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  1. WTB Urban Camo CCI Phantom Parts

    10 March 2012 - 09:00 AM

    Posted Image

    Arggggg, it's currently my white whale! I'm looking for anything parts, in this matching anno pattern shown above. CF, LF bodies, Feed tubes, VSC front air adpt, 12g bucket and DO changers, barrels, etc. Please LMK what you have. Thank you!
  2. PPS Hurricane F/S

    10 March 2012 - 08:54 AM

    Posted Image

    Born: March 28 1997 convert from a kp rifle.

    Cost over $1000 then I was told.

    The Good: Tested off of bulk tank with remote line and fires strong! 0 leaks. Has Ball Feed Detente & nickle finish. Has a rare Brass Eagle flash suppressor on the tip of the barrel.

    The "bad": Has no ASA, will work off a remote line, had black coating on it, I can only assume to make it more stealthy. That was put on by the previous owner. Most has been removed. Trigger has been filed down to fit a trigger shoe (included).

    It will fit in the stock, but it looks like the previous owner made some modifications to the stock under where the ASA would bolt in.

    Price $600 plus shipping OBO I will ship out of the USA You can PM me OR

    Click HERE to Order
  3. Opsgear & Lapco Liquidation Sale

    27 August 2011 - 03:03 PM

    Every item here is new. This is the absolute cheapest you'll find these items for being brand new to my knowledge. Price on all is plus shipping and will be via USPS. I will ship out of the USA. Questions please PM/email me. Thank you!

    Lapco M4 Gas Through Mag - A5
    Posted Image $26

    M4/M16 Gas-Through Magazine for Tippmann A-5 E-Grip

    Mp5 Mag Kit for A5 $26

    LAPCO Air Cooled Machine Gun Shroud - 14 Inch $27
    Posted Image
    LAPCO BigShot Assault Paintball Barrel - 14 Inch - Autococker .690 Bore
    Posted Image
    WGP .690 bore $36
    Posted Image
    Cocker Barrel To A-5 Adapter $9
    Posted Image
    Impulse/Ion barrel to A-5 Adapter $10
    Posted Image
    Cocker Breach Sizer .683 (stock photo) $10
    Posted Image
    Dishka Thunder Tip $11
    Posted Image
    Phantom Flash Hider for BigShot Assault™ and STR8Shot™ Barrels $11
    Posted Image
    A-5 Long Foregrip (Billet Aluminum) $14
    Posted Image
    G36-Style Threaded Muzzle Break $11

    Lapco Uni-Flow™ Piston Housing for Tippmann Cyclone Feed System
    Posted Image $20

    Posi-Feed™ Soft Paddle Set for Tippmann Cyclone Feed System
    Posted Image $10

    A-5 / Model-98 Offset Sight Mount
    Posted Image $25

    A5/X7/ProCarb Barrel To Cocker Adapter
    Posted Image $10

    Ratchet Upgrade for Tippmann Cyclone Feed System
    Posted Image $24

    APEX Ready Tip For Assault and STR8Shot Barrels
    Posted Image $11

    Clamping Feed 7/8 Universal
    Posted Image $15

    Assault Ported Fake Suppressor for Assault and STR8 Shot Barrels


    Lapco PDW Fixed Stock [X7]


    Tippmann A5 Folding Stock - MP5 PDW

    Tippmann A5 Fixed Stock - G36
    Posted Image $20
  4. Dummy 12g Changers F/S

    07 April 2011 - 10:59 AM

    Posted Image

    100% made in the USA.

    1/8" fitting in the side & end. Comes with one brass 1/8" NPT grub screw. Black anodizing and the wrench flats to make your life easier!

    Price on these is $23 shipped each. Cheaper than PPS & has more features. Questions please PM me and I will ship out of the USA.


    16 January 2011 - 08:52 AM

    100% made in the USA

    Posted Image

    MILITARY STYLE 30 ROUND POD Holds 30 rounds Three of these fit perfectly in an M-16 Ammo Pouch. Comes with a "tough grip" on the plastic, not smooth Black & Clear $4 each plus shipping.

    I will ship out of the USA. Questions please PM me. Thank you!



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