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  1. Player Appreciation Day at Bunker's Hideaway Paintball

    08 April 2009 - 07:31 AM

    Bunker's Hideaway Paintball invites everyone to our Player Appreciation Day!

    Saturday April 18th
    Rain or Shine (Or snow)
    Registration starts at 7:00AM
    Game starts at 9:00AM

    Start the season with lots of prizes and a day of fun for all!

    $25.00 to register (Incl. Lunch & CO2/Air)
    $15.00 to rent equipment

    Paintball prices for this day only!
    500 - $30.00
    1000 - $50.00
    2000 - $80.00

    239 Station Rd.
    Marmora, ON, K0K 2M0
    (613) 472-5513

    Mapquest link.
  2. Puzuma caught in an act of evil

    18 March 2009 - 08:27 PM

    This is Puzuma:
    Posted Image

    This is Puzuma BABY DUNKING!
    Posted Image
  3. So, I polished my Phantom's internals

    23 October 2008 - 07:22 PM

    I've never heard of anybody doing this before, or even talking about it. If you look at a Phantom's internals there's lots of machining marks and this causes some friction. I decided to try doing this on mine because there were some circular scratches (Not just machining marks) on my hammer.

    To tell you the truth I though it was a bad idea, but thought that the benefits outweighed the risk. It turned out well.

    Gathered my materials:
    A nail file with a very fine grit on one side (Was 1000-1200) and a courser one on the other (700-800), (You might need a couple of these, they can get covered with a sludge that's typical to lead, even though this is SS/aluminum.)
    Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polisher, ($5 at any automotive or hardware store. You get enough to do half the Phantoms on this forum.)
    and two facecloths.

    Optional: Mother's Chrome Polish.

    First I completely disassembled it and laid out all the parts on a towel. I started off with the pump arm to test it. I polished it with the course side of the file then the fine side. After that I finished it off with Mother's Polish then used the other cloth to clean it. I recommend polishing just this piece with the course side, it's usually the least smooth one and to run the risk of removing too much material from the other pieces. It had a mirror finish!

    I then thought about what parts to polish. I decided on the bolt, hammer, power tube, and brass cupseal.

    Remove the oring, TPC and set screw from the bolt. Wash it down with hot water to clean off any dirt or oil, then dry it off. Use the fine side of the file to smooth out the machining marks. It will take a while, but be careful not to overdo it. Next, put a small amount of polish onto a cloth then follow the instructions on the container until it has a mirror shine on the contact surfaces. For those obsessive compulsive tinkerers use Mother's Chrome Polish to finish it off.

    For the hammer, do the same as the bolt but be extra careful that you don't remove too much material. This is the most important part for you to be careful with. Don't polish the back of it because you risk making it too short. you might notice more rattle if you do this part too, but that's not a problem at all.

    For the power tube, use the course side of the file if you with but I still recommend just using the fine side. It will take a while to get right but once you do the final polishing is easy. Get the part of the power tube that goes inside the valve, and maybe the outside part.

    For the cupseal, do not use the file. Just use the polish, it's quick and you should notice some greenish tarnish being removed.

    You will notice the pump stroke will be silky smooth, and although I haven't tested it yet the velocity should jump.
    I haven't tried it out on the field yet but this Saturday I'll get chrono readings.

    Pictures up!

    The polished pieces, I didn't do the TPC.
    Posted Image

    Notice the difference between the bolt and TPC. (Sorry about the blurriness.)
    Posted Image

    The victim
    Posted Image
  4. Op:Craig - Possible Scenario

    20 September 2008 - 04:32 PM


    Hello everyone.... I have been able to broker a deal with the new owners of a property located just outside picton which has been used as a military training facility in the past for special forces members. From the picture you may all recognize the place which was open for paintball just last year and used for some of the most intense paintball game play ever seen. The event would be a 1 time only scenario and allow the folks in paintball to play one of the most amazing places ever to host a paintball scenario. We are gaging interest in hosting a game there and wish those who would like to see the event take place to please respond to this thread and let us know.


    I think it would be amazing to play there.

    The former owners, operators and affiliates have NOTHING to do with this game. Please DO NOT message them about it, they are already upset about the amount of messages they are getting.
  5. Phantom Safety Failing?

    16 August 2008 - 08:04 PM

    I noticed today that if I air up my Phantom, put the safety on, hold down the trigger, (Which does move a bit) and pump it like I'm autotriggering it will shoot. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but usually I can make it shoot on the first or second try. Could a couple of people try this with their Phantoms, and suggest solutions?

    My Phantom is well broken in so it could be a problem with a worn safety button or trigger. The problem is I have no idea how to remove and replace these parts...


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  1. Photo


    25 Sep 2008 - 13:01
    what is your avy?
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