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  1. TWC World Team Promo Video

    26 August 2010 - 07:18 PM

    Thanks to our pals Mike, Rocky and Greg.....and of course all of our sponsors

  2. F.O.G. Sponsor Tippmann World Challange

    09 May 2010 - 12:14 AM


    F.O.G. Leads World Team

    A grudge match between super-powers! This September, Tippmann will once again attempt to overtake the World in a massive two day event at Hell Survivors, located in Pickney Michigan.

    This year, The Fraternity of Gunmen, comprised of Canada’s Northern Gunmen and the Grassy Knoll Gunmen from Johnstown Pennsylvania, will lead the World team. These two teams have joined forces to exclusively sponsor the World team, a feat never seen before at an event this size. The F.O.G. will be joined by special guests and teams......Tippmann has never seen such an impressive adversary.

    At the Tippmann-World Challenge game , two armies of over 500 players engage, attempting to eliminate the opposition while keeping control of bases located throughout the field. Points are awarded for eliminations and base control. Each time a player returns to action, their player card is scanned and points are awarded to the other team. Additionally, each base is worth a certain amount of points, and the points grow each minute the base is held.

    On September 25-26 2010, Tippmann World Challenge enters its 12th year. Being noted as the greatest rivalry in paintball, a battle is brewing - one destined to be fought in Hell

    For more information on the Northern Gunmen, Grassyknoll Gunmen and the F.O.G. please visit :


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  3. Fraternity of Gunmen

    01 April 2010 - 08:37 PM

    At last, the true juggernaut of scenario paintball has been formed. Pennsylvania power house, The Grassy Knoll Gunmen, have joined forces with the Terrors from Ontario, The Northern Gunmen. The two teams have competed shoulder to shoulder at several large events such as CPX Living Legends and Tippmann-World Challenge. Once comradery was established both on and off the field, the teams decided to go international, forming the F.O.G. Fraternity of Gunmen.

    The Fraternity of Gunmen fly under one banner to maintain unit cohesion at special events yet wear their respected logos. The two core teams are comprised of some of the best veteran scenario and tournament players along with some promising young guns. The Northern Gunmen hold sponsorships from Underground Productz and Sly, The Grassy Knoll Gunmen are sponsored by Gen X Global, and both teams have enjoyed the support of Smart Parts.

    This new alliance is going to make an impact in the paintball universe as an extreme force of nature. When the F.O.G are on the field, a devastating tidal wave of paint will be unleashed.

    The Fraternity of Gunmen have many promising things in store for the paintball world in 2010!

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    Ha ha!
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