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  1. Room Clearing

    15 August 2009 - 12:34 PM

    Before I start, just know, I'm not good at explaining things, but in person, I could show you this in like 5 minutes and you would know it like the back of your hand.

    This guide is based on a 4-man team clearing a single room, center fed building with no windows covering the door's wall, making a left turn to enter the building.

    Stacking Up
    Get your 4 guys on the wall, #1 man never moves his gun from the door - EVER. #2 man covers 10-2 starting from the #1 man's shoulder. #3 man does the same from the #2 man's shoulder, but he covers 2nd floor and up, if there are no elevation advantages around, he just covers 10-2. #4 man is rear security, 10-2 of course. So now you have 360* security. Now, the proper way to stack is to have the feet interlaced. All 4 men will be in a staggered stance with their left foot forward. Each man will place is left foot flush on the left (inside) of the right foot on the man in font of him. The only man that is exempt from this is the 4th man who will be standing back to back with the 3rd man and have his right foot flush, on the inside of the 3rd man. SO: The LEFT side of the 4th man's RIGHT foot will be flush against the LEFT side of the 3rd man's RIGHT foot. Now, the reason you are all stacked like this is so when someone moves you know to go, keeping you quite and moving together as a single unit.

    Signaling the Breach
    There are many ways to signal to everyone that it's time to move, my personal favorite way is just the slap. When the 1st man is ready to go, he will take his non-firing hand, meaning the hand that is NOT on the trigger, and slap the side, hip, or wherever of the man behind him. That man, IF he is ready will do the same, and it carries on down the line. If the 4th man is ready, he will than slap the 3rd man back, and it will go back up to the 1st man. At this time the 1st man will call out to breach the door. At this time, the 4th man will leave the stack, move to the door, check it for booby traps, and then kick it open. He will then take a step back, so he is not in the line of sight from the door and provide rear security. At the exact moment that the 4th man leaves the stack, the 3rd man will do an about face and become rear security and stack his foot up on the #2 man like the 4th man had it, meaning: The LEFT side of the 3rd man's RIGHT foot will be flush against the LEFT side of the 2nd man's RIGHT foot.

    Now that the 4th ma has kicked the door i, the 1st man will enter and immediately turn left, he will scan that corner, if it is clear, he will aim right will moving to the corner so he can fire into the center of the room and cover his 10-2 from that corner. The 2nd man will turn right and do the same thing as 1st man, but on the opposite side, of course. The 3rd man will take the same path as the 1st man, but will not check the corner so he does not pop his own guy, he will instead stop midway down the wall and cover a 10-2 covering the inside of the room closer to the front. The 4th man will do the same as 3rd man except once he is in position he will do an about face and provide rear security on the door.

    Special Notes
    This should be lightning quick, violence of action! As soon as the 1st man has entered the room, the 2nd man should already be in the doorway and less than an arm's length away from the 1st man. So pretty much, you have 4 guys going in at the same time.
  2. Back in Action

    15 August 2009 - 11:46 AM

    So, I just got back from basic training yesterday, and now I know all this high speed army nonsense, but I sold all my gear. Any word on the TM-7? Or anything new that came out from June to now? Also, if I'm not mistaken, there was a guy on here named Redleg that was an artillery crewman? I went to basic at Ft. Sill, home of the artillery, and man it went downhill. All the guys in my battery called it Ft. Chill. But it was pretty cool to hear a thunder storm all day everyday from all the howitzers and what not firing in the distance.
  3. My Creative Writing for English

    10 September 2008 - 09:45 PM

    So I'm a junior in high school, and my writing is heavily influenced by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, and my teacher has asked us to write a creative story. So here's what I whipped up in about 30 minutes, it's very rough as of now, so please don't be too critical on my grammar and what not. I'm just trying to get some constructive criticism. And to the admins and mods who read this, it's pretty morbid, please don't warn me, just shut the thread down, and sorry for not approaching y'all first before posting.

    Gurgling on his own saliva and blood, he gasps for air. Bloodshot, innocent eyes gaze
    through me. Forcing the blade deeper, I scream and cry. The hiss of air and the horrid smell
    of death leak from his chest.

    I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

    The blade plunges deeper, whimpering and choking, cries are muffled under my hand. He is
    hopeless. Slipping further and further into darkness, limbs flailing uncontrollably, his life is over.

    Die, die, die!

    Screaming, I force the blade to the hilt, he convulses once, twice, and lays limp. Releasing
    my hand from his mouth, I stand. He was innocent, probably a good man, too. Middle-aged,
    clean shaven, he was only five feet six inches tall, and weighed maybe one hundred and
    eighty pounds. He now lays lifeless at my feet, blood staining his blue tie under his oak
    brown coat. Gregg Willamsen, dead at forty two years. This is my life.
  4. WTS Smart Parts Ion

    12 August 2008 - 02:26 PM


    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Smart Parts Ion, New Eyes
    Smart Parts XE Kit
    Virtue Board
    Vritue Easy-on Button
    Virtue Russian Legion Destroyka Grips
    CP ASA, New Macro Line
    CP Rake Trigger
    Hybrid Feedneck
    Deadlywind Carbon Fiber Barrel, 14"

    I have no set price, so bid away at E-bay or make an offer here.

  5. Frozen in the Moment?

    18 July 2008 - 01:11 AM

    You're crawling through thick brush behind enemy lines when -CRACK!- a branch snaps close-by and it's not your friends. You're stuck mid-crawl limbs strewn about, marker in hand elevated in the air, if you so much as twitch a muscle you'll be spotted. About this time, ants are setting in, brush and sticks are tearing at your stomach, your arm and neck muscles are cramping, out of breath but can't breathe loudly. Suddenly, they move on, you rejoice silently and move towards your objective.

    So, enough with the sloppily written theatrical intro to my thread, what is the weirdest most uncomfortable position you have been stuck in while moving, sniping, etc.?

    I must've been stuck in this position for 5 or so minutes. My right arm was holding me up, while my hand was in a fire ant bed, my legs were laying on the log about 3 feet apart, my upper body was held up in the air, and my waist was slightly hanging over the edge of the log, and my left arm was some-what tucked under my chest pointing my marker downrange in-case i was spotted. And the whole time my neck was killing me and my arm felt like it was going to fall off.


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    Hey man how you doin? Like your name!
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