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  1. Deer Hunting

    20 November 2009 - 08:39 PM

    I know there are some guys on here who hunt. Maybe this'll be a braggin post?

    This deer was seen yesterday morning on the property by my grandad, while the hunters(me, my dad and bro) were catching up on some much needed sleep. Last night, I set-up near where he was last seen, but failed to lay an eye on him. This morning, I went back to the same area, approximately 200 yards from where I thought he was bedded. As soon as legal shooting light arrived, I rattled. Rattled a 90 second sequence about every 30 minutes from 7am-8:30am. Was a long morning, I listened to the turkeys come off of roost, but saw no deer. Finally, about 8:45am, I saw a buck coming from down-wind, I think he was trailing my scent-bomb. I couldn't have asked for him to come in any better than he did. He came in to about 30 yards when I shot, never did see me, and was broadside. I shot and he dropped there, no tracking involved.

    Posted Image

    Post a pic of your buck and give us a story.
  2. "Zing" Paintballs

    15 November 2009 - 04:51 PM

    I was in a fix and needed quick paint, so I ran down to Command Decisions, the local field, to see what they had. They only had two kinds in stock, Zing and something else(I forgot the name). I bought and used the Zing. It was in good condition, it broke well, but it was a bit dimpled. The biggest con for me was that it was rather large for my barrel, so didn't get a consistent fly. Even with the lack of consistency, the paintball was never too far off target.

    Has anyone else used this paint? I have not heard of this stuff before.

    Edit: Manafactured by Volken Sports.
  3. Taking out a large group

    07 November 2009 - 02:57 PM

    Say your in the bush, planning on using your sniper-like skills to eliminate the OpFor. A group passes by but is significantly larger than you, a single man, i'm talking a group of 5 or more people.

    In most cases, I let a group of 5+ pass without engaging them. Even if I let them pass, and shoot the back of the group, I dont want to engage with that many people and once. I dont think that would be in the best interest of my team. If I were with another man, or if I had a 'mate in reasonable distance of me, I would do it, expecting my guy to help me out and hopefully taking out a large number of the group.

    How you approach the situation??
  4. Outlaw Ball, how do you handle it?

    07 November 2009 - 02:43 PM

    I have plenty of equipment to share, and I have close to 100 acres of wooded land to play. Because of this, I frequently host outlaw games, often times with a few first-time ballers. Now the first few games that I hosted were stricken with questionable players and tactics due to a lack of understand of the rules. By the end of the day, there were some ticked ballers and some hard feelings against some people. Not the first impression I want new-comers to have about the game.

    Since it was clear that I had the favorite land for the games, and I had frequent first-timers playing with me, I felt it was in good taste to write up and enforce a rule sheet and some guidelines for my Paintball games. The guidelines were to clarify a hit, a barrel tag, boundaries, leave your mask on once on the field etc. The rules were basically a code of ethics to follow; if you want to play on my land, you read my rules and I chrono your gun, you will respect my propery, home, and my other guests. Anyone not willing to follow these rules and ethics, simply won't play. I state that the first-timers are expected to make mistakes, new guys dont fret over it, and for the experienced ballers to take pride in helping the new guy. I orally and verbally state that the more experienced ballers to lead by example and help the first-timers to understand and enjoy the game.

    Once you get started, and into the game, If I see someone not following my rules or someone doing something that is generally stupid, I'll stop you in the middle game and politely ask you to quit. If you continue to get out of hand, you and I will have a "talk" as I walk you back to my house. Basically, this is strike two.

    If you cause any kind of problem after strike 2, you wont play at my pad for quite some time.

    I know not too many people run outlaw games these days, like its "out of style" or something. But for those who still do this, Do you handle it in a similar manner? D you write out a rule sheet and a code of ethics, or something similar? Do you think i'm going overkill by my way of handling this?

  5. "The Haven" paintballshop in Statesville NC

    20 October 2009 - 06:07 PM

    I was talking to Jason(headhunter2) about Man of War, I was saddened to hear that Man of War went out of business. However, Jason spoke to me about a new shop in Statesville by the name of "The Haven". Can any of you other ballers out there tell me something about this shop?

    WbSniper :dodgy:



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