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  1. The easy position with no debating its so plain.

    21 September 2008 - 12:42 PM

    LAW's rocket position..or anti-tank/bunker position...bunkerbuster position..I DONT CARE!It just has to have a demo in it with a laws rocket or grenade launcher or something that destroys tanks and stuff...ITS SO PLAIN BUT NO ONE HAS SUGGESTED IT!!!O.O

    P.S.-You could use something like this
    Dimension : 7 3/4" Tall, 20" Long, 7.5lb
    Range : 30 ft
    Velocity : 300 fps
    Made out of solid iron, weighs over 10.5lbs when fully loaded.
  2. Best Remote Ever

    19 September 2008 - 02:29 PM

    Alright my friend from the paintball team Dead by Dawn had this wicked remote that instead of having a valve SLIDE check..It was an ACTUAL valve that you can turn!It was the best remote i ever used!I never had problems of it hissing or leaking air!I LOVE IT!I asked him if i could buy it but he said he didnt wana give it up so i asked him where he got it. He says he forgets so im trying to find one but no luck...So i was wondering if special ops would be willing to make one of these! NEVER HAD ONE LEAK IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    My design would be a small knob to turn on the valve end and the hookup to the air tank just like usual...

    Your fellow paintballer,


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