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  1. WTB- Broken electronic airsoft guns for school project

    03 August 2009 - 07:04 PM

    It does not have to shoot. I really don't care. what it MUST do is cycle, or, produce a light recoil. that is all. It can be scratched up all the hell for all i care. i just need it and need it cheap. Assault rifles or SMGs or PDWs preferred. Please, no snipers.

    P90s, AR15/M16 type, Steyr AUG, XM-8, SCAR,OICW don't care if it is in a Tom Clancy game

    PM me, post below, i don't care. <$30

    if you give it to me for just shipping, i will send you pictures and video of what i'm doing and mention you in the project "Thank you" section. that may not sound like much now...but when this project is done...shoot. We'll see...

    i'm rushing this because someone already started the project and i want to beat them to it's inevitable finish!

    And yes, i know i can get a brand new one for $55 w/free s/h, since i don't care about things like shooting capabilities, but i figure someone out here needs a couple of bucks.
  2. WTB Tiberius extras

    01 May 2008 - 10:31 PM

    basically trying to make a CQB model. Just want the under the barrel rail, foregrip, and whatever cheap barrels/barrel accessories you want. Wouldn't mind the silencer just because it gives a few extra inches of accuracy.

    Please post a fair price. I like quick deals. If the price sucks, i'll let you know and negotiate. Hope to hear from people soon!
  3. 03 prostock, professionally timed, few ups, and ready to go!

    30 April 2008 - 11:40 PM

    A couple ups, as i am not the original owner of the autococker. I got the cocker in a trade, had my gun techs at IPS have their way with it, and then put it down. I haven't used it outside of IPS for testing, but it shoots well. I KNOW i didn't take a pic of the ASA. It, and the stock frame will be included:)

    i do have the stock trigger frame, and a bob long assassin .689 14" barrel to even anything out.

    I would like cash, trades + cash, or trades. trades+ cash is actually prefered:). i cannot add cash. if i could, i probably still wouldn't. :) I want to put some money in MY pocket, not someone else's just yet:)

    Posted Image

    RAP4 METS...for this and this alone i will add.

    PSP slim

    HPA tanks of any size

    Freak inserts
    I have .689 and .695


    anything else?
  4. FT for a T9 Ranger or RAP marker ONLY

    22 April 2008 - 03:07 PM


    You get a choice of ONE of these. I'm looking for the T9 RANGER. I could care less if you have the elite, as i wasn't the one who paid extra for a bipod, metal tube, and scope, so i don't feel i should have to suffer for it :laugh:. I have digital night vision gear i mod into night vision scopes with recording capability, so i don't need a $20 red/green dot one.

    Also will consider a RAP226, or any RAP marker cause they're cool

    In other words, MAGAZINE FED ONLY!!!!!

    1) Stock SP Epiphany. Its blue and silver. Nothing wrong with it, i just gots me a Nerve and i feel that i don't need two speedball markers since, well...i don't do speedball:). IT just sits there. comes with insert and the freak jr. barrel.

    2) Dell Axim x50v pocket PC. Comes with unit, high cap battery, and sync cable. No stylus. You can charge it from the sync cable. Unit is in good shape, the screen and front faceplate are brand new for the sale! This is the one with the VGA screen, graphics accelerator, and all that hotness. This might be removed if i get an x360 traded for it. Force Unleashed is coming!!!

    3) Night vision. Yes, them things again. everyone who got one, loved em. I don't see why you won't too.



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