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  1. In Topic: Dangerous Power FX

    27 August 2011 - 11:11 PM

    I just recently bought my FX. I had a bad experience with the G3 and I stayed away from Electros for the longest time. I finally decided to try my luck with the FX.

    My thoughts about it were very good just looking at it. First, the FX looks great, and I enjoy the solid black look that I purchased. Very slim profile (found it to be great when going around corners), and it just looks nice to the eye. Holding it is a treat. The grips feel right, you can flip the trigger around for whatever you are most comfortable with, and the weight is amazingly low (less than 2 lbs total). I liked the RAPS flip lever for my air tank (70 ci, 4500 psi). Finally, just playing around with the board, I was very impressed. Very easy to use. Love the trigger trainer function (just fun to play around with). Enjoy the ease of use. The full color manual was impressive too. Very simple and detailed.

    When I was using the FX in a non-play setting, I thought that it was pretty good. Just shooting in the yard, it wasn't too bad with regards to accuracy even with the stock 2 piece barrel it came with (I've always been told that the stock barrel on any marker is always horrible, but this one wasn't too bad). The sound was pretty quiet for an open bolt marker. When I walked the trigger, it felt nice. Kept on target the whole string (although, mine are not consistent yet), so I guess the recoil was not that bad.

    Now, after weeks of anticipation, (rain basically dampered the hopes of playing for nearly a month. ugh.) I got to go out in the field with her for the first time. Prior to that day...I will admit, I did upgrade my marker a bit. First, I switched my Smart Parts Freak Kit from my pump to the FX for accuracy (Using it with my pump, I hit what I was aiming for almost every time). Next, I wanted to upgrade the bolt, so I went to our team's local store and purchased the TechT Hush Bolt and installed it. Now, most of my experiences have been that I would go to the field and have issues after upgrading my markers...not this time!!! I went the the chrono, and the velocity was spot on between 250 and 280 fps without even touching the velocity screw (another nice function, they engraved which way to turn the tool to raise or lower the marker velocity). I went out on the field to break in my new marker and see what she could do...and ended up having my best day of play ever in recent memory. I was able to adapt and adjust to every position that I needed with her. Heavy, Light, Medium, Sniper, everything. After using tippmans and other gas hog markers, I was expecting the FX to be no different...boy was I wrong. I filled up once in 3 hours (again, I use a 70 ci, 4500 tank). Thats going through about 1000 paintballs total (I only brought around 1300 or so). It has something to do with the spring assisted ram that is utilized in the internals. Cuts down on air usage in the marker.

    After getting home from the day, I took a couple hits to the marker (such a pain) and decided to take the opportunity to clean and explore how to maintain my marker. Again, the manual was of great help. I took the bolt out (so easy, you pull a pin on the top and the bolt comes right out)I dissasembled the internals (usually a frightening concept for me) and looked at all the parts I had on the floor. Very few things to screw up (maybe 6 or so parts total, and no little pieces to lose). I cleaned all the parts with a Q-tip and a soft paper towel and used tech grease on all the o-rings (including those on the hush bolt from TechT) and moving parts like it says (manual says to use wd-40 or something, but I always like using the tech grease or drops). Easy to put together again. Then the scary part...flowing air through it and seeing if I messed up in some way. I turned her on and flipped on the air...and kind of anticipated her not to fire at the least. It was a pleasant surprise when she fired without a problem. Dangerous power really made the FX easy to maintain.

    The only thing that I thought she needed, was a lighter hopper. I used a Halo-B during my testing day and I thought it weighed the FX down a little, so I looked into the new Valken Loader from the store the next week. Lets just say this...with the Valken at less than a pound (without any paint) and the FX at lest than 2 pounds, it is a very light and compact marker setup. The best I have ever held, especially after using tippmanns since my entry into paintball (I have not put any paint through the loader, so I cant give an accurate review on the Valken Loader/Fusion FX combination, but that will come in an update).

    With regards to the marker as a whole, I think that the folks at Dangerous Power have definitely outdone themselves. I am very pleased and will continue to use my FX for a long time. Definitely worth the investment.
  2. In Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of barrels

    06 September 2010 - 01:44 PM

    I combined 2 barrel systems into one to use on my Ion Longbow setup as kind of an experiment. I used a freak insert kit and combined it with a 16 inch Tippmann straightline barrel, and to reduce sound, I purchased a screw on reverse ported M-50 barrel tip from Hammerhead paintball. This barrel setup that I still use is extremely accurate when combined with a red dot sight, and if someone is in front, you can barely hear it shoot.

    I don't know if anyone else has done something like this, but I found that it is incredible with the right kind of paint. I am not sure about the air usage, but I can use a 13 CU 3000 psi tank and get about 100 shots or more out of it before going to the fill station.
  3. In Topic: The Ultimate Sniper Barrel Thread

    05 August 2010 - 08:40 PM

    I know that in practice, two barrel systems have been very useful in their own ways.

    I have found that the Tippmann straightline was superb for accuracy due to the backings and the rifling on the inside of the barrel. I was consistently on target every time I would pull the trigger. Unfortunately, I could only use it on my Tippmann markers.

    The Freak kit with it's many inserts was great on my Ion Longbow. When the paint was just right, it was both quiet and accurate and it served me well on many sniper missions.

    Then the day came when I started salivating. I found a way to combine BOTH...yes BOTH into one barrel.

    Hammerhead paintball has a Freak adapter on it so you can combine their barrels with a freak kit. To add to the immense joy I felt in my heart at the time, there was also a tip that reduces the sound signature of your marker being fired (the M-50). I had to have both.

    So now, my barrel is this: Freak Kit_Freak Adapter_Tippmann Straightline_M-50. The Barrel is about 24 inches in length and is more consistently accurate than any barrel I have used.

    I'm sure that the modifications I have made to my Ion Longbow has a lot to do with the accuracy on the barrel too, but it has worked very well for me since putting it together.

    Take care.

  4. In Topic: Best Night Vision Optic for Paintball

    30 October 2009 - 12:42 AM

    I suppose what I am asking is what kind of night vision optical device would work best when wearing a paintball mask (eyes don't count). I want to purchase the best one for night games. A generation one device is all I need...nothing too expensive. Hopefully that clarifies what I am looking for.
  5. In Topic: Team Woodsball

    07 July 2009 - 10:19 PM

    I am not going to disagree with any of you who say that experience on the field and physically practicing is more important than putting something like this together. The book was kind of a fun pet project for me. When I started putting it together, I always had the intention of it being a fun and informative reference tool for myself, my team, and anyone looking to join us, not as a study tool or a textbook to memorize. That would be too long and tedious...something I hated about school. I put it together so that everyone on the team could look at it and pick up some tips that applied to them in order to make us stronger and better on the field. A kind of "take what you want" kind of thing, and it has been very useful to me personally on the field so far, due to us practicing on a regular basis as a team.

    I apologize if it came about as a "I'm a bookworm instead of a player" kind of thing...but I hope this explains my feelings behind it.

    Take care everyone.



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