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  1. In Topic: OK D-Day 4th ID

    16 April 2010 - 04:00 PM

    It's still not to late to get into the 4th ID for Ok D-day. You must now ask specifically for our unit. We still have some room for teams that want to be in the thick of the fight.
  2. In Topic: OK D-Day 4th ID

    01 February 2010 - 05:30 PM

    Here is a video of the 4th ID at Utah. It's a great time and great unit!

    Video of the 4th ID

    We have a hard up hill fight but would want it any other way. If we wanted it easy, we would stay home and play video games. The 4th is for hard chargers who are willing to go up the hill as many times as it takes.

    If you're a hard charging, heads up, never give up type of player, the 4th is for you! GO BIG GREEN MACHINE!!!!!
  3. In Topic: OK D-Day 4th ID

    03 January 2010 - 07:46 PM


    The 5-4-5 statement reflects our (4th ID) objectives and points. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear.

    As for the Allied / Axis ratio, I believe it is about 5/4 so if German SF are out numbered 2 to 3 times, it is made up by other (beach?) units. The 6th FJR does a great job holding their own on their objectives. I've been able to play with some of your guys here in OK, and have found them to be honorable and skilled players. You have a great group of guys to be the XO of, good luck.

    Now, if anyone is looking for a paintball battle, were you won't have to walk miles before you start to shoot, join the BIG GREEN MACHINE. You'll have the opportunity to shot more paint in the first hour, than some units will shot all day.
  4. In Topic: OK D-Day 4th ID

    21 December 2009 - 07:13 PM

    Bump for my 4th ID. We are looking for teams, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, high school friends, and co-workers who want to be in a paintball battle. We are hard chargers with a key role to the allied victory.
  5. In Topic: Considering joining a speedball team... any suggestions?

    29 June 2009 - 08:47 PM


    Good to see you on-line. We missed you at D-day this year.

    There is a lack of respect between woodsball and speedball. Play to have fun on the style and budget that fits you.

    I love the quick games and lots of shooting of speedball. My old age and wallet loves the tactics of woodsball.

    Truth be known, we need both for the sport to survive.


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