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  1. In Topic: Rogue/ Stalker/ Fox/ Narc

    31 October 2008 - 11:34 AM

    View Postoutlaw-master, on Oct 31 2008, 07:12 AM, said:

    When I went to my first scenario game last month I pretty much did play as a rogue player. I was part of a team but when I got out on the field, I either found a few guys to help me out with the mission I wanted to do, or if no one wanted to come I just did it on my own. Going rogue is ALOT harder than it sounds, there's always enemy around you, you don't have any back up, and most of the time you are doing reconnasince, atleast that's what I did alot of. But it can be helpful, take for instance, I went rogue and found out that the enemy had a weak flank on their right side. So I reported it back to our commander, and he decided to send a small team out to take their base. And guess which flank we used, that's right we used the enemies right flank, and we took their base. If you know how to do it well it's a good way to play, just don't expect to shoot at every enemy you see, most of the time you have to hide from them, which isn't alot of fun in the summer when you've got every bug imaginable crawling on you.

    It would not be worth it unless it were insane difficult. Going rogue is by far my favorite position
    unless I am commanding a small team of my own doing essentially the same thing. Though commanders are not always happy that we are doing it in my experience, though never been told not to haha. Become far to useful of an asset. If just beginning being a ghost has no true purpose being that it takes experience to move in and out of enemy lines unscathed. Most just get themselves killed shooting at everything that moves including friendlies being that they are jumpy and do not have the required patience. Gives us a bad rep as an ineffective unit. Not playing right unless your down and dirty and have discovered a new species of insect.