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  1. Pistol conversion

    28 July 2010 - 05:36 PM

    This is a freaking awesome mod! simple to build too.
    Any ideas as to how it could be made better??
    Pic too big to upload so here's the link: http://i89.photobuck...00/DSC02758.jpg
    Could make a great scenario weapon / talking piece on the field
  2. Expensive international shipping

    25 July 2010 - 10:54 PM

    I know things ain't cheap at the moment but $123.49USD to ship 2 A-5 saw stock kits worth $39.90 to New Zealand is a little steep don't you think?
    I remember the first order I placed with Spec Ops a couple of years back, quite a large order mind you, A-5's, tanks, cammo etc, the works and this still didn't cost me over $230 in shipping!
    Is there any way that international shipping can be decreased? It'd be a shame to have to resort to New Zealand's admittedly limited paintball stores.
  3. SO Players Pack

    28 June 2010 - 06:51 PM

    Hi Spec Ops
    I was just wondering about your free players pack deal, does the $100 cover shipping as well or just the actual price of the goods?
    Cheers :)
  4. Best/worst vest configurations

    02 January 2010 - 10:14 PM

    Ive been drooling over Spec Ops many awesome vests for a long time, they really do have every need covered, I just don't have the money to be able to own one for myself with everything I need/want at the moment. :dodgy:

    Basically I'm curious as to what you guys (and girls) think about vests, and what configurations you think are the best and worst and what you think I should get B)
  5. Paintball horror movie!!?!?

    29 December 2009 - 04:01 AM

    Well I was researching horror paintball for a idea I have for the day I get rich and can afford to set up my own field and I stumbled upon this Spanish movie that looks very cool. It combines woodsball, survival-ism and the horror genre into a epic looking movie.
    Does anyone have any more info on this movie? its spanish so I have no hope of finding it anywhere in New Zealand but I'd love to find it and watch it.

    Also does anyone have any information or ideas on setting up and playing a horror type game? forget about rules and regulations for the moment i just want to hear any far out and crazy ideas for how to scare people while still playing a decent game of paintball.

    So far my ideas have been to start out each player on the "Survivor" team alone and in the dark, with limited or no paint. They then have to meet up with the other survivors and form a team in order to survive whatever horrible creatures stalk them in the night.
    Bear in mind this type of game works best in the abandoned building/industrial park type setting but I reckon it could work on your standard woodsball field at night.
    Any ideas would be welcome as well as information on this horror paintball movie, cheers!

    Here is the link for the movie: http://www.paintball...ovie.com/#/home


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