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January 29, 1993
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Paintball Paintball and... lemme see PAINTBALL<br />but nah i'm a teenager dreaming of becoming a army special forces operator<br />If i was british I would join the SAS cause they're just as bad-arse =P

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  1. End of Days War Scenario

    24 April 2011 - 01:08 PM

    Southern Maryland Paintball - May 21st
    Three way scenario game coming up and we need as many people as possible so SMP can start having more scenarios like this!

    Visit http://endofdayswar.webs.com/ for more info

    Also leadership positions are needed for NRA!!!


    This will be the first major game of the End of Days War, 2011. This game, along with the others leading up to it, will count for official record and will set the stage for the rest of the year. All proceeds from this game will go to the children of MSG William S. Pitts, who just recently passed away on March 21, 2011. The EOD Staff will be working for free and donating what they would have made to this as well and donations will be gladly accepted at the event also.

    As a result of the New United Territories stealing the Intelligence that had been gathered on the New Republic of America by the Final American Order, the New United Territories has decided to become a new war machine, wreaking havoc on both of the other factions. They have begun to accelerate their push for political and territorial domination in what used to be called the U.S.A. Upon hearing word and spies that have confirmed of the churning of support that the New United Territories is attempting gain, the New Republic of America has established Forward Observation Posts and Garrison's throughout what used to be Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania in order to secure strongholds to reduce the flair-up of the New United Territories and establish a presence in order to stomp any resistance that may happen in the region. Scouting parties in the form of companies of Infantry, Recon and Airborne units have been sent out to see just how far the support for the New United Territories has reached.
    The Final American Order has received important intelligence on both these activities and plans on putting a stop to the New Republic of America in this region and hopes to suppress the New United Territories uprising as well.

    The winning side will be determined by the amount of completed missions. Whichever side has the most missions completed, they win the day. Points earned will go towards each side in order to count for the war. So far, the New United Territories is winning the war.

    Which side wins this game? You decide!
  2. Task Force 68

    20 April 2009 - 07:43 AM

    I am the CO of the team Ghost Stalkers in Southern Maryland and we have recently joined the Mult-Paintball Team Organization Task Force 68 which. We currently consist of a number of different teams in the Eastern United States and Task Force 68 is rapidly growing and would like as many teams to join as possible. TF68 coordinates between different teams of different styles to attend different scenarios so that we can play as a large and organized team during large scale scenarios. For example, TF68 will pair up a smaller scout team with an infantry team and what their job is during the scenario, the scouts will flank while the infantry does the main assault. We have joint training and meeting between teams and TF68 staff to discuss tactics and organization prior to events. We are currently preparing for Ocean Tiger IV and hope to attend as many scenarios as possible. We have a military like chain of command and ranks to keep things organized as well such as a CO and a XO for each team so this way commanders can give orders 'on the field' with out being questioned and arguing. Joining Task Force 68 does not mean you are leaving your old team, it just means you're joining a coalition of other teams where we can join together, have fun and become a force to be reckoned with at Scenario Paintball. Visit the website http://taskforce68.webs.com/ for more information and a list of teams already apart of Task Force 68 you can join if you're currently a solo player.
    If you already have an established team then contact a staff member at http://taskforce68.w...m/contactus.htm

    For all solo players who want to join Task Force 68, go to their website and look under the different types of teams and pick a team you want to join and contact that team's captain! If anyone in Southern Maryland is interested in joining a scout team, check out my team's website at http://ghoststalkers...tball.webs.com/ Ghost Stalkers are proud members of Task Force 68 but we have our own leadership and our own requirements for joining Ghost Stalkers.

    Sign your team up for Task Force 68 and I hope to see you at future scenarios!


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