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  1. Pump gun

    29 September 2008 - 07:22 PM

    I recently saw a guy at my field using a pump, and i realized that i need one. I know i would hate playing pump, i like my guns big, loud, and spewing paint(only sometimes on the last one, but thats beside the point). That being said i know i won't be able to sleep until i find out what he had and know where to get one.

    The most i can remember it didn't have any visible tank, so i'm assuming he was using 12ies, it had a 15 round stick feed and looked alot like a CCI Phantom.

    If you guys have any idea what this could be i would much appreciate any pics. Of course i might just buy the CCI, just need a job. Curse child labor laws.

    Guardian on High
  2. Placed 1st!

    27 September 2008 - 09:27 PM

    I just got home from my first marching band competition, we placed first with best music and best percussion. Unfortunately we didn't win because we were good, we won because we sucked the least, oh well, i can live with that.
  3. Movement Formations

    15 June 2008 - 03:56 PM

    I have been thinking of a few different formations for small (5-8 man) forces and thought I would put them up here to see what you guys thought of them and where they could be improved. I am aware that formations are dependent on terrain foliage/cover so these are just general formations.
    Note: I use numbers to designate troop positions

    5 man formations

    As the squad is moving up the field they try to stay in the general formations as cover allows.


    At contact 1 and 2 create a base of fire, 3 and 5 flank right and 4 flanks left. To retreat 4 and 5 provide cover while 1,2 and 3 fall back and get cover, they in turn cover 4 and 5's retreat. Repeat.

    Trident Sweep



    At contact 1,2 and 3 create a base of fire, 4 and 5 flank right and/or left as cover/terrain allows. To retreat, see Arrowhead

    8 man formations

    8 man peel
    Note: This formation will end with one or both sides being heavily flanked, resulting in a envelopment of sorts.

    At contact 1 and 5 create a base of fire, 2,3 and 4 flank left, 6,7 and 8 flank right. If the terrain/foliage prevents movement the low number (2 or 6) joins 1 and 5 in creating the base of fire and others go to other side. To retreat, 1 and 5 peel of to the sides, fall back and find cover, turn to cover others retreat, repeat this down the sides as needed

    These are some of the ones I worked out in my head and wrote down, I have not, as of yet, been able to test any of these in the field as I don't get out to play very often. I would appreciate any input you guys have, and I know I don't need to say this as it will would happen anyway, but please tell me if there is anything wrong with these that should be reconsidered or thrown out entirely.
    Guardian on High
  4. Jet Li movies

    09 June 2008 - 12:59 AM

    I recently became obsessed with Jet Li movies and am having a hard time finding any good ones. If any of you could help me out it would be much appreciated.

    Guardian on High
  5. New Sabre

    12 February 2008 - 08:57 PM

    Hey im planning on playing sabre and just wanted to ask what your general gear kit includes, like number of pods and things like that.
    Guardian on High


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