players too - come out and play, maybe even take a turn running a PUG!

    More info coming soon!

    If you need more information on this event, you can sign up on their team website, SoCal Ghosts and post up there. The rules are being discussed there and final rules will be posted there.

    Also, Skeletor has let me know that if you need to get in touch with him directly, you can email him at thatguyjames@earthlink.net, if you are interested in bringing a pug, tank, mech, cyborg etc.



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