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  1. Awesome Phenom w/ Ups and tank!

    27 April 2011 - 12:52 PM

    I need to sell this pretty quick so feel free to make an offer.

    Paypal only and willing to ship anywhere in the world on your dime.

    Please post then PM.

    No interested in trades at the moment unless they come mostly with cash.

    Posted Image Posted Image


    The Phenom itself (electric/mech)
    Lapco 8.5" barrel
    UMP front shroud
    Folding forgrip
    UMP mag
    Tac cap AND full size hopper
    x36 stock
    Unbranded reflex sight
    Remote line w/ QD
    Multicam remote cover
    Expired 68/45 tank w/ crossfire reg.

    Works excellent, only major thing worth noting is the battery door in the grip is missing, hence the grip wraps (elastic) that are included. The sticker on the cyclone can be removed, didn't even think about it since it's been on there so long.

    Asking $490 VERY OBO
  2. Decked out T9

    20 April 2011 - 07:04 PM

    For sale today I have a truly amazing T9.

    As always, I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world on your dime and I'm ONLY taking paypal for these.

    Please Post, then Pm :) I'm also on MCB for faster communication.

    First Strike T9

    Posted Image

    I literally picked this up only a couple weeks ago fairly pimped out, but it needed a couple finishing touches. After getting it JUST right I played 1 game and remembered why I've sold EVERY Tiberius Ive ever owned: I HATE 12 grams... they are a pain to have to buy and remember to bring. So now this thing is up for sale too. As you can see from the pic the hopper adapter cover is missing a single bolt. Also worth notating is that the magwell is slightly picky about accepting mags; if you are pushing the mag towards the front of the gun while trying to load it the mag will stop about 1" from going in. Its actually really simple and easy to avoid, but *I* wasn't told about it when I bought it and I wasn't going to sell without disclosing it.

    The T9 itself (duh)
    SpecOps longbow stock
    First strike internal conversion
    Lapco Str8 Shot 1 piece First strike barrel
    Lapco mock suppressor
    Magpull AFG II (olive)
    UTG riser
    Diamond 1x40 red/green dot sight
    fixxer trigger
    fixxer reversed mag release (Best.Upgrade. EVAR.)
    stippled grip and 3 weaver rail covers
    3 F/S mags with reverse release mod (works with normal release too)
    3 standard mags
    What's left of my FS rounds (30ish?)

    I would like $400 for this one SOLD!

    I also have this stuff that needs sold really really bad so feel free to make an offer an the following:

    Posted Image

    Empire Halo loader w/ rip clip and a slightly shaved feedneck $25
    68/30 in hydro (till 4/12) tank $40
    Metric poop-ton (technical term) of blowback/tippmann parts $15
    PPS blazer barrel, unknown ID but has wedgits and no porting $35
    PPS blazer pump kit $65 SOLD
    ULTRA SUPER AWESOME SNIPER SCOPE has illuminated (red/green) cross hairs 3x-9x looks like. $20
    PPS blazer double finger frame $60
    CCI VSC valve (no guts) $11
    CP micro drop $10
    Random purging on/off $10
    PMI rubbers $35
    CCM smoke 86* panels $9

    Thank you for looking, and please check out my Phantom for sale!
  3. How do I keep ending up with these?!?! Metadyne Launchers!

    14 July 2010 - 01:03 PM

    Well, I picked these up because I was going to do the "apocalypse build" over on MCB and make a crazy halo-esque double rocket launcher using a couple LAW shells...


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    Posted Image

    Anyway, my plans were more ambitious then my abilities, I'm not going to have the time to do the project :/

    So now I have 2 Metadyne havoc launchers I need to get rid of...

    1 is brand spanking new, never even opened, the other has been opened, had air attached and fired literally 1 time (just air).

    BOTH kits include: Rifle launcher, under mount upgrade, breech kit, 4" extension and 4" stubby barrel!

    Price is $400+ shipping for the Never opened one, $385+ Shipping for the "used" one.

    I also have one of the LAW shells left if anyone is interested, I'd sell it for $30 + shipping.

    I know there's probably no interest, but if anyone wanted to take over the project I'd be willing to sell both Havocs + the Law shell for $700.

    No trades! Only looking for $$ for these.
  4. Metadyne Havoc

    30 April 2010 - 09:03 AM

    I swear there is just something in my blood that makes these things flock to me...

    Previous owner says this has never seen the field, it does indeed look gorgeous.

    Metadyne Havoc Launcher, rifle kit AND under mount kit $330 Shipped and Paypal'd in the Continential US (elsewhere shipping is more) Price is FIRM.

    No trades for this one guys.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. Identity Crisis Paintball B5 Bullpup w/ cyclone upgrades!

    24 February 2010 - 08:27 AM

    I had one of these a while ago and I sold it due to hating remotes, so I tried again using a 13/30 mounted underneath. I played with it literally an hour ago after finishing it last night and as soon as I started shooting it I decided it just wasn't going to work for me.

    Bad news first:

    No screws to hold the grips in, I couldn't find any that fit so I used it without grips :P

    The offset rail on the top is only on there cosmetically with 1 screw, needs another nut to be properly mounted.

    The trigger to the board is not soldered in, just tied and taped, worked just fine but should be soldered for longevity.

    Mediocre news:

    The board installed is the old style A5 e-trigger board. I personally prefer it as you can adjust rate of fire AND firing mode without dealing with flashing lights, just use a screwdriver and turn!

    Also comes with an Ape Rampage board that the solenoid has become disconnected from the board. I read on the ICP forum that Ape will replace or fix it at no charge but I haven't had the drive to send it in.

    I started polishing the internals, got it mostly done but haven't done the nitty gritty detail work.

    Good news:

    Full cyclone upgrades (squishy paddles, QEPH and Vortex mod) I think it's $90 new.

    Also comes with the standard A5 air line if you want to use a remote instead of a 13/30.

    Full parts kit.

    Works flawlessly!

    Think that's it... PM or post if you have any other questions, I may have just left things out.

    Anyway, comes as pictured without 13/30 for $400 shipped SOLD (Conus) and paypal'd, or I can include a 13/30 for an additional $45 (not for sale separately, please don't ask) The 13/30 has a chip on the very tip of the reg, but it still seals just fine when screwed into a marker. I do ship to Canada at cost (shipping up there has gotten expensive!).


    Yes please! CCM pumps, 04 vikings, phantoms... Maybe a borg...

    Not very interested in spyders, SP, cocker pumps that aren't CCM framed, cocker semi's, tippmanns, 03 vikings or non k-framed brass.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image



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    Run'n Gun 

    09 Apr 2008 - 13:01
    your b5 gun is one of the most best looking guns EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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