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  1. DOG-1's Feedback

    10 July 2008 - 05:48 PM

    Great seller, great to work with, very excellent communication! Do business with this guy!
  2. WTT for X-7

    18 June 2008 - 08:38 PM

    hey all, I have two A-5 setups that I am looking to trade for an X-7, all I need is a basic X-7 with E-grip, thats it, if anyone has one either get me here or email me
    the A-5 setups are an assault rifle style and a CQB style setup, I have one R/T trigger that I swap between them that will be included.
  3. Ultimate Sniper Package Deal

    26 May 2008 - 01:25 PM

    So I have decided to put one of my most coveted guns up for sale, why you ask? because A. I have too many guns and B. There is a new gun that I want and a particular setup for it, so I came to the conclusion that the only way to afford it is to sell one of my existing guns.

    The one I am putting up on the block today ladies and gents is none other than my dubbed B.F.G (Doom anyone?).This beast is a real solid shooter and has great intimidation factor. The scope once you get comfortable with it is almost right on with rounds, and after you get comfortable will help you walk rounds in on your target, almost every round fired stays in sight of the scope and you can even watch them travel.

    Also I warn, this thing is very loud! so don't do what I did and shoot it over my buddies shoulder (Sorry greg!)

    Asking price is $425 Firm and buyer pays shipping as well (So if you want it overnighted, as long as you pick up the tab I will do it)

    Paypal only, and I do not ship first.

    Please do not PM me here since I do not regularly check this site, Please email me directly for inquiries @ igkviper@hotmail.com Title your messages with "reply to Sniper Sale"

    Gun + Components:
    Tippmann 98 Custom w/A.C.T system
    Standard Gravity Fed Hopper
    Metadyne 9" knurled handguard w/custom added rails (Polymer Opsgrear rails)
    Knight Arms Foregrip
    Harris H-Type Bipod w/ Rail Adapter
    Opsgear 18" Bull Barrel
    Opsgear SOPMOD Suppressor Kit (See note at bottom of page)
    Tasco 3-12x42 scope with 1" riser mounts (Yes it does work)
    Opsgear .50cal Mag kit
    Tacamo AK Top Rail System
    BT Combat Stock (See note below)

    Additional Parts included:
    Original Stock Barrel, end cap & front grip
    Hammerhead .690 Bore fin (No barrel, also see note below)
    Accushot 6x32 Reticule Intensified Scope w/picatinny base mount(See note below)
    Accushot additional Dovetail Mounting Base
    Custom Flip Front sight (I do mean custom as I made it myself)
    Flip up Rear sight
    Additional Replacement end-cap and bolt for Buttstock

    The Beast:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Stock Parts:

    Posted Image

    Hammerhead Fin (Noticeable scatches and slight dents)

    Posted Image

    Accushot Scope and additional base mount

    Posted Image

    Custom Flip front sight and rear flip sight

    Posted Image

    Replacement End cap and mounting bolt for buttstock
    Posted Image

    Additional Notes (PLEASE READ FULLY)
    The gun itself is in perfect operational condition and well maintained, all internal components are STOCK, internal chambers have been hand polished. For the rails on the handguard, they are the polymer opsgear rails, and were added by me, origionaly there was a rail on the top of the handguard but was removed and used to replace one of the rails on the bottom after I (By my own mistake) broke the bottom rail, there are two mini rails, one on each side of the same material for operator to add lasers, lights, etc. Rail covers for side rails included. The paint job is NOT Duracoat, its simply Krylon camo colors with a clear matte (Flat) clear coat, that I did out of hear boredom with the guns looks. The gun also comes with a sling (Its not the best in the world and I made it myslelf, but it works) and yes, the Burlap on it is included as well.

    Sopmod Suppressor Note:
    I originally began cutting sections of the inside part of the suppressor out in order to vent gas for use with my hammerhead barrel, but my dremel could not handle cutting the thick steel, so I only completed the bottom portion, and got about 1/4 complete with one of the top portions, though not really noticable with the sopmod cover over it I want potential buyer to be aware of this, and it does not degrade from performance and does not affect the rounds when fired.

    Buttstock Notes:
    When I first bought this stock the dang thing broke when I screwed on the mounting bolt, I got BT to send me a replacment end cap, but got impatient, so I modded the end cap of the stock by cutting and adding a steel plate to it, which now makes it tough as nails and you can tighten it as hard as you want to keep the stock secure, I'm throwing in the replacement parts I got for it because hey! I won't need them.

    Accushot Notes:
    Ok on this one the dang rear mounting knob broke off when I slammed into a wall (My bad) and I never got a replacement part for it from the site I got it from (usmilitarygear.com) which they were absolutley no help and wouldn't get me a replacment (Thanks alot guys) but it will still mount and work fine with the knob not there anymore, just be sure to tighten it down real good.

    Hammehead Fin:
    Ok I was kind of dissapointed in this because the fin will fit nice and snug like it should when you put it directly into the gun, however with the free floating handguard (and this is where the scratches came from) it leaves a slight gap, from what I saw from the 60 rounds I fired through it like this, it won't break them, but if you tighten it too hard in the hadguard, it will get stuck a bit and may require pliers to get out. So if you got a hammerhead barrel for your A-5 or other gun, you can use it on this here 98, if you want, its a throw in com'on.



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