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  1. Charity Game in VA or MD

    25 March 2011 - 07:04 AM

    Monday, March 21, 2011 was a sad day for the family of MSG William S. Pitts. MSG Pitts' was a Soldier in the Oregon Army National Guard, stationed in Arlington, VA, while working at the National Guard Bureau. He is survived by his three children, Tonnie, Crystal, Scotty and wife, Vicki. Scotty and Crystal are both reserve members on Strike Recon and Scotty is the leader of the Young Guns squad of Strike Recon. Scotty and Crystal are both a part of Strike Recon paintball team, which is based out of Northern Virginia and have been playing as avidly as possible for the last two years. MSG Pitts was also an honorary member of the team and played on occasion. He always made sure that when Scotty and Crystal were able to go to the field, they were there on time with the required gear.
    Phoenix Paintball Productions is currently trying to find a field to host a game for charity in order to raise some money for the children of MSG Pitts. As a paintballer, friend and fellow Soldier, MSG Pitts will be missed, but never forgotten. Even if you do not want to attend the game, please keep the family in your prayers and thoughts.

    This game will be hosted on May 21st, at a location TBD. All proceeds will be going to the children of MSG Pitts. Please come out and support this event! It means a lot to Scotty and Crystal that paintballer's are willing to support them through this time of grief.

    The backstory and sides to choose from will be posted on the website later this weekend or early next week. Donations will also be taken at the event and any profit made by Phoenix Paintball Productions will be given to the fund as well.

    Possible choices of fields:
    Hogback Mountain - Leesburg, VA
    Southern Maryland Paintball - Newburg, MD
    Robin Hood Paintball - Aberdeen, MD
    Warplay - Locust Grove, VA

    More info to come and any updates will posted in the "News" page at www.endofdayswar.webs.com. The site has been updated with side choices and registration info under the "War 2011" link on the left side of the page. Please contact co.taskforce@yahoo.com if you wish to pre-register and do not mind which side you are on or to reserve a spot on a particular side. Thanks for your time and consideration!

    Teams committed to attending so far:
    Sons of the South - Maryland
    Strike Recon - Virginia

    If any other teams are willing to attend and participate, P3 will give a great discount, just please be able to donate something to the cause!

    EOD Staff
  2. End of Days War 2011

    22 February 2011 - 12:52 PM

    Check out the End of Days! It's a two OR three sided scenario that is constantly updating as it's played througout the year!
    Which side will win? YOU DECIDE! Join your faction and fight until victory! Check out End of Days at www.endofdayswar.webs.com and see which side you'll join!
    Don't forget to fill out the poll! Let the End of Days Staff know which field you want the game to be at and we'll do our best to get it there!

  3. End of Days War Scenario

    02 July 2010 - 10:25 AM

    End of Days is somewhat a tricky scenario. Some people will love it, some people will not, but most will hopefully think it was worthwhile to go to, play in and will want to do it again.

    The End of Days is a game based off of what would happen if a majority of the governments around the globe just fell apart and pitched the world into a pit of rage, anarchy, war, etc.
    The first installment, the 2011 season, is based solely on the United States during this time period. If it's successful, I'll write more versions up based on the rest of the world, probably Russia, United Kingdom/Ireland, Australia, China, Japan, Germany, Italy and some others I'm sure.

    Back to the current game. End of Days is a three-way style game or, depending on the field, it can be a normal two-way game. The more battles that are fought, the bigger the outcome is for the final stand. The way a side wins the battle is to accomplish the most missions for that event. Missions will be up to the field that is hosting the game as long as it follows the storyline and makes sense. Or, I can write missions to throw in that could be anything from:
    territory based missions - hold this spot for a certain time or at these times
    tactical based - establish Observation Posts in order to observe and report the enemy stategic based - combines tactical and territorial into one
    political pased - establish a treaty with a side for certain portions of the game, if possible

    On this website, players will be able to track the current progress of the side they are fighting for. Players can switch sides at different fields if they want, there's no rules saying that once they play for one side it's that side till the end. This allows for a little more player involvement instead of just one day and it's over til next year. If multiple fields help run the scenario, then that means more opportunities for players to fight for a side in the war to help that side get closer to winning. This scenario can be fought in small size groups, large groups or thousands in a game. This way, smaller fields can also hop in on the action of the war. The titles of the game will let you know how big the game will be:
    Firefight: anywhere from 30-150 players
    Skirmish: anywhere between 151-400 players
    Massacre: anywhere between 401-600 players
    Battle: anywhere between 601 or more players
    In theory, players can organize small games on their own, they just need to contact us in order to get permission and then they can also add to the tally of points in the system. However, in order to do this, they must have at least 50 players, it has to be at least 6 hours, location has to be posted, there must be at least a ref per side, missions involved (at least 5 major ones) and someone from the End of Days staff can come out and help run it if available.

    The game will start February or April 2011 and end in September 2011 with the final stand at a pretty major field. Nothing is totally official yet, so I will refrain from announcing it just yet, but it will be a fairly popular and large field.

    See the pages listed to the right in order to see the backstory, descriptions of sides, individual units, sign up for the site to get updates on the game, etc.

    The first trial run of the game will be held sometime this year in either Maryland or Virginia. See below for the details on the game:

    Small scouting contigencies of all three fighting groups happened to literally almost run into each other on this fateful day. Scouts for the FAO were traveling south in order to clear a path for its' troops to progress southward and to a small port on the coast and possibly acquire some ships for coastal protection and detainment. The NRA Scouts were traveling east in order to do preliminary path-finding missions, hopefully to find a clear route through the coast away from either side in order to safely have ambassadors move back and forth and also supplies. New United Territories Scouting parties actually happen to travel in larger groups, but can still be surprised when running into two different groups of enemies. The NUT scouting element happened to come across the other two groups fighting and wasn't sure what to do, so they started in one the fight as well.

    Which side wins this game? You decide!

    $35/person - includes registration fee and all-day air
    Field Paint Only - $40-$60/case

    Pre-registration ($30/person): Please contact co.taskforce@yahoo.com for pre-registration no later than August 12th, 2010. All payments will need to be made at the field or through the field's website.
    Player cap will be 250 for this game:
    50 - New Republic of America
    125 - New United Territories
    75 - Final American Order

    Please email co.taskforce@yahoo.com for more details or for any questions, comments or concerns!

    Have fun paintballin' and I look forward to seeing you all on the field!

    - Phoenix
  4. Oklahoma D-Day

    08 March 2010 - 09:18 AM

    Though the dust has barely settled over Oklahoma D-Day 2009, the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force is already preparing for 2010. Do not miss your chance to enlist with the most recognizable, aggressive and successful component of the Allied armies. If you crave a challenge, if you are eady to work hard to achieve victory, if you understand the value of discipline and sportsmanship, and if you want to be part of the sexiest bunch of bad-arse SOBs in the Allied armies, then you should have a look at the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force.

    The CEF is unique to Oklahoma D-Day, being comprised of some of the best scenario teams the world has to offer, drawing its members from across Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, and beyond. It is a team that boasts a unique heritage, and unique traditions. It is not for everyone. We demand the highest standards of sportsmanship, personal integrity, aggression and commitment from all our members. As a member of the CEF you will be expected to set the example for others in your performance on the field, and your conduct of it.

    We are also a hard working team. As a member of the CEF you will participate in intensive training exercises, on the field and off, often in partnership with other D-Day teams, to ensure that every player is fully prepared for the challenges offered by the world's largest scenario paintball event. If you take the field in Oklahoma as a member of the CEF, you do so with the confidence that you are amongst the best trained, best prepared, and most effective players at D-Day.

    If you want to be part of more than just a rabble band of paintball players; if you want to learn, improve your game, and contribute decisively on the D-Day field; if you want to be part of the team that is always called upon to handle the toughest tasks, and face the best the opposition has to offer; if you are prepared to play hard, work hard, and party hard, then you should consider enlisting with one of the regiments of the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force.


    Canadian Scottish Regiment - Join the assault on Sword Beach as part of the CSR. These kilt-wearing, hard-charging, fearless door-kickers can always be found at the centre of the line, wherever the fighting is most fierce. Their bread and butter is the assault, whether clearing trench lines or storming bunkers, the CSR is equally at home. They have a long and proud tradition at D-Day and are expertly led by Ronin and the boys and girls of US SOCOM. If you have the stones to march into battle with your kilt flapping in the breeze, and the pipes and drums blarring at your back, consider enlisting with the CSR.

    East Yorkshire Regiment - The men and women of the EYR likewise begin their day with the attack on Sword Beach. The EYR is a small but proud and highly motivated team, whose fearlessness on the field knows no bounds. Ever the anchors, the EYR is the anvil to the hammer of the CSR, unmovable, unshaking and resilient in the face of all challenges. Under the leadership of Mooney and Boondox, the Yorkies have never failed to get the hard jobs done. If you are a grit player, and have the stamina and endurance necessary to endure the hard grind, consider enlisting with the EYR.

    Royal Winnipeg Rifles - A new unit, only just this year returned to the official CEF order of battle, the Royal Winnipeg Rifles offers players eager to make their mark on D-Day a blank slate. The RWR is in need of experienced leaders, NCOs and ordinary players to fill the ranks. This is an opportunity to build a new organization, and contribute to the writing of a new chapter in the history of the CEF. If you want to lead, to help build and develop a new organization, and carve out a new place for your team and your traditions in the CEF, then you should consider enlisting with the RWR.


    1st Canadian Parachute Infantry - Comprised of the most experienced, most dedicated, and most aggressive players the CEF has to offer, 1 CAN PARA is the spearhead of the CEF, and one of the most effective and successful teams in the Allied armies. Dropped behind German lines, 1 CAN PARA is called upon to attack the hardest targets, to seize the most heavily defended objectives, and to destroy the most capable and dangerous opposition forces. They can be found leading the way, punching holes through German defences, and seizing objective flags. Led by GHOST and TAC ONE, 1 CAN PARA is comprised almost exclusively of returning veterans. Admission to 1 CAN PARA is by invitation only. Players interested in trying out for a spot with 1 CAN PARA should enlist with the RWR.

    9th British Parachute Infantry - 9 BRIT PARA has as its core the UK Scenario Team. Hailing from the UK, these players are amongst the most talented and tactically minded scenario players you will ever encounter. Where 1 CAN PARA is the spearhead, 9 BRIT PARA is the dagger, employed to deploy behind enemy lines, move quickly and quietly to capture key positions, conduct ambushes, disrupt and degrade opposing forces, and provide critical support to offensive operations. Led by Al and Timboy, the players of 9 BRIT PARA bring to the table a wealth of experience and a highly professional attitude. If you are in excellent physical shape, can work as part of a close knit team, and understand that objectives are more important than eliminations, then you should consider enlisting with 9 BRIT PARA.


    No. 41 Royal Marines Commando - the special forces of the CEF, the 41 RMC is led by experienced D-day veteran Zach, and staffed by some of the sneakiest, fastest, tricksiest SOBs the CEF has to offer. For 41 RMC the missions are always classified, the objectives are always high value, the odds are always impossible, and the timelines are always tight. If you think you have what it takes to do the impossible, enlist with 41 RMC.


    13/18 Royal Hussars - You have not seen a paintball tank, until you have rolled with the Royal Hussars. Led by Mac, a three-year D-Day veteran, the 13/18 provides the CEF with integral armoured support. These are the men and women of iron who are called upon to face down the mighty 21st Panzer Division in open battle. Whenever the door needs kicking, anywhere and at any time, 13/18 gets the call. If you are interested in crewing a tank, or working as part of the armoured infantry in direct support of tank operations, you should consider enlisting with the 13/18.

    I am in the 13th/18th Royal Hussars-Light Dragoons, however, if youre interested in joining any of the units, please let me know and I will get you intouch with their commanders. D-Day is June 7th-13th this year, registration for pre-reg is due by March 31st and that is $70/player, April 1st and later is $100/player.
    The Light Dragoons are looking for some dedicated Mech Infantry players as well. I'll post up a Unit Contact list in a few!

  5. Task Force 68 Recruiting Players to go to Fulda Gap

    31 August 2009 - 06:39 AM

    Task Force 68 is recruiting players to join the TF68 ranks with them at Fulda Gap this year. Currently we'll have 15 players attending Fulda Gap representing Task Force 68 down at Fulda Gap and we would like more. We are a Scenario/Woodsball/MIL-SIM paintball organization that strives to uphold sportsmanship and players' skills by training for bigger events and scenarios across the east coast and south east areas. We have several teams in Task Force 68 and are looking for individual players to join our ranks for this game.
    If you are interested, please contact Colt at 615-995-5580/co.taskforce@yahoo.com, George at 301-848-2032/avfd24fireman@yahoo.com or Charles at 615-796-0026/moth34@comcast.net.

    Task Force 68 is operating as the 3/23 Infantry during this game. Pre-registration for this game ends on October 31 and pre-reg is $60/person and for those that pre-reg, paint is $50/case. The game is in Taylorsville, NC and the field opens up to camping players on Thursday, November 5th at 5PM and Friday at 12PM for pre-reg players.

    Task Force 68 joint training is conducted on September 27th in Waldorf, MD and in Middle TN sometime this month for people interested in going that are close to those areas. This is not a requirement for players not in TF68, but is recommended.

    For questions and interest in going, please contact one of the following people listed above.





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