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  1. In Topic: tips for making my a-5 green

    01 September 2008 - 03:24 PM

    I would suggest putting a surface primer onto the gun. Also, after sanding make sure you wash the parts in soap and water. To get rid of the water splash the parts with alcohol to displace the water.

    Wait a long time between coats. Don't rush and go slow. Want a good looking part? Work on it for a week at the very least. After all the coats and all the wait, wait another week for the paint to resist chipping.

  2. In Topic: What range do you sight your red dot in at?

    27 August 2008 - 02:56 PM


    You must remember that your paintball gun fires its projectile in an arch. If I sighted my marker in at 50 yards, I would miss headshots at 25 because the trajectory of the paintball would be high at 25 yards... because to hit a target at 50 means that you must LOB the paintball to it. At the height of the paintballs trajectory, you may very will shoot over the heads of other players.


    Sight in at a distance where the apex of the paintball is just a few inches high. I sight in at 25 yards / 75 feet. I can put my dot on anything within that range and be certain of a hit without having to hold my dot BELOW my target. Past 25 yards I need to start aiming above their heads.
  3. In Topic: 'nother M4 ... heh.

    22 August 2008 - 05:59 AM

    View PostCesh, on Aug 17 2008, 11:19 PM, said:

    View PostXziviT, on Aug 16 2008, 04:40 PM, said:

    Lol i love it and the price is actually high for an A-5 but i cant say no to an M-4 style marker, if you make that marker that will look cool but y dont you try a mag fed system like AT Systems markers they look like m4 and they dont use hopper unless u want to use one or a rap4 t68 but as you might know rap4 aint that great in quality and some accidents happened with it. I have one and i love it but well after i see all those accidents and problems with that marker i wouldnt recommend it but its just a suggestion. Anyway that tippmann looks awesome. Hope you get some discounts :P


    Naw, no discounts. :D

    But I got another neat idea - since I have the X7 Valve in that A5 (the newer ones hve them anyway), use a QEV and have my insides polished, with a smoother front bolt and other airflow upgrades, I will build a regulator inside the metall mag. Still looking for a fitting regulator, but when I tune the A5 down to 600 psi instead of 850, that's gonna save me a lot of air, she'll run more smoothly, more efficiently, a tad bit quieter (there are drawbacks, you know? :happy:) and I can unscrew the FVS a bit more - and with an inline regulator, I can easily adjust the fps from 214 up to 260 when I play abroad. Needs just some milling and a new macroline - which I happen to have handy. ;D

    And: The first parts from China are rolling in. It's gonna be a fun week. I hope, Hotshot Paintball delivers this week, too. If, I can play 90% done in Poland - Big Game, yay. I'll take pictures. After Poland, she get's her paintjob.

    I have a question or suggestion rather.

    How are you planning to mount your Vltor stock?

    Are you going to buy the standard M4 mount and place the Vltor stock on it? I have never owned an A5 stock, but it seems like they are using a different outer diameter on the buffer tube assembly than what VLTOR does. Colt has a receiver extension size that is different than cheaper companies receiver extension and VLTOR is based on the colt pattern tube which is "Mil Spec" if that matters.

    I don't remember if the size is bigger or smaller, but I think you may have to do some hand fitting. I would assume that the paintball companies are using the cheaper pattern receiver extension with their telestocks.

    I THINK you may have to sand down the receiver extension to get the VLTOR to fit over the stock receiver extension. This is all moot if they used a colt pattern receiver extension.

    So meh, it may matter or it may not. Just know that their are two buffer tube dimensions in the rifle world, with the non-colt pattern being more prevelant. Which size the paintball companies chose is what matters.

    Good luck!
  4. In Topic: Phantom questions

    19 August 2008 - 07:00 AM

    I havent had such luck without detent rings. I have played with paint that rolled out the barrel and the phantom still shot decent. The large bore size of the phantom though seems to really be detrimental even with rings in my experience. I would see accuracy at 25 yards all over the place. Some paint marked my target, while the next shot was off markedly.

    I purchased a PPS barrel in .685 and the results changed dramatically. Much less zingers and a tighter grouping with every paint I have tried so far. I don't attribute it to magical properties from the pps. I attribute it to having a good match with a finely honed barrel.

    When I did have good paint to bore match with my stock barrel, it seemed every bit as capable as my pps barrel, but louder. I purchased the brass knowing that it would be a quieter barrel and it would (supposedly) accept a variety of paint. That appears true.
  5. In Topic: UTG MP5 Marui clone

    18 August 2008 - 06:51 PM

    View PostAlix Primus, on Jul 22 2008, 02:07 PM, said:

    PM sent.

    bump back

    FPS 265 per an airsoft website. I have never chronied the gun, it was just a house toy and a trainer.

    Sent PM back.


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