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  1. Selling all Paintball Gear

    25 September 2009 - 06:07 PM

    Tanks: 2 c02 20z $20 each 9oz $3

    Apparel: Military MOLLE harness with 4 pouches
    Custom Black Spec Ops vest 8 pod pouches, tank pouch, misc pouch. $140 or best offer, I took 20 off the price cuz i cut off a pouch but this vest hasn't been used much and has no damage comes with a 100 oz bladder (bleach it, hasn't been used in a while).
    JT Mask custom painted needs new lens $10
    V-Force Vantage custom painted $35 with extra lens

    Hoppers and Pods: 10 (140 rd) pods $4 each
    8 (100 rd) pods $3 each
    A-5 custom tiger stripe painted (woodland) $5
    200 rd hopper $3
    30 rd tac cap(a-5) $4
    50 rd tac cap(a-5) $5

    Gun & accessories: Tippmann 98 custom (custom painted tiger stripe) $120
    Engler steel m-4 magwell (custom painted tiger stripe) $35
    a-5 threaded apex barrel (custom painted tiger stripe) $60
    spec ops 18" c-series with barrel tip BMG (custom painted tiger stripe) $65
    98c Cyclone feed with steel internals (custom painted tiger stripe) $70
    98c to a-5 barrel adapter $10
    1" sight raiser (custom painted tiger stripe) $25
    45mm red dot sight (custom painted tiger stripe) $45
    Composite 98c 6 position stock (custom painted tiger stripe) $50
    lapco 98c hopper offset with smoke clear elbow $25
    tippmann e-trigger pro $100
    barrel mounted weaver tri mount (custom painted tiger stripe) $40
    Class 3a laser sight with remote button (effective up to 350 meters) $30
    rail mounted tac lite with remote button (custom painted tiger stripe) $25
    remote line with easy release $30
    remote cover olive drab $10
    3-point sling black, for paintball guns be spec ops $35
    longbow 98c air thru ready stock $70

    PM me for details or talk to me on skype (melfice.elstang)
    msn: melfice.elstang@hotmail.com (IM only thats not my mail)
    gmail and gtalk: melfice.elstang@gmail.com (my main email)
    yahoo IM: melfice_elstang@yahoo.com
    AIM: melficeelstang

    This will work like any other business transaction, you order, you send payment, when i get payment i send you your order the next business day. if shipping is over $7 ill split it with you.

    This is all the paintball stuff i have and it's all up for grabs, im trying to buy a drum set to get back into music and im giving up paintball for music.
    thanks for your time.

    p.s. if you want pics lemme know all i got is a crappy 3 mega pix web cam, if even that.
  2. Anyone play here?

    22 September 2009 - 12:35 PM

    I mean other than sledgehammer, does anyone play get together walk on kind of games at peoples property. Like going over to a friends who has 50 acres. I live in Columbus Georgia and i hate plaing at sledge hammer all the time i want more realism in my games more tactical but if no one pays im selling my stuff. idk what else to put

    :dry: :dry:



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    Melfice Elstang 

    25 Sep 2009 - 18:10
    yup im just made out of pure crystalized awesome
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