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  1. RAP4 T68

    26 November 2010 - 04:04 PM

    I am selling my RAP4 T68 paintball gun.

    NOTICE: This gun is in compliance with the new Flexi-Air standards. I used the replacement part sent to me by RAP4 to do this.

    This was used in a handful of games, no more than six. It has always functioned well for me, but I no longer have the time to play paintball and need the money for other things. The gun is in very good condition save for one issue, caused by me and inexperience. The hopped adapter screws into the side of the receiver using allen screws. One of the actual screw holes inside the receiver is stripped. The other hole is intact and functions perfectly.

    This leads to there being some wiggle in the hopper adapter. I have played games with the hopped adapter in its damaged state with no feeding issues. However, when I have played, I have used black electrical tape to wrap around the hopped adapter and the A2 carry handle in order to insure that the hopper adapter is held tightly to the receiver.

    The gun works flawlessly. In many ways, it worked for me better than my BT Delta Elite (also sold).

    I am asking for $170.00 for this gun.

    For the T68, I have the stock 16" barrel which will be included with the gun.

    For an additional $20.00 I will include the 14" rifled barrel which I also have.

    I have a hard case for the gun. This will also cost $25.00.

    Price is negotiable.

    I ship when I am paid. I use PayPal for payment. The buyer pays for shipping.

    If you are interested in individual components, such as the barrel and hard case, I will part out.

    Pictures will be supplied within the next few days.

    See my other sale thread for soft goods: http://forum.moatipa...howtopic=184606

    For references, contact PistolWhipped, Thalion, or MaDuce.
  2. German Flecktarn Camo

    26 November 2010 - 03:52 PM

    I am selling two complete sets of German flecktarn camo that I have.

    I have two shirts, both new condition, never worn by me. They are size large and fit me well. I am 6'0" and 160 lbs.

    I have two pants, bought used, but never worn by me. I would say they are in very good condition. They are a medium, and I cannot wear them even though I have a 33" waist. You would probably have to be a 28" or 29" (maybe 30") waist in order to wear the pants comfortably.

    $35 for a complete set.

    Individual articles of clothing to go at $20.00.

    Price is negotiable, to a point.

    Pictures can be supplied if required.

    Price is negotiable.

    I ship when I am paid. I use PayPal for payment. The buyer pays for shipping.

    See my other sale thread: http://forum.moatipa...howtopic=184607

    For references, contact PistolWhipped, Thalion, or MaDuce.
  3. BT Delta Elite For Sale

    09 September 2010 - 04:21 PM




    I am selling my BT Delta Elite due to the fact that I rarely have the opportunity to play paintball anymore. This marker has only see action in a handful of games, a mixture of field games and private games. It is in extremely good condition as I have done my part to take good care of it. The only issue I had with it is when I first purchased, I adjusted the height of the sear incorrectly and the gun would not function properly.

    The pro shop fixed that problem soon enough however. :facepalm:

    So, aside from problems traceable to user error, I have not had a problem with the BT.

    I am also including a package of BT spare parts, value of $16.95.

    It has been opened, but all of the parts are still present.

    The original allen wrenches that came with the BT will not be included, as I have...misplaced them.

    My price is negotiable, and the buyer will pay for shipping. I will not ship until I am payed. For payment, I use PayPal.

    Starting price: $300.00 Subject to negotiation.

    Price drop to $275 shipped.

    Price drop to $265 shipped.

    I understand this gun is used, but as I said, it is in extremely good condition and everything functions properly. I will be reasonable on the price, but I also will not give it away for free.

    Thanks for looking! Pictures to come soon. Feel free to PM me interest and / or post in thread.

    If you want folks who will vouch for me, check in with Thalion, PistolWhipped, MaDuce, and Texas Trigger.
  4. Well, I Think This Tops 'Pants on the Ground'

    21 January 2010 - 08:52 PM


    Just offering it for whatever its worth, not going to engage in debate.

    But damn, this was funny.

    (*Whoops, slight language warning. Forgot about that.)
  5. Predator Communications Hacked by Insurgents

    17 December 2009 - 11:24 AM


    Insurgents Hacked Drone Feeds
    December 17, 2009
    Associated Press

    Insurgents in Iraq have hacked into live video feeds from Predator drones, the U.S. military's eyes in the sky for surveillance and intelligence collection.

    A senior defense official says militants could see the video, but there is no evidence they were able to jam the electronic signals from the unmanned aerial crafts or take control of them. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence issues.

    The Wall Street Journal first reported Thursday that Shiite fighters in Iraq used off-the-shelf software programs such as SkyGrabber - available for as little as $25.95 on the Internet - to regularly capture drone video feeds. The hacking was possible because some of the planes have an unprotected communications link. The Journal report indicates that military trainers from Iran helped Iraqi insurgents use the software to monitor U.S. raids, and the hacking may have helped tip off militants to American military plans.

    Pentagon officials told the paper they had seized Shiite insurgent laptops that contained "hours" of Predator and other drone footage. Officials first became aware of the espionage in late 2008 and captured more pirated material from Iran-backed insurgents in July.

    The hacking may not be isolated to Iraqi insurgents, the paper said, and could be used to compromise drone operations in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

    The Pentagon is working to encrypt the drone feeds.


    Defense Tech

    Hi-Tech vs Lo-Tech at work again.


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    15 Jul 2010 - 08:41
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