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  1. Free tires

    03 April 2008 - 07:02 PM

    :laugh: Club Wolf Pack is trying to get read of over 150 tires off the field . We will be giving them away ASAP first come first gone. Please if your interested contact me at (810) 348-6530 ASAP we need to have them gone by the 9th of April. If your interested please call soon.

  2. Star Gate

    01 February 2008 - 04:09 PM

    CWP is proud to announce the 2nd year of Star Gate

    Last year ended with the STG and allies run for a different planet. This year it's the Gau'ld with the upper hand.

    Cost at the gate $30.00
    pre-registration $25.00
    Gold club member $15.00
    Silver club member $22.50

    Broken cookie will be there selling air (all day ticket is $10.00)
    he'll also have paint as well rentals and other paintball goods.
    Bring your own paint or but B C"s

    This year will be different not only because the Gau'ld start out with the major base, but we have a lot of new surprises on the
    field as well.

    Were looking for leaders and a lot of players for both sides. Chaois lead the Gau'ld to victory. (will he come back to keep them there)
    Deadlygreywolf lead the Cemairions in defeat will he come back to try to regroup and take back there planet with new leadership from the STG Teams.

    Time will tell. Check out our site off and on for future hints, and up dates.

    Oh by the way did anyone say tank there's a big bad one there as well!

    Needed are
    Per-unit 5 to 10 members
    1 medic can save lives by placing a white tag on arm 1 per death. Head chest medic there none player must reinsert
    1 scientist can read ruins and help with special weapons.
    1 demo tank destroyer
    5 grunts weapon experts
    1 Lt 2nd in command
    1 Major or Captain team leader.

    STG General all out Commander in Charge.
    Cemerion 1st Centarion Cemerion leader
    2nd Centarion Military leader
    3rd Centarion in charge of special ops (must be Female)
    Cemerion ground troops( as many that want to Play) Oh by the way if you get your leaders killed they come back as ground troops.

    Gau'ld leader of all Jaff'ee
    2nd host he is there in case the Leading Gau'ld is mortally wounded, he then takes the cemiount and then becomes the head Gou'ld.

    1st Prim leader of all ground forces Jaff'ee
    2nd Prim leader of all special ops like scientist and healers
    3rd Prim leader of all special weapons
    Jaff'ee ground troops as many as they want!!!

    Point System
    Depending on area Hanger area 100 Points
    Village 75
    Tower 50
    Gate 100
    There will be other points handed out per goals.

    Point loss Gau'ld 150
    General 150
    2nd Hoist 75
    Captains and Primes Cemerion leaders 50
    any ground troop 1 per.

    Anyone you kills counts as a point.

    Buy Tank 50
    Special transport 25
    Glider 50
    Special drop 25

    This is some of the info you'll need!



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