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  1. Selling all Paintball Gear

    25 September 2009 - 06:07 PM

    Tanks: 2 c02 20z $20 each 9oz $3

    Apparel: Military MOLLE harness with 4 pouches
    Custom Black Spec Ops vest 8 pod pouches, tank pouch, misc pouch. $140 or best offer, I took 20 off the price cuz i cut off a pouch but this vest hasn't been used much and has no damage comes with a 100 oz bladder (bleach it, hasn't been used in a while).
    JT Mask custom painted needs new lens $10
    V-Force Vantage custom painted $35 with extra lens

    Hoppers and Pods: 10 (140 rd) pods $4 each
    8 (100 rd) pods $3 each
    A-5 custom tiger stripe painted (woodland) $5
    200 rd hopper $3
    30 rd tac cap(a-5) $4
    50 rd tac cap(a-5) $5

    Gun & accessories: Tippmann 98 custom (custom painted tiger stripe) $120
    Engler steel m-4 magwell (custom painted tiger stripe) $35
    a-5 threaded apex barrel (custom painted tiger stripe) $60
    spec ops 18" c-series with barrel tip BMG (custom painted tiger stripe) $65
    98c Cyclone feed with steel internals (custom painted tiger stripe) $70
    98c to a-5 barrel adapter $10
    1" sight raiser (custom painted tiger stripe) $25
    45mm red dot sight (custom painted tiger stripe) $45
    Composite 98c 6 position stock (custom painted tiger stripe) $50
    lapco 98c hopper offset with smoke clear elbow $25
    tippmann e-trigger pro $100
    barrel mounted weaver tri mount (custom painted tiger stripe) $40
    Class 3a laser sight with remote button (effective up to 350 meters) $30
    rail mounted tac lite with remote button (custom painted tiger stripe) $25
    remote line with easy release $30
    remote cover olive drab $10
    3-point sling black, for paintball guns be spec ops $35
    longbow 98c air thru ready stock $70

    PM me for details or talk to me on skype (melfice.elstang)
    msn: melfice.elstang@hotmail.com (IM only thats not my mail)
    gmail and gtalk: melfice.elstang@gmail.com (my main email)
    yahoo IM: melfice_elstang@yahoo.com
    AIM: melficeelstang

    This will work like any other business transaction, you order, you send payment, when i get payment i send you your order the next business day. if shipping is over $7 ill split it with you.

    This is all the paintball stuff i have and it's all up for grabs, im trying to buy a drum set to get back into music and im giving up paintball for music.
    thanks for your time.

    p.s. if you want pics lemme know all i got is a crappy 3 mega pix web cam, if even that.
  2. Anyone play here?

    22 September 2009 - 12:35 PM

    I mean other than sledgehammer, does anyone play get together walk on kind of games at peoples property. Like going over to a friends who has 50 acres. I live in Columbus Georgia and i hate plaing at sledge hammer all the time i want more realism in my games more tactical but if no one pays im selling my stuff. idk what else to put

    :dry: :dry:
  3. Homemade Foregrip/barrel shroud? need some help

    27 May 2008 - 03:57 PM

    Hey guys i know it's been a while but i now have time and money to play paintball again. Ok I've always wanted a foregrip/barrel shroud for my 98c. I have a barrel adaptor and an a-5 threaded apex barrel on my 98c. I was thinking of making my own shroud and mounting it since i don't use lights or lasers or anything. However i don't know where to start or what i need to do this. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. It's hard to watch him fall

    24 February 2008 - 09:00 PM

    I have a friend who's going in a downwards spiral in life, and some of you might not help him if you knew who he was, so we're gonna call him Bob.

    Ok i met Bob when he was 15-16 and i was a year younger than he was. He enjoyed life and had many friend and everyday we'd all be at his house jamming; we all played instruments and Bob was good enough to go pro at drums, but never got that chance, this is how it all started cuz that's all he wanted to do in life was play. Anyways all we did was jam and ball, if we weren't jamming we were balling. At night Bob programmed stuff for his clan and played games online, he also did custom maps and skins. Then he had to move, he didn't move far just 20 miles north but this put him 40 miles away from everything. His parents forced him to sell is drum set before he moved, i don't know why. He was 17 now. So he moved away and just played paintball with us, and then he changed. His playing got really aggressive and he went all stealth on us like splinter cell style, it got bad. He would start actually hurting other players while he was interrogating them after he crept up to them and get them in a headlock, if they did not give him the info he was asking for, thankfully he never knock anyone out; he just sent them to the dead box. After a while he stopped coming cuz of his parents and he started going to college (18 now). His friends and I were going to do something for his 18th birthday since we did something for his 16th but is never happened and he stopped talking with us. Here recently i called him and he said he had a girlfriend now but it was complicated, he said she loved him but wanted to see where the person she's with goes (whom she's not happy with). So he's waiting on here but the thing he hates is that we both live in GA and she lives in AZ, 2000 miles away. Bob has no money to see her over the summer which is what he wanted to so and he started to talk about selling his $2000 worth of paintball stuff that took him years to get. I mean he was a jerk until he met her and now he's all helpful and everything, he's alot nicer now. But through all that he he seems more sad in a way, more alone. Spring break for us is next week and he really wants to play paintball again with us, but he's broke and i can't spot him cuz im broke. I talked with people that were friends of his in the past, and some of his newer friend and they won't help him either. I want him to live like he used to, i want him to be the nice helpful happy dude I called my bro again. any help? thanks for reading.



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    Melfice Elstang 

    25 Sep 2009 - 18:10
    yup im just made out of pure crystalized awesome
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