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  1. Starship Troopers: Return to the Home Front

    27 March 2008 - 09:10 AM

    Tactical Paintball located in Harwood, Tx presents: StarShip Troopers: Last Stand at the Home Front
    May 17th 2008

    Registration package includes:
    Registration to the event
    All event air and co2
    Event shirt
    First case of Black Ops Paint (2000)count
    Dinner meal Saturday
    Prize Drawing
    Free play all day Sunday
    $100.00 pre reg gets it all $150.00 walk-on after May 12th 2008

    16 May 2008

    1700 (5:00 pm) - Registration tent opens

    1900 (7:00 pm) - The Meet & Greet Party begins and movies are shown on the 20 foot outdoor screen.

    2200 (10:00pm) - Registration tent closes

    17 May 2008

    0700 - Registration tent opens, Chrono Station opens

    0800 - Referee meeting

    0900 - Mandatory player briefing at the Main Stage

    1000 - Game On!!!

    1700 (5:00 pm) - Break for dinner meal, Chrono Station opens for mandatory Night Game re-chrono

    1800 (6:00 pm) - Mandatory Night Game player briefing

    1900 (7:00 pm) - Game play resumes!!!

    2200 (10:00pm) - Game ends

    2215 (10:15pm) - Award ceremony, prize drawings and game wrap-up

    After a long and hard fought war the human population has only one hope now. The bugs have been stronger and more resourceful that could have been believed at every turn. Although there have been victories, the constant evolution of the bugs have taken Sicon and the Federation as a whole by surprise. Some leaders are now calling for negotiation with the bug horde. This growing feeling of defeat is widening among the population but not among the citizens. Those that serve and have served in the past know the bug cannot be trusted, can not be negotiated with and must be destroyed.
    Now, the fight is here at home. With the constant arrival of transport bugs, the arachnids have a strong force here on earth. Sicon has determined, or shall we say the bugs have determined the final battle will be earth. This will be the last stand for human kind. The Roughnecks, lead by a new general have vowed to destroy the bug. They are fighting for all of us. It is with them our hopes live.

    There is no second chance, no fallback plan. This is the last battle of the last war against the bug.

    Dark Avenger, Commander of the elite force known as the Henchmen and General of the Federation, has ordered his forces to destroy the bugs. There will be no retreat. In a taped recording sent out to all the troops he was heard to say

    "Fight, Fight them all. Kill the bugs. Save our planet and ourselves. Everyone fights, No one quits! If any Roughneck runs, I'll shoot them myself.! "

    Leading the Federation and the Roughnecks is Dark Avenger of the Tacticalpaintball home team The Henchmen

    Leading the eight legged arachnid horde is Tank Tankersley of Tanks Paintball in Katy Texas, and Archon Paintball Inc

    Tank is back reprising his role as the bug leader. After his horde was pushed back by the Federation Roughnecks a year ago he has vowed to lead his forces to the final victory. He pledges to wipe mankind out and claim earth as a new bug home.


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